Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Monday.. la la la la

So, it's Monday, AGAIN! You'd think we'd have learned all we needed to know about this horrid day by now. All throughout the ages, Monday has tormented many a creative soul. Innocents fall beneath her trampling feet. Untold horrors are committed upon the hard working men and women making them squint in puzzlement and wonder.. "What happened to my jammies? Oh why, hath thou forsaken us, Weekend?" Ok, that may just apply to me, but I doubt it!

Mondays are either fast and frenetic making it hard to catch your breath as you try to get back into the groove that was broken by the sweet, slow, seductive pace of Saturday and Sunday. Or it drags on FOREVER! GAAAAHHHHH.. stuck in the MONDAY ZONE AAAAAAAAUGH! If the weekdays were a family, Monday would be the ugly sister. And a heinous beeyotch at that.

Tuesday is just a small blessing, in that it aint Monday, though, sometimes Monday disguises herself as Tuesday, and is just more mature and cunning in her torment. Heifah.

Wednesday's rep is a bit tarnished, seeing how she's also called Hump Day. She is the one that gets dumped alot, as people say, once we get over Wednesday we got it made!!

Thursday is ignored for the most part, sometimes, not even named, just called Friday Eve by the weekend lovers among us *coughs* me *coughs* But, she is more beloved than either Wednesday or Tuesday.

Friday is a major slut, as more people f*ck off on her than any other day of the week combined. They say, I aint doin this, it's Freakin Friday! Hell, let it wait until Monday, it'll be a bitch any old way. (see? Monday--Bitch, it all becomes clear)

Which brings us to the golden children-- Saturday and Sunday. For most of the populace, these are their all important DAYS OFF.. and if you try and screw with them, certain individuals, and when I say that I mean ME, will get ill and rip your face off, with their teeth. They defend this act with the thoughts that if they go to jail, then there will be no more Mondays, every day will suck and therefore be the same... democratic suckiness.. Not just for politicians anymore, I guess. Though, Bush sux big dong for that crap he did today. Pah..

Ok, enough of Mondayitis.

I do have some news.. I submitted the Tail of the Wyvern ,hence the picture that hubby made me up there in the corner where I began to make my point, way back in the freakin stoneage. So, now there's nothing to do but wait, and keep working on my other WIP's. One of them is going along swimmingly, I love Gillian and Mack.. sighs..

Jennzilla the Killa
of Monday.. Ding dong the heifer's dead.. YEAH!


snowflake said...

Hope you hear something soon on Wyvern. More Jenna Leigh books!

Btw, I've watched X-Men 3. I find it a little disappointing because there isn't so much character development compared to the previous two and yeah, the Phoenix is totally different from the original. I stayed for the clip after the credits but it's kinda short.

yola said...

Don't knock Thursday. Those in the know (namely me, HA!) know it's the new Friday cause we only work 4 days, lol

Mechele Armstrong said...

Congrats on submitting. I'm crossing fingers for you and shall pull the pom poms out when it's accepted.

frenchpeas said...

*wiggles with excitement* You submitted the Wyvern story? Oh! This is a very happy day!! I want to know the end damn it.

Jenn said...

I'm gettin it fixed now. There were evil demons in my format. Hopefully, after they're fixed, I'll be able to put up some good news in here.