Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Alas Poor Scotty, I remember him well

*sniffles* I, being a tried and true Trekkie do hereby call today a day of mourning in my household. Mr. James Doohan better known as Mr. Scott or Scotty from ALL the Star Treks (the ones I liked that is) died. Awww!!!!

A man you could admire, a man that could fix a billion dollar starship with duct tape, baling wire and a phillip's head screwdriver. The last of the great fixit men. Scotty was the hero of shop nerds everywhere, if there is such a thing, I loved the accent, and the attitude.

Tonight, I'll go out and look at the stars and wonder if maybe, just maybe, he finally

Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and dare I say it? yes, I will but I am sniffling... Boldly go where no man has gone before.

The heck with Star Wars, I AM HAVING A STAR TREK MARATHON TONIGHT! And if that traitor hubby aka the jawa lover don't like it, he can be de-space balled!

Hats off for Mr. Doohan, Scotty, you were the best.


maureen said...

“I’m giving her all I can, captain! She can't take much more, dammitt!!” Will go down in history as one of the best know quotes from Star trek! No one could get the most from that anti-matter thingy and dylithium crystals like Montgomery Scot, the man who beamed those terrible tribbles onto the enterprise *g* Raising a glass of scotch in his name. Rest in peace.

Mechele Armstrong said...

I wasn't a big original Trek fan but I did like him. And yes, "I'm giving her I can, Captain," will always be a great line.

I sniffle with you.

Jenn said...

I know! And and, well, he and Uhura had it goin on in later movies, NOT Kirk.. *sniffs* The woman showed great taste and distinction in her choice of men.

Melissa Lopez said...

;-( This is very sad news. I loved the old Star Trek and movies. I used to listen to them with my Dad who is true Trekkie. He's watched ALL the spin-offs.

*Sad sigh*