Friday, June 30, 2006

A Tale of Two Kidneys

While the remainder of the post is a biiig old rant.. I do have some very nice news to impart.. Spellfire Moons is available now!! Whohooo!!
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Now.. onto the rant..

I've changed meds and I've been happy with them more or less, give or take yadda yadda .. They make me thirsty,tired and basically high, but that's ok, I've lost 10+ pounds, so, WHOHOOO!! YEAH BABY!

But, on Tuesday night, I noticed that my other (old and still being consumed)meds looked different, however, since a huge green sticker basically told me to shut up and take it, on Wednesday, I took it. I was zombified the entire day. My flesh was cold,(I live in Louisiana, it was 100 degrees) my eyes were swollen, I had the fever and chills, they were multiplyin, I was losin control. The feelin was electrifyin.. my skin crawled, my body jerked. It was horrible. Yeck. I stayed at work all day, but when I got home, I went to bed and there I stayed where for some reason I had the urge to watch Con Air. *meh*

As I lay there, I noticed that my tummy felt not the norm.. mm.. if perhaps I hadn't been sniggering at Nick Cage's attempts to sound like a hillbilly "Put thu bunnay dowun." *snorts* or lustin quite so heartily after the John Cusack *slurps* I may have noticed that my organs were conspiring against me..

Let us call them.. Lenny and Squiggy for shits and giggles..
I could say Laverne and Shirley but girlfriends don't cause other girlfriends this much aggro.. however it does take place in one of the twin cities, right?
Milwaukee WI? Or is that Minnisota? Hell, I don't know and I am way too full of frickin Cranberry juice to care at this point!
Lenny and Squiggy would have done something like this..
*Door slams open*
"Hello Livern" Lenny combs his greasy hair back with his comb before sticking it back in his letterman jacket.
Squiggy pushes him out of the way to leer at Spleeny. "Hello beautiful."
However, he knows she is taken by none other than.. C'arspine who'll kill him if he tries anything.
Oh who the bloody well cares? I have a theory and it's pissin me off. Since I've not had a drop of coke or coke related products for a month now, my kidneys, liver and all the other related organs have decided to stage some sitcom type revolution! Without the aid of Citric Acid to scour out these freaky little sponges of my digestive tract, they've become some sort of housing project for the likes of Lenny, Squiggy, Livern and Spleeny. The next thing you know the damn Fonz'll be up in there with Pinky wasser name and Leather-face jumpin over my bladder on motorcycles with tires made out of pieces of my small intestines! OMG! It is unfair that I have a kidney infection for the first time in my entire life after quittin cokes for since like ever! For 3..*muttermutter* years I've drank them.. every single day and nothin! now, I quit and drink water and GREEN TEA! *blech* and what happens? Kidney Infection.. yeck.. blast and damn..
I blame .. well I blame someone and when I find out who? Let's just say, it won't be pretty..


P.S. In case yall thought I forgot or something, IT'S FRIDAY!! YEEEEEEEEEHAW!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hunka Hunka Hammock Luv

Thanks to the Meme Muse and the Karen Karma I worked on the WIP tonight and, whatta ya know? .. Mack's a very bad boy. Here I thought he was gonna take a back seat to Gilly's drama queen theatrics and he pops up (pun intended) with this. For shame Mack. *I like it*

I have to say, I'm relieved. After a few weeks of no writing at all besides some edits (Major, soul sucking eye popping brain eating zombifying edits, bloody stupid WordPerfect.. stupid quotation marks stupid stupid things!) I've actually written something and what a something it was. I love it.

Gillian and Mack are my favorites so far of all my characters. Gillian is really bad.. but I think ole Mack is gonna tame her yet, cause he's got her number. And those two evil children, well, let me just say that I never thought being a mommy would pay off quite so well. Carrie is like my daughter to the nth degree. Kev? He's just the All American Doofus boy. Poor Kev..
So, sit right back while I write this tale .. a tale of a fateful trip.. it started out ..
Yall gone have to wait til I get it finished now aint ya?

By the by, I forgot to say that due to the powers invested in my by the Goddesses of Friday.. I actually did the impossible. I made two Fridays this week.. You heard me people. I had Friday.. TWICE!! I had Mon(ew) Tues(ewew) Wed(ewewew) Friday(ooh) Friday(ooh ooh) Do yall see something missin in there? Mmm.. yes, it is nice isn't it? Yes, I like that. Friday Friday Friday.. YIPPEEEE I like Friday..

