Saturday, July 09, 2005

Muses are fickle

You have to go where they pull you. Follow them, they take you down paths you didn't even know where there. Case in point, a smutty fairy tale I started long ago. The first part is huge and unstructured, I intend to fix that soon. This one, the second book, is something new. A new heroine, silent and mysterious. Sequestered for over two centuries on an island convent. What is she, what powers does she possess behind that silent facade?

Hopefully, Niall will mine the depths of her pain and sadness, and let her into his heart as well. A place of weird, erotic, exotic, strange, frightening, eerie, and sometimes dangerous liasons between the Fey and the Humans.

Where the two worlds collide, sparks fly and hearts are won on the whisper of the wind.

Sounds good huh? I know, this is why Cerridwen has been speaking to me for the past three weeks. Her story will be told, I am on chapter 3 now. 5000 words tonight alone, sheesh.

Charise and Dougal are not speakin to me, maybe they are out on a date, watching a movie. That is fine! I have moved on, for now anyways. They'll come home waggin their tales *grins* behind them. At least, I hope so.


Mary Stella said...

That story premise sounds terrific, Jenn!

Jenn said...

TY!! It is urm *whispers* smurt, however, nobody says it can't be smurt you wanna read. LOL

Mechele Armstrong said...

It sounds great Jenn. And *ahem* I happen to like smurt.

Melissa Lopez said...

Muses are fickle. Premise sounds great!

*Cracking my itty bitty whpio* It sometimes helps.

:-) Mels