Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Liv and Co are ok! But very awed by the destruction.

My friend from down south's hubby called late last night with the wonderful news that they were all fine. He said that he had one kid in the living room and she had the other two in the room with her. Trees went through the house, but being the eternal optimist he is, Warren said, it could have been so much worse. He also said it looked like a war zone in his area. Trees down, powerlines twisting in the wind, houses devastated, mass destruction in other words. But even he said that others have it much worse and they were fortunate.

Despite the looting, which confuses me as to what those idiots think they are going to do with a bloody Rolex watch down there. A damn boat would be more in my line of thinking. People are pulling together, it makes me proud.

So here they all are, even in my small community, camping out at the National Park, filling the hotels. Southerners are sweet for the most part. The people leaving NOLA and the surrounding area were quoted a price of 100 dollars for a room, however, once they arrived, the hotel man bumped it down to 25 a night. People need diapers, tp, toiletries, food, water, diabetic supplies. It boggles the mind but they are asking people to donate tracks of land for a temporary tent community to get set up for the refugees.

Also, a lot of our smaller stations and minimarts ran out of gas, scaring the crap out of the people here. It was simply that they couldn't handle the influx of travelers that descended on us. I myself am going through all our clothes, shoes, etc to find servicable things for these people to wear. (I wear scrubs eveyday, wtf do I need all that bs for?) At the time I bitched because I had to buy my daughter four pairs of sneakers in a 2 month time, now, I am thankful I have something to give. Tennis shoes aint much, but if you don't have any, they are important! And books, something to help them escape their funky existance right now.

The radio stations say to make up a care package in this manner:
In a large ziploc place the following items:
Bar of soap
A comb, brush
Hair scrunchies (Somebody can use them!)
Disposable Razors
Bug Spray
And hey, if nothing else, a Walmart Gift card!

It may seem like a trivial thing, these little tidbits, but you think of how much better they will feel if they can at least clean their bodies, if not their minds of the horror they've all been through. I haven't seen any of the survivors yet, I know we have a few in our hospitals. I also know that so many have pulled together to help their fellow countrymen and that makes me feel that hey, maybe we aint so sucky after all.

Mother Nature can be a bitch, she reminds us of this fact daily, however, I believe she's more than taken her pound of flesh for us not calling on Sunday or whatever the hell we did to piss her off. A gentle rain, a nice breeze, clouds, whatever, will be a welcome change for a while, ma'am thanks all the same.

Here is a link
Also, you may want to think about donating blood. If I could I would (health reasons and meds I take prevent it) but they are going to need it. Stores are being depleted at an alarming rate. Worry less about the gas and more about the blood. And pray.

Scared, upset, but with a tiny warm feeling when I see how the human race does when the going gets tuff,
Beating Heart

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Katrina Katrina

This is New Orleans, after the hurricane, but you don't see the smaller towns, the damage, the horror of it all. The fact that you are in your house and the water is rising and you cannot get out.

That has to be the most horrific thing imaginable, to have survived the storm itself only to perish in the after flood. But, what about those with trailers. A lot of people in La and Miss live in mobile homes, this is a fact of redneck life. Those homes were not built to withstand the things that the French Quarter and other brick buildings went through.

So, I ask, on this blog, if you can, donate funds to the Red Cross. This organization is one of the best at finding the people that need it the most. And send money, heck, it is fast, and you know they will buy what they need with it.

If you feel you just can't send money, remember the staples. Diapers, canned soups, bottled water, toilet paper, salt (think, they will need it, as they are going to be sweating) Mosquito repellent, lysol or other cleaning and/or disinfectant supplies.


A friend and I were discussing the more icky aspects of the aftermath and clean up. Think of this, in the rural areas (I speak from experience.) sewer treatment is sometimes the most primative. With no zoning ordinance to comply with, many simply just pipe waste away from their house to float out through the woods (ew)

However, in the cities as well, and this comes from someone that worked for a town water dept., there are large bodies of water called oxidation ponds, this is a nice term for a doodie pond, or where the sewerage flows off to be oxidized and/or treated by the town/city etc.

Mosquitos like water but this is treated when that water is in one spot with chemicals. However, this flood has spread God knows what all over NOLA and the outlying areas as well as in Mississippi. Human waste=Disease; Mosquitos spread disease. Be careful down there!!!

