Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another WIP is finished.. Sighs

Shadow of the Wolf is the story of Lainie and Marcus. This is number one in a series of three that I have in various stages of completion. Yes, Livvy I can see you tapping your fingers on the desk, dear. Yes, it does help. Uh huh. *grins*

Lainie is a reporter after a corrupt business man with a secret. She sees her childhood friend as her ticket to the scoop of the century. In the meantime, she'll have to reacquaint herself with the man she's compared all her other lovers to and found lacking.

Marcus a werewolf at the top of a dog eat dog business that only wants to keep his secret safe from Lainie. That doesn't prevent him from wanting to show her how much he still wants her after all this time.

The couple will have to deal with new danger in the form of a mutual enemy, Marcus' father. Samuel is the former leader of the Arizona wolf pack, a position that Marcus now occupies. Now that he's found Lainie, he's sure his father isn't far behind. And then there's the rest of the pack to deal with, who said it was easy being top dog?

Zokutou word meter
77,000 / 77,000

Who only needs to get the courage to submit.. sighs..


FeyRhi said...

WooHoo Congrats Jenn!! Can't wait to read it!

Mary Stella said...

Just do it, Jenn. Submit the sucker and move on to something else. We who are your friends, believe in you. Some of us *looks around at the likely suspects* will beat your senseless if you don't send out the manuscript.

Karen said...

Yes, do it, submit that thang. I love the story and my word is the law. LOL.

Ellen said...

Emmm, is this the book you were telling me about?

How come I'm not looking at it? (taps fingers and gives 'the look')


Mechele Armstrong said...

Whooo hoooo! Congrats on finishing. And submit that thing.

Hmmm I think I'm a likely suspect with a few others. *G*