Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time well spent?

My mother decided to get her eyeliner permanently tattooed onto her lower lid. I was aghast that she would do this as, she is a big needle phobe. Really bad, I mean, she won't be in the room when someone else gets a shot. So, color me surprised.

Color her happy with the results. She said, it didn't hurt at all, they deadened the area and it took about 2 hours for both eyes. I sat in what was called the Serenity Room, and read my book.

The Techs were nice, they provided me with a bottled water even if I wasn't a client and also canned music, which, I am sorry, I don't care for unending Bolero. However, it is better than Enya, who for so many years accompanied my slumber, that I have but to hear the woman's voice and I start to snooze. Love her, can't listen to her at work, that is a no snoring zone.

Anyhoo, they stopped when they finished the first eye and allowed her a smoke break. She said, she didn't hurt, but she had that vaseline crap under the eye like a prize fighter or something. But, not much longer after that, she came out with both eyes done and we went shopping. So, basically no down time there. She said that they used a manual needle thing, and not a machine for more control, less vibrations, etc. Interestin.. *eep!*

The aftereffects? For her, she said, it felt like she'd been crying and her eyes were tender.

However, be advised, all I spoke with about this procedure *points* said OMG THAT SHIT HURTS LIKE HELL! ACK ACK!

A friend of mine said, it is the most painful experience she's ever gone through. I tell you what, I like lipstick, I like the smell, and the feel. I am not getting my lips tattooed, no, heck no.

We went to the Picadilly, then shopping. My Mommy bought me some shoes, a pair of houseshoes and a big fluffy purple throw *sighs* I love itt!! The Serenity Room didn't hurt me none either. Quiet, relaxing, no interruptions of the reading time. Tats are a good thing, as long as you are only waiting on someone to get them done, that is.

The Still Blank Canvas (stretchmarks don't count)


Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Mother has lost her mind!

I like her, she's fallish, she aint got jack shit to do with my blog though.

Ahem, let me tell you a story, it is an old story, but the retelling of it doesn't diminish the veracity or the impact of what follows. Please, step into my life aka the Jennzone

Jack O' Lantern

My mother, let us call her Nana, as that is what my daughter calls her and it's easier to type. Now, then. Nana is afraid of needles. I mean like really scared. It is a phobia of hers that goes back a long way. She doesn't like them, threading one to sew makes her sweaty and shaky. And, she like cusses and stuff, but that is cause she can't see jackcrap and gets pissed, that is neither here nor there. Where the hell was I anyway?

Frankenstein's Bride

Oh yeah, Mama tells me tonight, I am going to have my eyes done, and you will have to come with, in case I can't drive later. I went, you're going to get your eyes dilated? I can't drive woman, you know this! Gah!!

"I am not going to get them dilated! I am getting my eyeliner permanently tattoo'd on." She sounds smug to me.

"What? You are doing what?" My voice, I confess rises an octave or five. "Mother." I strive for calm. "You are aware they use needles for this, right?" This is the woman that won't come in with ME when I am getting a shot. *snorts*

Scared 1

"Well, no, I did not know this, Jennifer." She sounds all snippy, like only she (and yeah, ok, me! piss off!) can. "I am quite aware of the procedure, I want it done, and I am doing it, and you will drive!!"

*blinks* waits... *blinks a few more times* "YOU ARE INSANE WOMAN!" I am very brave, no? Telling my tiny evil mother she's nuts. *tee hee hee* I am brave as she can't see at night and she lives over thirty miles away. In other words, I am safer than if I were in Fort Knox.

Toungue Out To her, nyah! *looks out her window, just in case*

"No, I am not insane, you are coming w/me and you are holding my hand, I HAVE SPOKEN."

PoutyI am a grown woman, I don't have to mind her, you know. I mean, I am married, with a 15 year old daughter. She ain't the boss of me.

So, this Saturday, I am going to a tattoo parlor w/my freakin mama! Jeez Louise!! Aw, here it goes!

Headlines in the Monroe NewStar will read.

Nana is now too hip to be square.


Woman's daughter is a big old stick in the mud. (film at 11)


OMG! THAT IS ONE BIG ASS NEEDLE OMG OMG OMG! (that'd be my mama, I am sure she is gonna have a cow, I just know it!)

