Saturday, June 10, 2006

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girls!!!

High Chairs and High Stakes
What happens when you cross a single vamp dad with an aversion for witches with a nanny who's favorite form of travel is a broom? One of them has bitten off more than they can chew.
Erin looked down at the paper, then looked at it again to make sure of the address. She'd just received it this morning. A trailer? With a long sigh, she hefted her canvas tote and grumbled as she walked up the long gravel drive.
Her broom sputtered out right at the old rusted mailbox, so she was hoofing it. The stars were bright in the clear Texas sky. She breathed in the scent of the warm summer night and smiled. Spellfire with all its assorted magical beings was her favorite place in the world.
She knocked and the door opened with an ominous creak. Oh brother, she rolled her eyes at the theatrics. Leave it to a vamp.
The man opening the door hardly fit the role of Reinfield. Instead, there stood a luscious slab of beefcake if ever she ever saw one. Her fingers itched to touch the raven black hair that just reached a pair of broad shoulders. The security lights surrounding the door threw his face into shadow, highlighting a pair of cheekbones so sharp they could cut glass. Full lips set off his square jaw to perfection. Then she noticed his eyes, the color of beaten silver, shining out from under straight black brows and felt herself sinking into them. Oh yeah, a hunka burning sex. "Hi there, I'm Erin. I'm here to see--." She looked down at the paper.
"Matthias Gregory." His voice came deep and rough with a faint British accent.
Shivers ran up and down her spine, some of them snuck down into her undies, making her clamp her thighs together. "Yeah, that's him." She smiled brightly, walking closer to the door. "Do you know him? Is he here?" She moved in for the kill, intending to make her moves on this stud muffin before word got out about him around town.
"I am Matthias Gregory."
Well, crap, wasn't that always the way? Here stood Mr. Beefcake Deluxe--her new employer. Fate carried one hell of a long memory, she wasn't the only one that TP'd their yard that time.
"Sheeiit." She sighed, her shoulders slumping dejectedly.
Keep in mind that my novella is but one of those being released with so many other wonderful stories in this digest. I love these anthologies because you get a little bit of everything all in one book. So, stay tuned

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Midnight Showcase
July 2006

Who'd be jumping for joy if she wasn't so tired from her family
reunion. *small happy wiggles*

PS: I will post on that tomorrow. And no, there wasn't a fight Gah!

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FeyRhi said...

July! I can't wait till July! Oh the torture, you really are evil *hugs* Great excerpt!!
I'm glad to hear that the reunion went so well and that there wasn't any casualities. *G*