Friday, January 25, 2008

Gone Crazy

I'm not a big fan of reality tv because it reminds me of an auto accident and I'm not the type to rubberneck. However, Gone Country with its cast of hasbeens/country megastar wannabees is an exception to that rule for a few reasons.

1. Rich actually knows his business, and it is a business despite what many people (some of the cast included) think. Nashville has been an epicenter drawing songwriters and singers for almost a century. A lot of rockers list country singers as some of their biggest influences.

2. These folks ain't your typical wide-eyed newbies coming in to be shot down by the likes of some old Snarky Simon whom I despise because not only is he mean, but he works hard at it, and it shows. No, these are veterens and they know the score. And though Jim Rich is scary, he's also nice, and he's hot!(oh yes he is, dammit, Carnie thinks so too!)

3. The cast, including Maureen McCormick--yes, Marsha Marsha Marsha--Carnie Wilson, Bobby Brown, Dee Snyder, Sisco, Julio Inglesias Jr. and Diana Digarmo all impressed me with their willingess to go country. Their personalities run the gamut from strange to silly to surreal too.. well, let's face it, Marsha Brady is too damned saccharine for words. I'm hoping Dee or maybe Carnie pop her in the head. One of those two has to be the Jan in the Big Bad Bunch, because surprisingingly Bobby has turned out to be a freakin' CINDY! Maybe it was all the crack, I dunno.

4 . I love and I mean seriously LOVE Dee Snyder. I think he totally rocks! He's one of my heroes from way back when he stood up to that censorship crap started by Tipper Gore that bored housewife whose hubby happened to have some damned power. (Wow, that soapbox is old, but it still holds me up, whodathunkit?) Anyway, Twisted Sister was one of my favorite bands when I was in high school. I'll watch him sing the ingredients off the cereal box. But I tell yall what, I'm waiting for the point where he has to actually sing a real honest to goodness country song. I'm not saying he can't do it, but I think if he tries, his head will explode. And that my friends would be some great television right there. Maybe I can get HD before then.

Been Country

Jenna Leigh

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Marissa Alwin said...

LOL! OMG I thought I was the only one that watched! Maybe here in the northeast where I need my XM radio to get country music!

also quite a flashback on the Tipper Gore thing I had forgotten it, but yeah, remembering it still gets me riled! although you illiterate it soooo much better.

BTW I tagged you a bit ago LOL cause i know you will come up with some awesome answers! Give it a go if you'd like!