CowGood thing I'm the Grand Moobah huh? Well, I am the Grand Moobah, except when I am with Bessie the Branded Bihotch. (That's my mama, yall)

Jenn, the semifreaked, but mostly proud daughter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hump Day

She is called changing woman. I just think she's pretty,but she means something in the N.A. pantheon. I am gonna use her to get through the week w/out quitting or killing peeps.

She shall be my talisman of calm and stoicism. Yes, I am a great warrior woman of wisedom. Or more accurately, I just don't give a damn.

Hump day, it's all down hill from here, hope Friday comes soon. Premature Efridayfication aint ever sounded so damn good.

Have a good week yall


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Step into the Jennzone

No, dammit, this aint freakin Taradise, Hiltonville, Spearsland, or what da fuck ever. I live in hell, or close enough to it so I get the fumes (ok, it's the paper mill, that crap still stinks!) Have you ever had the feeling you just don't matter in the grander scheme of things?

Yeah,besides the we are small lil specks in the big bad universe thing, dammit! I mean, hell, nobody matters a shit when compared to global warming, disease, famine, strife, George W. being elected for a 2nd term.. oh, oops, sorry, ok, we don't not really. But you'd think if you've been somewhere for over 5 years, you'd be meaning something, right? RIGHT? Not even close. Deal with it, they all say, if things go right, you get ignored, if one little thing fucks up, you are so fuckin shit on until the damn clock shows quitting time.

And, hey, if you have an albeit small but annoying beef you put on the table, with a solution included, I might add, you're just blowed off like the tiny little peon you are. Life sux, work sux, my spelling has gone downhill since graduation, I could so give a damn.

Now, I have a new outlook on life in my work place. FUCK YOU. Yep, that bout covers it, I don't give a damn about you, and the less YOU talk to ME the better. I will do my job, damn good I may add, and I will make sure the customers are happy with me. However, insofar as the rest of the bullshit goes, I just fuckin quit. I don't want to be included in the little reindeer games if it means I am always stuck flying in back of a flatulent, petty, overblown, stupidass bunch of fiber eating dickheads that wouldn't know Goodwill to Man if it bit them on their salaried asses.

Oh, yeah, I care if this is read by them too, can ya tell? Nah, didn't think it showed too much. I've had it, deal with the new, no nonsense, take no prisoners RoboJenn who will cut you down with the efficiency she's shown heretofore at her job thus far. I hid it, you see, behind the sweet demeanor it took 35 years for me to build up. I decided that load of shit is too heavy to carry, deal with it or fire me. After today, I could give a fuck.

The Rant Queen has left the building.. (Ok, almost)


Friday, October 21, 2005

WHOOOOHOOO!! Harry comes to TV!

No, not Houdini, he is named after him though.

No not the hirsute Henderson one either..(Although, I am sure Bigfoot would be welcome in his books)

NoNONO!! this is not a return of the beloved and goofy judge from Night Court.. not that Harry.

His name is Harry Dresdon, he is Chicago's only wizard, well, the only one that is listed in the yellow pages. And he is comin to TV! And who is he? NICK CAGE OH YEAH !!! I have always wanted him to play that part. Some said, James wassis, from Buffy -- Spike. I thought, no, I would forever see him as the blonde fanged Billy Idol wannabe, so, no. Some said .. well, ok, the discussions were endless, so much so that they were banned from the McNally's Mailing List that was put in place for fans of this lovely series of books.

Added Note: In my haste to get this up here, I did't look closely enough at that picture (Plus the damn thing is tiny and well, it was late, thanks to Dan for clearing it up for me!!) Dunno who the hell he is, don't actually care right now either! It is still gonna happen, yehaw!!!

Jim Butcher has been a long time friend (in the sense that I read his books and therefore as he provides me such wonderful reading time, I love the dude) Authors can be friends, or rather the characters they create can be. Harry is like an old friend, when you open the book, you say, "Hey, there you are, I was wondering what you'd been up to." Ok, you don't say that unless you are borderline psychotic and/or have a vivid imagination.

I am lucky enough to be in possession of both. But in the case of Dresden Fans, the psychopath is wide and the views are scenic. His fan base has grown because he keeps his characters real despite the fact that they are so surreal.

