Sunday, October 30, 2005

Time well spent?

My mother decided to get her eyeliner permanently tattooed onto her lower lid. I was aghast that she would do this as, she is a big needle phobe. Really bad, I mean, she won't be in the room when someone else gets a shot. So, color me surprised.

Color her happy with the results. She said, it didn't hurt at all, they deadened the area and it took about 2 hours for both eyes. I sat in what was called the Serenity Room, and read my book.

The Techs were nice, they provided me with a bottled water even if I wasn't a client and also canned music, which, I am sorry, I don't care for unending Bolero. However, it is better than Enya, who for so many years accompanied my slumber, that I have but to hear the woman's voice and I start to snooze. Love her, can't listen to her at work, that is a no snoring zone.

Anyhoo, they stopped when they finished the first eye and allowed her a smoke break. She said, she didn't hurt, but she had that vaseline crap under the eye like a prize fighter or something. But, not much longer after that, she came out with both eyes done and we went shopping. So, basically no down time there. She said that they used a manual needle thing, and not a machine for more control, less vibrations, etc. Interestin.. *eep!*

The aftereffects? For her, she said, it felt like she'd been crying and her eyes were tender.

However, be advised, all I spoke with about this procedure *points* said OMG THAT SHIT HURTS LIKE HELL! ACK ACK!

A friend of mine said, it is the most painful experience she's ever gone through. I tell you what, I like lipstick, I like the smell, and the feel. I am not getting my lips tattooed, no, heck no.

We went to the Picadilly, then shopping. My Mommy bought me some shoes, a pair of houseshoes and a big fluffy purple throw *sighs* I love itt!! The Serenity Room didn't hurt me none either. Quiet, relaxing, no interruptions of the reading time. Tats are a good thing, as long as you are only waiting on someone to get them done, that is.

The Still Blank Canvas (stretchmarks don't count)


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