Friday, October 21, 2005

WHOOOOHOOO!! Harry comes to TV!

No, not Houdini, he is named after him though.

No not the hirsute Henderson one either..(Although, I am sure Bigfoot would be welcome in his books)

NoNONO!! this is not a return of the beloved and goofy judge from Night Court.. not that Harry.

His name is Harry Dresdon, he is Chicago's only wizard, well, the only one that is listed in the yellow pages. And he is comin to TV! And who is he? NICK CAGE OH YEAH !!! I have always wanted him to play that part. Some said, James wassis, from Buffy -- Spike. I thought, no, I would forever see him as the blonde fanged Billy Idol wannabe, so, no. Some said .. well, ok, the discussions were endless, so much so that they were banned from the McNally's Mailing List that was put in place for fans of this lovely series of books.

Added Note: In my haste to get this up here, I did't look closely enough at that picture (Plus the damn thing is tiny and well, it was late, thanks to Dan for clearing it up for me!!) Dunno who the hell he is, don't actually care right now either! It is still gonna happen, yehaw!!!

Jim Butcher has been a long time friend (in the sense that I read his books and therefore as he provides me such wonderful reading time, I love the dude) Authors can be friends, or rather the characters they create can be. Harry is like an old friend, when you open the book, you say, "Hey, there you are, I was wondering what you'd been up to." Ok, you don't say that unless you are borderline psychotic and/or have a vivid imagination.

I am lucky enough to be in possession of both. But in the case of Dresden Fans, the psychopath is wide and the views are scenic. His fan base has grown because he keeps his characters real despite the fact that they are so surreal.

Were's that are college kids and get this ACT that way. Yeah, the leader of the pack had coke bottle glasses before his g/f told him to buy a clue and some contacts.

He has human characters that are strong despite their weaknesses. Murphy, the cop is a prime example. She's frail (in the world she works in) small, but mean as hell. Even if she's scared spitless, she still steps up to the plate. But, in a realistic way, not that stupid I am going to run over here in the bushes and get ate up by wolves unless you save me and prove your undying love sort of way.

His vamps are varied. There are bad vamps (ew smelly and decayed) sexy vamps (meowr, Thomas *slurp*) and just plain weird vamps. Also, vamps that are mean but in human ways. Controlling father keeps kids under his thumb by controlling the purse strings, etc.

Harry himself is no Greek god. Just normal, tall, gawky, but ok looking (Nick Cage ohhh yeah!) and his small ego is balanced out by his overdeveloped sense of selfpreservation. eg.. I have long legs for a reason, wizards should be able to run fast. His magic is not all sparkle and pop, it has to be prepared, like a paranormal boyscout. He has his weaknesses and his strengths. He also has a weird, quirky sense of humor, one of my fav things about him.

So, in all, Mr. Butcher's books are about the little guy against the man. Sometimes, the man is a huge monkey made of small monkeys or a walking tree at the Walmart or er.. ok, so, the man isn't always a man. Just read the damned things..or *squirms in delight* WATCH THE DAMN SHOW!! HELL YES!! The following link has some info...

Please mind your step. There is a flaming monkey pooh hazard in these parts.

Jennzilla/Big Dresden Fan (in case yall couldn't tell before *coughs*)


Karen said...

OMG - you know I love the Harry, he rocks and Jim Butcher's universe is so much fun to get lost in. Nick Cage will make the perfect Harry - woo hoo, thanks for sharing ze news, I am clicking on the link right now!!!

Dan Lister said...

Actually, it's Nic Cage's production company, Saturn Films...Cage is an Executive Producer, but not the star-role of Harry.

Dan Lister, from McAnally's; I'd have replied there, but casting discussions are forbidden.

Karen said...

That's too bad, I think he would make a great Harry. Thanks for clearing that up.

Jenn said...

Well darn! that pick is really small and it was late, n I guess I really always wanted Nick to be Harry.. Oh well, it's all good eh? I am still getting HARRY ON THE TV!!WOOHOO! Thanks Dan. And yeah, I know its forbidden on there, which is why I blogged it LOL. I could not hold it in.

Mary Stella said...

I'm not familiar with these books, but on your enthusiasm alone, Jenn, I'm definitely going to check out the show.