Were's that are college kids and get this ACT that way. Yeah, the leader of the pack had coke bottle glasses before his g/f told him to buy a clue and some contacts.

He has human characters that are strong despite their weaknesses. Murphy, the cop is a prime example. She's frail (in the world she works in) small, but mean as hell. Even if she's scared spitless, she still steps up to the plate. But, in a realistic way, not that stupid I am going to run over here in the bushes and get ate up by wolves unless you save me and prove your undying love sort of way.

His vamps are varied. There are bad vamps (ew smelly and decayed) sexy vamps (meowr, Thomas *slurp*) and just plain weird vamps. Also, vamps that are mean but in human ways. Controlling father keeps kids under his thumb by controlling the purse strings, etc.

Harry himself is no Greek god. Just normal, tall, gawky, but ok looking (Nick Cage ohhh yeah!) and his small ego is balanced out by his overdeveloped sense of selfpreservation. eg.. I have long legs for a reason, wizards should be able to run fast. His magic is not all sparkle and pop, it has to be prepared, like a paranormal boyscout. He has his weaknesses and his strengths. He also has a weird, quirky sense of humor, one of my fav things about him.

So, in all, Mr. Butcher's books are about the little guy against the man. Sometimes, the man is a huge monkey made of small monkeys or a walking tree at the Walmart or er.. ok, so, the man isn't always a man. Just read the damned things..or *squirms in delight* WATCH THE DAMN SHOW!! HELL YES!! The following link has some info...

Please mind your step. There is a flaming monkey pooh hazard in these parts.

Jennzilla/Big Dresden Fan (in case yall couldn't tell before *coughs*)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birthday Blog


Born on October 19
1945 - John LithgowEmmy Award-winning actor: 3rd Rock from the Sun [1995-1996, 1996-1997, 1998-1999]; Tony Award-winning actor: The Changing Room [1973]; Twilight Zone-The Movie, I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can, The World According to Garp, Terms of Endearment, Raising Cain, The Pelican Brief, Cliffhanger

1931 - John Le Carré (David Cornwell)author: The Russia House, A Small Town in Germany, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, The Night Manager.

Elvis and Priscilla got divorced on this day.. mm. How freakin depressing!

Pah! what a boring ass day I have. However, I was looking at some sites(thanks my loverly friends in cyberville) and I found that in N.A. my animal is a Raven or a Crow. Interesting to say the least.

9/22-10/22Crow people are not loners. They feel secure with other people and work best in groups. Crow people are not loners. They feel secure with other people and work best in groups. Crows have a strong sense of loyalty and have the ability to turn thoughts into reality. Confidences and trusts are kept with Crow people. Taking time to look within and gain inner strength helps make those important decisions without hesitation. Crows may have the appearance of not having courage and strength, but discerns quite well situations that may be dangerous. Masters of alchemy, crows can transform desires into reality. Crows often have difficulty in making choices, however, when those choices are made they act with vigilance. Talkative and good natured they love and thrive on new experiences. Cheerful and fun, yet annoying and bothersome. Crow people may have a two-sided work ethic: workaholic and lazy. Easy going crows love groups and come alive in social settings. Their excellent negotiating skills is marked by their balance for justice. These people can be indecisive and gullible also romantic and easy going. Crow people need to balance the mind with the emotions.

I am ivy in the Celtic Zodiac. (Poison Ivy? well dur)

The power of the Ivy lies in its ability to cling and bind, making it a potent symbol of determination and strength to the Druids. Ivy has been known to strangle trees and was once a portent of death and spiritual growth. Being evergreen in nature, the Ivy represented the perennial aspects of the human psyche. The Celts associated Ivy with their Lunar Goddess, Arianrhod, and their ritual to this deity marked the opening of the portal to the OtherWorld...or the Dark Side of the Moon. This door symbolized an entrance to the Realm of Faery and thus, the Ivy was representative of the mysterious and the mystical. Ivy was once carried by women for good luck and used to aid in fertility. When used correctly, it was said to heal headaches, muscle cramps and assist in the art of prophecy. Ivy was symbolic of the journey of the soul and the spiral toward to the self. It encouraged assistance toward others in their search so that they, in turn, might offer assistance. Considered to be powerful indeed by the Celts because of its ability to kill even the mightiest Oak, the Ivy has a tendency to create dense, inpenetrable thickets in the forest. It was regarded to be much more powerful than the Vine and rather sinister in nature.