So, donate to the Red Cross, if you have to, supplies, but much needed money as well to buy the medicines that will surely be needed once the skeeters regroup (and them lil suckers are quick) to attack the populace once more. It's said that the skeeter is Louisiana's state bird... I don't think its true, I think the skeeters ATE the Louisiana state bird and have stuck one of their own in it's place.

Donate!! Blood, money, etc.. but mostly, your prayers to all that are now cleaning up the aftermath of Katrina. My stepdad is going down there, he works for the Electric Co, if you are there, give him a friendly wave, he's there to help.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Storm Watch.. Ooh Katrina's showing her butt huh?

Here is my home, that weird yellow dot is me.. well, sorta, I mean, I am more a reddishbronze, an autumn or something but yall get my meaning! LOL.

Scared 2

Anyhoo, we are getting some rain, and a little wind, but like a friend of mine said, hell, it's cool, we are going to enjoy it! Selfish? NO! Yall aint been frying for the past six months in the summer breeze.. pfht hot as hell!

Here is the big picture. Looks bad, huh? It is, and I am praying for the poor people that are down in the southern part of the state. All that water, all that horrible weather.

I am scared of bad weather, therefore I shall never be living down in any part of the country that gets these things on a regular basis

Good wishes to all yall and hugs to those that are evac'd out. I hope what you go back to is not as bad as you are thinking right now.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

For a good time, call Katrina, she blows (grins)

I hear that the hurricane is up to a category five, what does this mean to me? It means its big and we will probably see some water from it.

If you look very close, you will see a red x in the top right corner of Louisiana, that's me.. well, roughly, geography aint my strong point.

The big old yellow x is where my friend Dayna and her hubby the Cajun Avenger, their kids as well as my baby brother and his three children are all located, more or less (I said geography sucked, I mean it!) .

And yes, while my dear cyber bud's lil message of "After tomorrow I'll have oceanfront property, if interested.. make offer." is most amusing, we are all much more worried than we let on.

At least, Charissa is LOL. So, for all of yall that are worried bout lil old redneck (not cajun) me, I appreciate it! I will attempt to blog the day by day of what happens, if anything, which I doubt. We need the rain, in the worse way, so if Katrina needs a shoulder to cry on, Northeast La would welcome her tears. The peas, and maters won't care (they are long gone), but the punkins and such will thank ya.

And if it really gets bad.. well then..

I got some, oceanfront property in Northeast Louisiana,
from my front porch yall can see the sea,
I got some oceanfront property in N.E. Louisiana,
If yall buy it then I'll go live with Meme or Nee.

Good luck to all,
Scared 2
The slightly worried redneck from above the Cajun Line (that would be Alex yall)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, in the park? Nope, not going outside.

It is still hotter than heck here. We have a thunderstorm warning but although it's threatened, I have yet to see any blinkin rain! We need it, to cool off the parched pavement and my own little dying herb garden too. Sweaty
However, on the bright side, hubby is cooking me supper. Hungry Yummy yum yum, crap I ain't got ta cook! LOL. NO!
The Menu at the Casa de Bill
Margarita Chicken
Marinated in imported tequila (gift from Mother on her one and only cruise) lime, lemon, garlic and house seasonings, the chicken breasts are saute'd to the peak of juicy perfection before being served to the queen of ze house (Yeah me! ha!)

Couscous: It is in a bloody box, but is good! We add stuff to it. Hubby is sweet. Blings He loves me *sighs*

Asparagus w/cheese

Cheese, asparagus.. who needs anything more..

Ze Piece de Resistance


Tongue Out 2 Roll Tongue Out 1

So, yall have a good day. We are inside, the AC is working overtime to put up with the heat generated by the romance in the house. I LOVE the chocy mousse. Mm.. oh yeah.

Bill too.. Yowza

Ze Queen of the Scarboroughs,


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday eve and just a small bit of bewildered rant.

This is my husband's artwork. Cool eh? Well, that is bout all that is cool right now with my world. Life sucks. I mean it, it really does.

You know, Lousiana is top ranked in a lot of things, poverty is one of them. What about the families where both parents work and they are still struggling to keep their heads above water.

If you look at my full profile you will see that it says nonprofit on my choice of organization. It's not true, not really. Only if you look at my paycheck. It's a sorry thing to know that you won't get a raise no matter how good you are at your job, how well you keep things together by yourself and how wonderfully sweet you are to people. They don't give a damn, apparently as they aren't giving you a raise. Not one in over 4 and a half years.

