Saturday, July 16, 2005

Speedbumps on the cyberhighway are a good thing.. sometimes..

I review books it takes a little time from my writing schedule. Can't help it tho, as I love the darned things, I mean I am writing my second one as we speak. The second of a series that I've actually finished that is, for me that is an accomplishment in itself, finishing what I started. I am not a good finisher LOL. Anyway, when writing beware the distracting lure of the internet. There are things that can suck away hours of writing time w/out you even being aware of that fact.

Some things, are worth a bit of a look though, to make you snicker and snort. Here are a few of my favs!

Angry Aliens is the name of the site, I call it funny bunnies. I LOVE this.

Being that my hubby is a diehard Star Wars freak, this one had to make the cut, its here on this site Yodaman.

Seriously sick and twisted, insanely funny though Joe is a man after my heart, he speaks my language too.

For those that cannot get enough LOTR here are some spoofs.

Those are for when you feel down.. you will either say, OOH FUNNY! or go, hey, at least I am not the craziest person in the world, like I first thought!!

As for the pic? Heck, he's just hot! And he represents another distraction on the cyberhighway, but heck, I am always game for the scenic route *grins*


Melissa Lopez said...

He is HOT! Thanks for the links! Mel who should be working and not surfing. LOL.. It's Sunday one of my best days for writing.

:-) .

Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL and what am I doing now? Surfing and not writing. But yes they are good things sometimes. Like the pict. And the links.