I have the boar, goose and the butterfly as my animals. Pretty much me, I guess. I am a piggishly flighty woman, who is also cute. Mm.. I can deal with that.


I was off work today celebrating all by myself. I loved it! No hey, mama where is my glasses? Honey, can you look at this bump? etc. ME ME ME!

I got some cool pressies, I am getting dinner made for me, and my fav dessert, lemon ice box pie too. Life is good, I love being in my midthirties. Its just a number after all right?

Bachelorette Party Party hearty..

Jennzilla, the old

Sunday, October 16, 2005

You don't know what ya got til it's gone.

SadI miss my Nee. I do, for real. She's off to the wilds of inlawdom. Her bro in law got married this weekend. I always talk to her everyday, which, may seem strange as we have never met in person. It is weird how she and the rest of us all started talking.
Note: Most names are changed to protect the innocent. However, in this case, it's to protect our sorry ass hides.

Nee is from the frozen north, she's quiet, calm and sweet. She is also the deet queen of the group. If you want to know something, ask her. Not that she ALWAYS knows the answer, however, she's just anal enough to look it up. Easier than the dictionary, mean as hell in the process. LOL.

Meme is a sweet southernish person, sort of. She's been adopted into that area after so many years of living there. However, she does have a strangely foreign (read northern) accent that peeks out now and again. Funny, sweet and strangely at the same time, mean as hell, love the Meems.

Kitta, the one and only true foreigner, she comes from across the water; unlike one of the insane moobah's hubby thinks, she is not accessable by car either. *sighs* She has a sharp dry wit that can cut you while you laugh at the joke. The baby of the group, but by no means, immature, Kitta is a vile and evil hume. If you tell her this she will smile and say, thank you. Scary thing she is.

Livinator, bawdy, funny, mean, and so damn smart its scary. For right now she is M.I.A., but still, she fits in with us when she's there. Insane woman, she's the closest to me geographically, and some say we sound a lot of like. It's true, we are legion, we are Louisianians.

Reinie is our own princessa. You remember that snooty rich girl with all the highclass clothes and the shitty tude in highschool? You do? Well, do you remember the other one, almost like her but with a sharp witty mean streak that took no prisoners in regards to class, rank or anything else? The fun one, the one that wasn't stuck up, mean, or overly pretentious, that one, yes, well, there ya go. Reinie princessa, the queen o mean, but in a good way.

So, what makes a group a group? It isn't really like background in age, religion, politics, or anything tangible in our case. We all like to write, we all like to be snarky, we all like to yak. (Ok, not Kitta, but she's just being quiet as she's thinking up evil stuff) We are cybersisters. We got each others backs, we are our own best cheerleaders (Nee! Your stuff way sux!!) and we are honest with each other. I'd like to think we are family. Hope they do too..

Oh by the way, I am the crazy aunt they keep in the attic. Did you have any doubt?

Firehair 2

Friday, October 14, 2005

I went, I ate, I could hurl.

Hungry This is my hubby when he saw the fried cheese.

YowzaThis is my hubby looking down my shirt. Pervo.

I went to drop off the Mozilla today, with Mamazilla. She had my bday pressies with her and insisted that I try on the blouse she bought me. It is a sweater, clingy, soft, light lavender, very nice. However, let it be said that it has a very low neckline. I am rather busty, to say the least.

Hubby's eyes about fell out of his head! While its gratifying that you still have the power-o-cleavage after 7 years of marriage, it is also disconcerting for him to stalk you around the Walmart, looking down your shirt with a leer that would do any geriatric on Viagra proud.

Athena's was delish, coffee was too, and I got home before dark. How old does this make me sound? Hell if I care! LOL

Hummos is gooooddddd
Frankenstein's Bride


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tomorrow is Friday baby yeah yeah yeah

Candlelight Dinner And, as my birthday is next week, hubby and I are going out! Yes, an actual grown up dinner in a restaraunt without golden arches or a buffet in sight. We shall be Greeks for the day. Its our favorite place to eat, and we go there as often as possible.