I am just at the end of my tolerance for this lack, I am almost at the point of singing that Johnny Paycheck song, yeppers. TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! Combust Pissed Fire Eyes

In another part of my life, I am attempting to become a published author. I am a writer, I want to say that up front. No matter that I am not published, I still write, and yeah, I'd say that since I have finished a whole manuscript of well over 100,000 words, that I am pretty freakin serious about it.

But, what is up with joining this or that organization? Do I have to kiss ass there too? I am pretty sure I aint good at ass kissing. In fact, I know better. I Can't

Anyways, I am not above being sweet when needed, I can fake it with the best of them, I am southern after all. But I don't want to have to bow down and kiss ass for something I know is good. Pretty much screwing myself right out the gate, huh?

Ah well, tomorrow is friday and I am nothing if not changeable, at least, according to my sign.

Balanced my ass.

Grumpy Bitch Jenn

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I can smell Friday on the wind.

Happy Only a few more days to go and it will be here. A magical time for those that are Mon-Fri workers, yes, the ephemeral Friday. Wohoo!! I love that word.

FRIDAY is such a fun word.
Anyway, I do have something of note to say today, believe it or not.

Road Rage I am not sure when it happened, but the world changed and not for the better. I was discussing something with a friend of mine and it hit me. We are not nice people any more. I mean, I was raised in the south, where hospitality is a given. At least, it used to be. I don't know if its that the world is moving so fast, or that people view others with such suspicion, but nobody is as nice as they once were.

Wise GuyCigarThrow Computer Even the emoticons are mean!!

When I was a kid, we had the 'slow' kids in the same class. Due to the lack of funds for special schools, the insistence on the part of the parents for them to go to the regular classes and schools or whatever. I don't mean those with the garden variety learning disabilities either. I mean, slow, mild to moderately retarded. I don't care if it aggravates you for me to use the word retarded, I mean it in the clinical sense. We had them in our classes, buses and playgrounds.

But, unlike those today, you didn't hear about them being beaten up, raped, molested or what have you. Maybe it was that they didn't let that sort of thing out. I, myself know for a fact that if you messed with those kids you were asking for an ass whipping and from me as well as the others.

Was it a southern thing? A small school community where everyone is related to everyone, or your daddy works with their daddy, or mothers are best friends may sound restrictive but it has an advantage.

You do something wrong, think you got away with it......
Go home, foolish one, and your mother will be waiting at the door with this face. No Because someone has told on you! Yeah, Cuz Alice, Uncle Bob, Aunt Tildy, they were watching for you to step out of line. Back then, it ticked me off, now? I'd welcome the help LOL. That saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." Its true, in part, but it takes a mama to pick up the phone and say she did WHAT? Ooh, just wait til she gets home.

And in my time, there would be a belt to whip your ass with. However, I am not opening the can of worms that corporal punishment would bring about, so not going there. (I will say that my mother is a champeen ass whipper and I was a good kid because of it) So, you were a nicer, more polite kid not so quick to hit or be really mean to the others and especially not to the little kids with less than you either mentally, physically or financially.

Maybe if we sectioned everything off into smaller bits, towns, states, whatever, this sort of thing would come back. I miss it, the sweet slow smiles and the hi there darlin's. Now, they just look straight ahead and think.. Don't sue me, please don't sue me. How very modern. How very sad. Tomorrow is Hump Day, but I am going to try and make it, be extra sweet day. (I said try! shut up!)

Take Care,
Much Love
Jenn (the not so ebil one after all)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday is a big old wunnerful day. 80's cont.

If one face could sum up the 80's who's would it be?

Madonna? When she was freshfaced, hairy pitted and had that funky do that we all copied like insane twits or when she got a bit more hip and went all retro glam weird in that nekkie book she made.

She married Sean Penn, who it seemed was not destined to ride the Madonnametro forever, sad, sad, sad.

Red Hat This woman has reinvented herself too many times for me to even think about doing pictoral homage to the many faces of Madonna. However, she did make me sing that song with her. Like a Virgin... ooh yeah.. I love the 80's dammit!

I have arrested development. My daughter snickers at the Bowling for Soup song.. 1985? or whatever damned year it says. I don't find that shit funny myself. It was called MTV for a dang reason yall. MUSIC is what the M stands for not media bs, mediocre programming, Ms. Dumbass USA (Jessica Simpson need I say more? Well, yeah, but she's on down the list) I want my damned MTV and I want it NOW. They took it away from me in my teens as our town elders were all Baptist and Methodists and said it was Satanic.

