Tuesday, October 04, 2005

When I grow up, I wanna be...

Just like my mama. Yeah, she's the one on the left. Pfth. No, I don't mean tiny and petite, that ain't gonna happen, I am not stupid. (well padded I am)

However, the similarities are there, if you look real close. *peers at the picture* The eyes, for sure, the smile, the nose, I think, sorta, and beneath all the extra er *coughs* insulation, I have that bone structure, the cheekbones and chin.

Apparently we also share a penchent for red too. No, actually, she bought that sweater and as with most things she buys me, it is red. She says, shush! you look good in red. I don't buy you red ALL the time (yes, she does)

But, this is beside the point. My mama is just one of those people, the ones that are the same no matter where you see them. Sweet (unless you piss her off) compassionate (unless you piss her off) and smart (she gets really smart when you piss her off, in a scary way though, cause then she will suddenly know how to do a lobotamy with a ballpoint pen and stuff; through your kneecap even. eek!) She works her little ass off, is never still, is neat as a pin (thinks I am a nasty cow, she be right too) and would give you the shirt off her back,though she'd rather it be the bra as she hates them in the first place.

My mother raised me and my lil bro from the time I was twelve all by herself. It took courage to leave her hubby of 15 years, but she did it. For herself, for lil bro and of course, for me. I may have helped that along a bit when I told her if she didn't leave him, I was going to live w/my Mawmaw (another smaller and yet even meaner woman) and taking lil bro with me.

We left.. never looked back. At least, I didn't. I don't think she did either unless it was to shoot the man the finger and wish it was her gun. Yes, I have a pistol packin mama, yall. This is the south, did you doubt it?

Now, she's a Nana and never a better one was there. Along with the Pop (her 2nd hubby) they are two of the best grand's ever. I hope I am as good a Mawmaw one day (she will be here, so I can't use Nana, she'd beat my ass if I tried) She's young enough to be fun, and old enough to be wise, and mean enough to keep my teen dream queen in line. Plus, she's more watchful around the boys than even my insane hubby who makes Hulk Hogan look like creampuff. I never worry when Mo's with her and Jeffrey, as well, HE makes even hubby look like a bit of a creampuff LOL. Poor Pop, he gets way out of shape about that stuff.

Damn, I am getting old. Of course, if gettin older means being more like Mama, then, I suppose, it wouldn't be so bad.



Karen said...

I don't care what everyone says, you are sweet, Ms. Jenn. You and your mama look so pretty and happy in your pic - hopefully it is in a big frame somewhere in your house. Not everyone has such a special relationship with their mothers, I am only just beginning to appreciate how amazing my mom is. It is nice to remind ourselves from time to time how much we should cherish the good ones.

Charissa said...

Well since I keep telling Jenn is is a 30-something version of my mother, does this make us related some how. Yes, I know what Jenn is going to be like at 58. Be afeared. Be VERY afeared! Moohahahaha!

My mother through her own strength and fortitude (and snarky ass attitude) has been the one constant in my life from a young age to keep me sane. Yes, folks, that is possible with me, so hush! She is now the only family member besides my Aunt Martha that I speak to, and I have a HUGE family. If I ever decide to grow up, better yet if she ever decides to grow up, I hope I can be a survivor and leave a legacy as strong as she has over the years.

Sometime soon, give your mom a hug just for the helluvit. Freak her out and say just because. It isn't every day you can catch em off guard so give it a go! lol

Mary Stella said...

You and your mother are both beautiful, Jenn! I love seeing you two smiling away at us.