Come on yall do it with me now.. Friday Fandango!! It's late, I know, but better late than never!!!!!

The Ever Lovin Friday Queen
WIP it Good

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Four Roses for Braless in the Buick!!

From Tina at Love Romances

Allie Stephenson lived the simple live or so she thought. A single mom, all she wanted to do was work and raise her son. With an ex-husband who dumped her for a younger woman, Allie had her fill of relationships until her son gets sick while doing his paper route. Allie runs to the aide of her ailing son and as she tries to fulfill his job obligations she breaks one of the customers flower pot.

Jake Donally is not a happy camper when he hears the crashing sound of his bonsai hitting the front porch. Hell bent on giving the responsible party a piece of his mind; he stops dead in his tracks when he sees the beauty responsible standing in her PJ’s.

Jake couldn’t be happier to find the source of his investigation standing in his front lawn. He’d been trying to figure out how to worm his way into her life to find out the secrets she’s hiding for her ex-husband. Now he’s been given the ammo he needs.

Will Jake find the information he’s looking for to convict Allie’s ex and all parties involved? Or will he find more than he’s bargained for with Allie Stephenson?

This reviewer found BRALESS IN THE BUICK to be classic, downright humorous story. This reviewer felt Ms. Leigh really outdid herself with the cast of characters she provided in this book. Ms. Leigh gave her heroine Allie a group of nosy, bush-hiding female neighbors who you can’t help but fall in love with. Their witty one-liners are to die for. Their involvement in the heroine, Allie’s live is so irresistible you must keep reading just to see what they will do next!

Jake the hero in the story is sexy, secretive, a brut at times, but also softhearted. He’s the true hero in every sense. This reviewer felt the attraction between the pair was undeniable. Ms. Leigh is a wonderful storyteller. Ms. Leigh pulls you into the plot quickly, not boring you with too much background information. Ms. Leigh allows the events to unfold in a timely manner, giving Jake and Allie time to grow.

This reviewer can’t say enough about BRALESS IN THE BUICK. The cast of characters will grow on you and keep you guessing until the end!

BRALESS IN THE BUICK is a must read for any lover of contemporary comedy romance. This reviewer highly recommends this book and looks forward to future books by Ms. Leigh.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hi All. I did it, I submitted

Dun.. dun DUNNNN!! Now, I'm all scared and stuff. LOL I'm waiting on pins and needles. Hopefully, I will hear some news soon. Maybe the wyvern will be out and about flipping and flopping around into the hearts and minds of millions. Nee will shake her cheesehead Favre lovin arse around and sing the I told you so song to her heart's content. Meems will smile her smug smile. Kitta will chortle with evil glee. Liv will snigger smuttily. And Karen? Well, she's mean and evil, and all will worship her and despair.. Nae Nae et al? Who knows.. LOL
Hubby just wants to know when he can quit his job and be a kept man. Heck, he needs to get his butt to writing so I can quit MY job! Sheesh man..
Oh, I'm gonna try ONE MORE TIME to post my cover for Midnight Showcase.. *sighs*

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girls!!!

High Chairs and High Stakes
What happens when you cross a single vamp dad with an aversion for witches with a nanny who's favorite form of travel is a broom? One of them has bitten off more than they can chew.
Erin looked down at the paper, then looked at it again to make sure of the address. She'd just received it this morning. A trailer? With a long sigh, she hefted her canvas tote and grumbled as she walked up the long gravel drive.
Her broom sputtered out right at the old rusted mailbox, so she was hoofing it. The stars were bright in the clear Texas sky. She breathed in the scent of the warm summer night and smiled. Spellfire with all its assorted magical beings was her favorite place in the world.
She knocked and the door opened with an ominous creak. Oh brother, she rolled her eyes at the theatrics. Leave it to a vamp.
The man opening the door hardly fit the role of Reinfield. Instead, there stood a luscious slab of beefcake if ever she ever saw one. Her fingers itched to touch the raven black hair that just reached a pair of broad shoulders. The security lights surrounding the door threw his face into shadow, highlighting a pair of cheekbones so sharp they could cut glass. Full lips set off his square jaw to perfection. Then she noticed his eyes, the color of beaten silver, shining out from under straight black brows and felt herself sinking into them. Oh yeah, a hunka burning sex. "Hi there, I'm Erin. I'm here to see--." She looked down at the paper.
"Matthias Gregory." His voice came deep and rough with a faint British accent.
Shivers ran up and down her spine, some of them snuck down into her undies, making her clamp her thighs together. "Yeah, that's him." She smiled brightly, walking closer to the door. "Do you know him? Is he here?" She moved in for the kill, intending to make her moves on this stud muffin before word got out about him around town.
"I am Matthias Gregory."
Well, crap, wasn't that always the way? Here stood Mr. Beefcake Deluxe--her new employer. Fate carried one hell of a long memory, she wasn't the only one that TP'd their yard that time.
"Sheeiit." She sighed, her shoulders slumping dejectedly.
Keep in mind that my novella is but one of those being released with so many other wonderful stories in this digest. I love these anthologies because you get a little bit of everything all in one book. So, stay tuned