Leading to this pic.. *grins as she hears the echoes of her mother's shrieks from 1983 *sighs* dem were the days*

DevilSome idiot told my mother that the letters KISS stood for Knights In Satan's Service *rolls eyes* This is when the fact that she is married to a man only five years my senior becomes an advantage. He told her to get over it, they were a rock band, not satanic devil peeps. But he didn't agree with the taking off of the makeup.

I did *grins* I love them, I wanna rock n roll all night and party every day.

They became something else in the 80's less an edgy thing and more commercial, but heck, they still rocked like nobody's business, unless you count Gene's business acumen of which he had quite a lot (yeah that tongue didn't hurt a bit either)

Love them, still love them. I have all their albums. Well, hubby does, and I steal em whenever I wish. *sniffs*

FamousCowgirl At the beginning of my life I was only exposed to country and light rock music via my mother's somewhat subdued tastes. That and the fact I liv e in the sticks. NO, not Styx, the sticks.. Timbuckfour as opposed to Timbucktwo.

Head BangerHowever, when I started 8th grade I met some friends that were from Dallas. They loved all the heavy metal stuff. I did too. I loved Motley Crue (can't make that symbol pah!) Def Leppard, Quiot Riot, Twisted Sister, as well as the Stones, Beatles, CCR, Heart and of course this lady who was the living freakin end of all rocker chicks!!

Moony Joan Jett rocks! She still rocks! I love her to death. She was always growly. Always mean and kickass looking. I had the hair I had the eyeliner. And I still have her tunes on my player here on the computer.

The 80's were a wonderful time for me, I was free of the dread oppressor (daddy) we lived in town away from the sticks. Well,not a town, more a village. We didn't have much money, but we could walk uptown and look bad ass in our metal gear.

Hi-fiI can still bang my head. But now , it makes me dizzy. Metal Health won't drive me mad these days they can give you migraines though. Love it. 80's still rock. Fraggle's aside, I love the 80's.

Yeah, George Michael, Peewee Herman, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Saftey Dance, C'mon Eileen, Blue Oyster Cult, Great White Underbelly, Falco, Golden Earring. All of them still sit in my brain like a disease, they are there waiting for a small snatch of the tune to come back full blown into my head. I can sing them, I am NOT feeling Japanese, but Hall and Oates are still the best. My first concert was Air Supply, but I made it up by going to see 38 special next.

Lava LampAll in all I suppose its because that is when I grew up. The 1980's were when I became a person in my own right. Not my mama's lil helper, my daddy's lil girl, but me, Jennifer the bad ass chick with the Joan Jett hair and some really perky bosoms I wouldn't mind havin back if you must know.

It's Friday... to paraphrase a song... Relax.. It's All Good

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mammories? NO! Memories (cough)

This is a bit perplexing. Never in all my days did I expect for these words to belong in the same sentence.

Tommy Lee (aka Tripod aka freako drummer boy who is trying to become Animal from the muppets) and this word....

College.. does this word not still mean higher learning, a place to go and receive an education, earn a degree etc? *blinks* Oh wait.. mayhap its like the high school and colleges of cinematic yor

******* Please be advised, slight chance of 80's movie flashbacks to come

******* Well, more than a chance actually..

Animal House: Louie Louie and Belushi drinkin and splishing mashed taters out his face are my favorite scenes, well that and the stuffed bra, the horse, the well, its a classic piece of silly cinema, I LOVE that movie. The soundtrack is the best too. Motto? The bad kids from high school are still the bad kids in college and they are sneaky and they will like piss in your post toasties if you make them mad.

Nerds: (All of the Nerds movies) Yes, they were nerds, but they knew the chemical compounds of both marijane and crystal clear yall do the math. Plus, nerds read, a lot. They like to apply their knowledge in ways that women can appreciate *weg* Booger was kewl Motto: It taught tolerance (between the smokin of pot and drunken nudity, you have to look hard or you will miss it)

