Saturday, July 30, 2005

I think I may enjoy the empty nest.

Said pretty daughter is off at my brother's house for two whole weeks. And although, I miss her, I am just going to take this a prelude to the time when she is no longer living with me. Being that I know she's coming home in another week or so, I can do so without guilt (well, much)

I love this child, she's pretty much me with longer legs, a better figure and much more hutzpah than I ever had at her age. I'd like to take some of the credit for that too. She don't play as they say. This means that she doesn't take sh*t off nobody (specially boys) and I like that.

But back to the empty nest thing: hubby and I are enjoying. It's quiet, calm, peaceful and the phone doesn't ring, ever. I feel a little unloved on one level but on the other I just LOVE IT!!!!

I realize the pro's of being a teen mother now. If you raise them right, they will NOT get preggers and will leave you to go off to college and make something of themselves while you are still relatively young. Looking at this pic, I am thinking modeling, but she's smart enough to do that just to help with college. Love her, wanna strangle her, need her as my Walmart shopping partner (we uh, we talk smack at the Wallie to each other about peeps) she's fun, witty, smart, and just mean enough for me to sniff and go. "Oh, I'm so proud!!"

On a scale of bitchitude, there is a benchmark known as the Jeanette, the Jenn and the Momo. Soon, she shall surpass the master (that would be Jeanette) and then Mother will retire her throne. *sighs* They grow up so fast. To the daughter, the BIT (biatch in training) I miss you baby, but I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am ready for you to spread your wings and fly free.


NOTE: This is an editoral by the blog owner. It does NOT in anyway represent the opinions of all within the household. The father unit is most put out at the prospect of said daughter leaving the nest. Also, he says he has a heart condition and that shirt is one of the main factors which causes it. (snicker) Hubby is a softy, he will miss the Amazon Biatch Princess the most.

Have a good Saturday all.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am heading past second.. shooting to third.. FRIDAY COMETH... I AM HOME FREE!

Friday's man is really hot. I am going on my pre weekend rant, so I can get rid of all my negativity early on. Movies and their effects on my environment.

1. Keanu acts for shite. I kept hearing this crap from the living room, Constantine it was. I did not really care, but my hubby kept re-watching it. He has OCD at the best of times, but this was a bit much even for him. So, on one of my bathroom pilgrimages through the room, I happened to glance at the TV and see why he was watching it over and over. Two words, Rachel Weiss (hubby is a right man hoor) *mutter mutter* But that is not the point. Keanu has four facial expressions and apparently he is saving them because he only used three in this movie. Keanu: Duuuude you're like the devil.. excellent!! Bill, look? Oh, wait, something's freakie at the Circle K, where is Bill? However, he looks hot, so, that counts for something. Not for me watching that entire bunch of eeekie eyeball flashing crap though pfth.

2. Johnny Depp has become strangely surreal here lately. I love him, he is most definately hot as hell. But really man, you are wearing white kabookie makeup in this Willie Wonka movie. How am I supposed to have freaky chocy infested sex fantasies if you attempt to look like Michael Jackson (only male and ur.. not an alien *coughs* rant for another time *coughs*) I could deal w/Johnny doing Keith Richards in POC. But this hurts my head. Not one but two things are made icky.. A. Johnny (eww, get some sun dude, seriously) B. And the worst (my priorities are spot on) Chocy.. do not have this lovely substance attacking peeps! OMG!!!! *whimper*

3. Someone near and dear to me puts her own writing down alot. I wish this to stop at this instant!!! She does some of the most compelling stuff I've read ever. I am a reviewer (yippee) and I have to stop myself from reading HER stuff so I can finish the stuff by published authors!! She is my major cheerleader, she is always there to say YOU CAN DO EET! she does a pretty good impersonation of The Cajun Man despite being a tried and true Cheesehead from the nawth *grins* So, go on w/it Charissa! You keep givin me the Evie and Brody, they are my fav so far. No frills, no fantasy (besides his hotto motto self) just real peeps w/real probs and a lot of heartache to surmount. I love they way you make them so flawed, inside and out, scars and all. It just makes me think if they can find love and they'd best or I shall be most peeved, then who the heck cant? Peace out, wud to your motha..