My husband is one of those people that like to make someone feel cherished. Its a good quality, but sometimes, he just takes it to a whole new level.

Cupid Bouquet Couples Dating Burning Heart

Sometimes, a bit stalkerish. But, I am not complaining. The man remembers my birthday, our anniversary (each month) what sort of food I like *for instance, white piece spicy w/cajun rice from Popeyes* the books I wanna read, etc.

I am not going to say I don't do the same for him, I do. But, I think the hubby is special, as not many men are this thoughtful and sweet. *it aint stalkerish if I am his wife right? RIGHT? okies*

So, tomorrow I get rid of the Mozilla.. handing her off to Mamazilla for a trip down south to my brozilla (are you sensing a theme? well, it's true, we are all insane and have sharp teeth) So, for the entire weekend, it shall be me the hubzilla (not really, but I like him to match, he's too sweet for zilla-dom) and of course the evil and most heinous, Beanzilla (felinius meanius maximus)

Have a good weekend yall!!



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I have a very special family.

I do. Today, something happened, something I cannot discuss because, it is a violation of the privacy act at my job. However, it was a bad day, and grown women and men were in the back going that is soo awful.

It just made me so darn thankful I have my baby and my hubby. Both are sweet natured and yeah, cute too *points to left* The baby has lead a pretty tame life so far, she was never neglected or abused.

Pepper Ok, if you listen to her yes, but she is a teen, I abuse her by taking away the phone *gasp!* How DARE you!! You'd think I was Joan freakin Crawford. Gahhh!! Arggh!! and EEEEK. Anyhoo, I am just grateful I got them, hubby is a wonderful daddy, baby girl is a sweet, smart, compassionate young woman.

Happy Hump Day!!!


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When I grow up, I wanna be...

Just like my mama. Yeah, she's the one on the left. Pfth. No, I don't mean tiny and petite, that ain't gonna happen, I am not stupid. (well padded I am)

However, the similarities are there, if you look real close. *peers at the picture* The eyes, for sure, the smile, the nose, I think, sorta, and beneath all the extra er *coughs* insulation, I have that bone structure, the cheekbones and chin.

Apparently we also share a penchent for red too. No, actually, she bought that sweater and as with most things she buys me, it is red. She says, shush! you look good in red. I don't buy you red ALL the time (yes, she does)

But, this is beside the point. My mama is just one of those people, the ones that are the same no matter where you see them. Sweet (unless you piss her off) compassionate (unless you piss her off) and smart (she gets really smart when you piss her off, in a scary way though, cause then she will suddenly know how to do a lobotamy with a ballpoint pen and stuff; through your kneecap even. eek!) She works her little ass off, is never still, is neat as a pin (thinks I am a nasty cow, she be right too) and would give you the shirt off her back,though she'd rather it be the bra as she hates them in the first place.

My mother raised me and my lil bro from the time I was twelve all by herself. It took courage to leave her hubby of 15 years, but she did it. For herself, for lil bro and of course, for me. I may have helped that along a bit when I told her if she didn't leave him, I was going to live w/my Mawmaw (another smaller and yet even meaner woman) and taking lil bro with me.

We left.. never looked back. At least, I didn't. I don't think she did either unless it was to shoot the man the finger and wish it was her gun. Yes, I have a pistol packin mama, yall. This is the south, did you doubt it?

Now, she's a Nana and never a better one was there. Along with the Pop (her 2nd hubby) they are two of the best grand's ever. I hope I am as good a Mawmaw one day (she will be here, so I can't use Nana, she'd beat my ass if I tried) She's young enough to be fun, and old enough to be wise, and mean enough to keep my teen dream queen in line. Plus, she's more watchful around the boys than even my insane hubby who makes Hulk Hogan look like creampuff. I never worry when Mo's with her and Jeffrey, as well, HE makes even hubby look like a bit of a creampuff LOL. Poor Pop, he gets way out of shape about that stuff.

Damn, I am getting old. Of course, if gettin older means being more like Mama, then, I suppose, it wouldn't be so bad.