Porky's (wait, that was high school.. but that dude named Meat, HE had possibilities) A cumming (grins) of age flick about a small town in Fla and sex and basically more sex and the fact that the gym teacher is evil cause she don't want you having the sex. Beulah you was the SEX NAZI!! Motto: They were nasty as hell in the 50's and 60's they just hid it better.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High: (see above Pic for hubby's and many other boys' fav scene) It was also highschool.. but DUDDEEE Spicoli was wicked kewl.. wonder where that dude is now? *blinks* ROFLMFAO I think he like married Madonna and some junk. I am sure he hasn't made any movies since, I'd remember Spicoli being in a movie since then, right? Riiiggghtt. I also had a pair of those checkered deck shoes, and parachute pants (shut up I hear you people laughing!!) Motto: Dude!! Pot!! Sex!!! And Carrots are a part of your balanced diet. *snicker*

Valley Girl (Nick Cage .. damn) Er, on second glance the only thing I can remember about that movie was Nick Cage.. well, that and like um.. darn, something else, well like it's totally tubular, I don't like think it's all that like important and some junk what I've forgotten, I mean get real! Gag me with a coffee pot or something Gah! Motto: Nick Cage is hot.. and Like is like way over used now.

Heathers: Winona stole the entire movie, showing an aptitude for her new career in shoplifting. *winces* I know, that was mean, but the woman needs a tan so she will blend in, maybe this way she won't get caught so often. Motto: Christian Slater is a bad influence and blondes are evil. And drano is not to be substituted for Ovaltine as your breakfast bevvie.

16 Candles: Don't look now, I won't waste another tear!! I LOVED MOLLY SHE WAS MY HERO! Matt was hot too, and sheesh! Have yall looked at Anthony Michael Hall lately? During the 80's he was a lil geeky weaky boy.. shown below Aww.. gawky but slightly cute. Motto: Redhair is sweet, granma's are insane, Long Duck Dong is not somethin you wanna name your kid.

Pretty in Pink: Molly rocked, Ducky was winsome, and wasshisname Spader was a prick but still hot as hell. Blaine (wtf? ew, that was the name of the bad train in Dark Tower) Annie Potts was a kewl chick. Motto:when in doubt make the dress really ugly.. blah. But go for the rich guy.. specially if he's cute. I personally liked James Spader, I could have trained him to act like a human.

The Breakfast Club aww.. Brian was sweet.. but they all got high in that didn't they? OMG! Kids getting high? It was pre PC I guess .. Motto: Duudeeeee pot lowers you inhibitions so you can make friends with the nerds and schizos even if you are the hotty, the badboy, the jock, etc. And um.. Judd's hot.. damn.

Others too numerous to mention had these kids too cool for the school, they wore the shortest skirts, kissed on the lips and lots of other things I'd have been whipped and sent home for..

But back to Anthony Michael Hall *grins*

However, imagine my surprise when I turn on the tv and see this HOT GUY starring in Dead Zone. I saw the ads and went whoohoo is that? *blink* Hubby smirked and said nothing as he is the one and only true Movie Geek of all time. Here I am, watching the first night, I loved the book (Stephen is the KANG BABY), I watched the movie but I will admit that I watched the tv series cause of this dude.. I saw at the opening credits the name Anthony Michael Hall. I said, kewl, aint seen him in a while and I start looking for that dude,to the left. Ahem. .. well.

WHOOOAA!! DUDE!! What happened? Does milk do a body good or what? He like grew.. and in a lot of nice places too. I confess to loving him to death in 16 candles, the Breakfast Club (ur.. well Judd was the man in that movie, bad boy.. sheesh) and Weird Science. But it was the way you'd love a bro, or your friend.. he was kewl, funny and sweet.

Now? *looks at the pic on the left* I'd make that man walk bowlegged.. LOL.. meowr.. or else, he'd make ME walk that way LOL.

I think perhaps I've gone off the subject here, cause I don't really remember what the crap I was talking about in the first place. OH! now I remember..

Tommy Lee in college.. I have this to say about that..

ROFLMFAO! Tommy!! Please, be a beauty school drop out, a shop dude, whatever.. but don't be making me look at your dumbass in college! Ok, so, maybe you will learn something, but I don't think that those sorority girls are quite ready for the bad bad boy of rock. Motley Crue was an institution in my growing years.. in my teens they rocked. (I liked Nikki, where the hell is HE?) But I didn't think I'd ever see one of them at a college. And another thing? Why the hell Nebraska? Dude, LSU ROCKS GIEUX TIGERS!!! Plus, they are way closer to New Orleans, girls show their tits all the time there. You'd feel right at home .

In remembrance of all forms of 80's crap.. Peace out.. wurd to ya mutha.