4. To the big titty gals of the world... BOSOMS UNITE! We shall overcome the discrimation of the flatchested hussies in the fashion world and overcome these insurmountable obstacles! *pushes boobs out the way so she can type* Love the blog Karen! It is snickerishly snorty.

5. HAPPY FRIDAY WHOOOHOOH!! (yes, it's early, but I am in my precelebration phase right now, deal with it!)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tomorrow is the dread Monday blah

Yes, men are nice. I like em, they help Monday be not so bad. Ok, so they really don't, but you know how you have to describe your man in your book? That's hard for me to do sometimes, so I cheat and find the one that is the closest and use him for inspriation. This dude is rather hot, I dont know his name either.

But, to me, he is the character in Demonic Inspiration. The incubus of my third book. He is in pursuit of a muse named Melody. He will stop at nothing to get her.

For what? Well.. that is for me to know and you to find out!! *grins* I like this now.. its fun knowing things others don't!! I can tell you this, any and all poetic lyrics within this book are provided by my very own hot man, Bill!!! Cooooll! He shall be the Stan to my Anne Rice dontcha know? LOL

Onto other things.. I did 12 more pages in my 2nd book. Next week I am going to edit the first one, do a query letter and a synopsis and send it in to somewhere. I don't know where eek!! Gah! and OMG what am I gone do? LOL. *crosses fingers* Happy Monday (eww that tastes bad eww) But I still got the pretty man pic.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Muse is still stomping on my fingers!!

However, she does what she wants. So, I wrote about ten pages on the second book then she said, it's time to tell the other story too, do it now or you will lose the thread.

It is about of all things, a muse, a musical one, not literary. But I think she wants her sister's story to be told too.

So, I have Melody and the rest of the crazy crew in a club in downtown London. The Crimson Kings are playing and some of the music is a little bit different. It has an added kick to it you could say.

But what is the mysterious hidden agenda behind the lead singer's smouldering facade? Ha! stay tuned, when I know you will too! Eek! Scary to be a pantser, but I can't do it any other way.

I am the most unorganized freak on the planet, I mean, sure, I could do an outline of what I want them to do and all but really that is too much like work and Demonic Inspiration is way too fun so far to be work. He's hot, and he plays the guitar... DAMN!

So, when I know more, you will too.. this dude in the pic is sort of what I have in mind for him. I notice that I have a lot of dark haired men in my stuff, and I am trying to move away from it, this guy's is dishwater blonde, sorta, but hey, blondes have more fun they say.

I wouldn't know, as my own hair is almost black where the touch of gray aint shining through my last dye job. **Note to self, get more hair dye asap.. then write you silly cow while the typing's hot!

The Muse has Landed

And she is way scaring me sitting in her corner giving me the face. I am out of chocy, what is a girl to do?. She's taking me into places I didn't know my characters were going to go. She's revealed my heroine's true feelings but there is a conflict there that I haven't even thought of.

Even now, she's giving me a baleful look and telling me to get busy with it or else. I LOVE IT! Dougal and Charise are back and kicking bootay..

I've started their investigation with a snarky look at one of the Death Gods.. Much fun to be had there, as I am a dyed in the wool Pratchetthead. Death be not proud, but he be comedic fodder in the right hands.

It's Friday and I have written all I can tonight, my eyes won't cooperate with my fingers and brain. Tomorrow I intend to do a light edit of my work tonight and continue on with the strange and hopefully funfilled journey of Charissa the fertility goddess and Dougal the hottest nerd ever born. Here's to chemistry or as I am calling it, Divine Alchemy. Night all!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Alas Poor Scotty, I remember him well

*sniffles* I, being a tried and true Trekkie do hereby call today a day of mourning in my household. Mr. James Doohan better known as Mr. Scott or Scotty from ALL the Star Treks (the ones I liked that is) died. Awww!!!!

A man you could admire, a man that could fix a billion dollar starship with duct tape, baling wire and a phillip's head screwdriver. The last of the great fixit men. Scotty was the hero of shop nerds everywhere, if there is such a thing, I loved the accent, and the attitude.

