Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tomorrow is Friday baby yeah yeah yeah

Candlelight Dinner And, as my birthday is next week, hubby and I are going out! Yes, an actual grown up dinner in a restaraunt without golden arches or a buffet in sight. We shall be Greeks for the day. Its our favorite place to eat, and we go there as often as possible.

My husband is one of those people that like to make someone feel cherished. Its a good quality, but sometimes, he just takes it to a whole new level.

Cupid Bouquet Couples Dating Burning Heart

Sometimes, a bit stalkerish. But, I am not complaining. The man remembers my birthday, our anniversary (each month) what sort of food I like *for instance, white piece spicy w/cajun rice from Popeyes* the books I wanna read, etc.

I am not going to say I don't do the same for him, I do. But, I think the hubby is special, as not many men are this thoughtful and sweet. *it aint stalkerish if I am his wife right? RIGHT? okies*

So, tomorrow I get rid of the Mozilla.. handing her off to Mamazilla for a trip down south to my brozilla (are you sensing a theme? well, it's true, we are all insane and have sharp teeth) So, for the entire weekend, it shall be me the hubzilla (not really, but I like him to match, he's too sweet for zilla-dom) and of course the evil and most heinous, Beanzilla (felinius meanius maximus)

Have a good weekend yall!!



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Karen said...

Aw, have fun girlie! Just beware of any Greeks bearing...well you know. Enjoy your evening out with your hubby, imagine being so sweet and also a great writer. You hit the jackpot, girl! Soon you will both be published and live like the Carrington's, dahling. I still have Elana on the brain I think. Happy Friday!!!!