Coming Soon from:

Midnight Showcase
July 2006

Who'd be jumping for joy if she wasn't so tired from her family
reunion. *small happy wiggles*

PS: I will post on that tomorrow. And no, there wasn't a fight Gah!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Monday.. la la la la

So, it's Monday, AGAIN! You'd think we'd have learned all we needed to know about this horrid day by now. All throughout the ages, Monday has tormented many a creative soul. Innocents fall beneath her trampling feet. Untold horrors are committed upon the hard working men and women making them squint in puzzlement and wonder.. "What happened to my jammies? Oh why, hath thou forsaken us, Weekend?" Ok, that may just apply to me, but I doubt it!

Mondays are either fast and frenetic making it hard to catch your breath as you try to get back into the groove that was broken by the sweet, slow, seductive pace of Saturday and Sunday. Or it drags on FOREVER! GAAAAHHHHH.. stuck in the MONDAY ZONE AAAAAAAAUGH! If the weekdays were a family, Monday would be the ugly sister. And a heinous beeyotch at that.

Tuesday is just a small blessing, in that it aint Monday, though, sometimes Monday disguises herself as Tuesday, and is just more mature and cunning in her torment. Heifah.

Wednesday's rep is a bit tarnished, seeing how she's also called Hump Day. She is the one that gets dumped alot, as people say, once we get over Wednesday we got it made!!

Thursday is ignored for the most part, sometimes, not even named, just called Friday Eve by the weekend lovers among us *coughs* me *coughs* But, she is more beloved than either Wednesday or Tuesday.

Friday is a major slut, as more people f*ck off on her than any other day of the week combined. They say, I aint doin this, it's Freakin Friday! Hell, let it wait until Monday, it'll be a bitch any old way. (see? Monday--Bitch, it all becomes clear)

Which brings us to the golden children-- Saturday and Sunday. For most of the populace, these are their all important DAYS OFF.. and if you try and screw with them, certain individuals, and when I say that I mean ME, will get ill and rip your face off, with their teeth. They defend this act with the thoughts that if they go to jail, then there will be no more Mondays, every day will suck and therefore be the same... democratic suckiness.. Not just for politicians anymore, I guess. Though, Bush sux big dong for that crap he did today. Pah..

Ok, enough of Mondayitis.

I do have some news.. I submitted the Tail of the Wyvern ,hence the picture that hubby made me up there in the corner where I began to make my point, way back in the freakin stoneage. So, now there's nothing to do but wait, and keep working on my other WIP's. One of them is going along swimmingly, I love Gillian and Mack.. sighs..

Jennzilla the Killa
of Monday.. Ding dong the heifer's dead.. YEAH!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another WIP is finished.. Sighs

Shadow of the Wolf is the story of Lainie and Marcus. This is number one in a series of three that I have in various stages of completion. Yes, Livvy I can see you tapping your fingers on the desk, dear. Yes, it does help. Uh huh. *grins*

Lainie is a reporter after a corrupt business man with a secret. She sees her childhood friend as her ticket to the scoop of the century. In the meantime, she'll have to reacquaint herself with the man she's compared all her other lovers to and found lacking.

Marcus a werewolf at the top of a dog eat dog business that only wants to keep his secret safe from Lainie. That doesn't prevent him from wanting to show her how much he still wants her after all this time.

The couple will have to deal with new danger in the form of a mutual enemy, Marcus' father. Samuel is the former leader of the Arizona wolf pack, a position that Marcus now occupies. Now that he's found Lainie, he's sure his father isn't far behind. And then there's the rest of the pack to deal with, who said it was easy being top dog?

Zokutou word meter
77,000 / 77,000

Who only needs to get the courage to submit.. sighs..