Sunday, October 16, 2005

You don't know what ya got til it's gone.

SadI miss my Nee. I do, for real. She's off to the wilds of inlawdom. Her bro in law got married this weekend. I always talk to her everyday, which, may seem strange as we have never met in person. It is weird how she and the rest of us all started talking.
Note: Most names are changed to protect the innocent. However, in this case, it's to protect our sorry ass hides.

Nee is from the frozen north, she's quiet, calm and sweet. She is also the deet queen of the group. If you want to know something, ask her. Not that she ALWAYS knows the answer, however, she's just anal enough to look it up. Easier than the dictionary, mean as hell in the process. LOL.

Meme is a sweet southernish person, sort of. She's been adopted into that area after so many years of living there. However, she does have a strangely foreign (read northern) accent that peeks out now and again. Funny, sweet and strangely at the same time, mean as hell, love the Meems.

Kitta, the one and only true foreigner, she comes from across the water; unlike one of the insane moobah's hubby thinks, she is not accessable by car either. *sighs* She has a sharp dry wit that can cut you while you laugh at the joke. The baby of the group, but by no means, immature, Kitta is a vile and evil hume. If you tell her this she will smile and say, thank you. Scary thing she is.

Livinator, bawdy, funny, mean, and so damn smart its scary. For right now she is M.I.A., but still, she fits in with us when she's there. Insane woman, she's the closest to me geographically, and some say we sound a lot of like. It's true, we are legion, we are Louisianians.

Reinie is our own princessa. You remember that snooty rich girl with all the highclass clothes and the shitty tude in highschool? You do? Well, do you remember the other one, almost like her but with a sharp witty mean streak that took no prisoners in regards to class, rank or anything else? The fun one, the one that wasn't stuck up, mean, or overly pretentious, that one, yes, well, there ya go. Reinie princessa, the queen o mean, but in a good way.

So, what makes a group a group? It isn't really like background in age, religion, politics, or anything tangible in our case. We all like to write, we all like to be snarky, we all like to yak. (Ok, not Kitta, but she's just being quiet as she's thinking up evil stuff) We are cybersisters. We got each others backs, we are our own best cheerleaders (Nee! Your stuff way sux!!) and we are honest with each other. I'd like to think we are family. Hope they do too..

Oh by the way, I am the crazy aunt they keep in the attic. Did you have any doubt?

Firehair 2

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Karen said...

Yes, you are the crazy Queen Bee in the attic, screaming, "Respect mah authoritah!!!!" (see how I snuck in a QB reference, there, yeah I thought you did!) Since all I have is a brother in NY and a PITA sis in law, (did she like the gift I spent hours picking out for the baby? Huh. What do you think?) I love our snarky clan of cybersister muses, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. That's as mushy as I get, so there. Muah. Whatever. ((hugs)) K