Tonight, I'll go out and look at the stars and wonder if maybe, just maybe, he finally

Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and dare I say it? yes, I will but I am sniffling... Boldly go where no man has gone before.

The heck with Star Wars, I AM HAVING A STAR TREK MARATHON TONIGHT! And if that traitor hubby aka the jawa lover don't like it, he can be de-space balled!

Hats off for Mr. Doohan, Scotty, you were the best.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Speedbumps on the cyberhighway are a good thing.. sometimes..

I review books it takes a little time from my writing schedule. Can't help it tho, as I love the darned things, I mean I am writing my second one as we speak. The second of a series that I've actually finished that is, for me that is an accomplishment in itself, finishing what I started. I am not a good finisher LOL. Anyway, when writing beware the distracting lure of the internet. There are things that can suck away hours of writing time w/out you even being aware of that fact.

Some things, are worth a bit of a look though, to make you snicker and snort. Here are a few of my favs!

Angry Aliens is the name of the site, I call it funny bunnies. I LOVE this.

Being that my hubby is a diehard Star Wars freak, this one had to make the cut, its here on this site Yodaman.

Seriously sick and twisted, insanely funny though Joe is a man after my heart, he speaks my language too.

For those that cannot get enough LOTR here are some spoofs.

Those are for when you feel down.. you will either say, OOH FUNNY! or go, hey, at least I am not the craziest person in the world, like I first thought!!

As for the pic? Heck, he's just hot! And he represents another distraction on the cyberhighway, but heck, I am always game for the scenic route *grins*

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Thinking Back.. Hindsight's 20/20 I suppose

*points to left* That is my hubby's artwork btw, kewl eh? It basically has a titch to do with this entry. ...

A friend of mine made me remember something that I've forgotten. Me w/my totally antidaddy stance and promama one.

Picture it circa 1977, rural (read Timbuckfo as my friend says instead of like Timbucktoo LOL) area of North East La.

Little girl w/long brown hair sitting on her daddy's lap so she can drive. It's a fourwheel drive at that (color me red for redneck) Heading down the river bottom. Suddenly on the left there is movement. Daddy stops the truck and says "Shhh!" we peer out and there they are a Mama Black Bear and her two teeny babies (aww)

Louisiana was almost depleted of this species due to hunting. That along with coyotes, wolves, lynx, manx, bobcats, panthers and wild boars were almost extinct. So, here we were looking at what could have been the last of them. Did my daddy pull his gun and try to shoot it? No, actually, he was a redneck and we did hunt, but nothing we couldn't eat fried (grins) so, we looked, and Daddy sorta sniffed.

We are part NA, not much, but enough, and he was an in turn raised me to respect my surroundings, that we were to take care of them, and keep them safe. So, thanks to my friend for reviving the memory and thanks to my daddy for teaching me something good after all. Night peeps.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Muses are fickle

You have to go where they pull you. Follow them, they take you down paths you didn't even know where there. Case in point, a smutty fairy tale I started long ago. The first part is huge and unstructured, I intend to fix that soon. This one, the second book, is something new. A new heroine, silent and mysterious. Sequestered for over two centuries on an island convent. What is she, what powers does she possess behind that silent facade?

Hopefully, Niall will mine the depths of her pain and sadness, and let her into his heart as well. A place of weird, erotic, exotic, strange, frightening, eerie, and sometimes dangerous liasons between the Fey and the Humans.

Where the two worlds collide, sparks fly and hearts are won on the whisper of the wind.

Sounds good huh? I know, this is why Cerridwen has been speaking to me for the past three weeks. Her story will be told, I am on chapter 3 now. 5000 words tonight alone, sheesh.

Charise and Dougal are not speakin to me, maybe they are out on a date, watching a movie. That is fine! I have moved on, for now anyways. They'll come home waggin their tales *grins* behind them. At least, I hope so.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ha! No Monday this week!! Neener neener. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Friday, July 01, 2005

Well, if Ms. Hawke says so, it must be true.

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