Sunday, June 18, 2006

Four Roses for Braless in the Buick!!

From Tina at Love Romances

Allie Stephenson lived the simple live or so she thought. A single mom, all she wanted to do was work and raise her son. With an ex-husband who dumped her for a younger woman, Allie had her fill of relationships until her son gets sick while doing his paper route. Allie runs to the aide of her ailing son and as she tries to fulfill his job obligations she breaks one of the customers flower pot.

Jake Donally is not a happy camper when he hears the crashing sound of his bonsai hitting the front porch. Hell bent on giving the responsible party a piece of his mind; he stops dead in his tracks when he sees the beauty responsible standing in her PJ’s.

Jake couldn’t be happier to find the source of his investigation standing in his front lawn. He’d been trying to figure out how to worm his way into her life to find out the secrets she’s hiding for her ex-husband. Now he’s been given the ammo he needs.

Will Jake find the information he’s looking for to convict Allie’s ex and all parties involved? Or will he find more than he’s bargained for with Allie Stephenson?

This reviewer found BRALESS IN THE BUICK to be classic, downright humorous story. This reviewer felt Ms. Leigh really outdid herself with the cast of characters she provided in this book. Ms. Leigh gave her heroine Allie a group of nosy, bush-hiding female neighbors who you can’t help but fall in love with. Their witty one-liners are to die for. Their involvement in the heroine, Allie’s live is so irresistible you must keep reading just to see what they will do next!

Jake the hero in the story is sexy, secretive, a brut at times, but also softhearted. He’s the true hero in every sense. This reviewer felt the attraction between the pair was undeniable. Ms. Leigh is a wonderful storyteller. Ms. Leigh pulls you into the plot quickly, not boring you with too much background information. Ms. Leigh allows the events to unfold in a timely manner, giving Jake and Allie time to grow.

This reviewer can’t say enough about BRALESS IN THE BUICK. The cast of characters will grow on you and keep you guessing until the end!

BRALESS IN THE BUICK is a must read for any lover of contemporary comedy romance. This reviewer highly recommends this book and looks forward to future books by Ms. Leigh.

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