Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Editorial Comments from Me.

Nice View, but are we ever gonna live here?
They put a man on the moon, fine. They journeyed to Mars, fine, but hey! When do we either, see results or stop it all together? I just got through reading a blog of a very wonderful teacher, where it is shown that teachers are treated like trash. And yet, they send people to space with alarming frequency. They also kill them in the process way too often for me. Sheesh.

So, while the view to the left is mighty nice, I am sure its way cheaper to send an automatic Kodak up there to take this picture than both risk lives and waste my tax money sending up someone that has to use flippin duct tape to repair the shuttle! GAH!

I tell you this, for a teacher to have to strike or move to another state to get a pay raise, and even myself, a receptionist in a goverment owned hospital to do so, (w/out result I might add) when these people are being sent up in shoddily repaired, old as dirt tin cans to do what? Look kewl drinking Tang? Maybe find out that hey, toilets get clogged up here too, or yehaw! take purdy pictures from space.

And Star Trek is my favorite SCIFI show! I love the whole Space being the final frontier thing, but what the heck are we going to do with it all? Writing it or filming it into movies for enjoyment is all well and good, heck make all the dang movies you want (no more bloody Star Wars please!) but stop that money guzzling crap you people are doing down there in Texas and until you do, get someone that don't sound like such a hick to say this:

Houston, we have a problem..

You're damned right we do. I am all for exploration, widening our boundaries, but to do something that could feed the homeless in North America for a year or give an across the board pay raise to teachers, or heck, help balance the national budget for the same cost is wasteful and stupid. And then for crimenies sakes! yall use bloody duct tape to fix the tiles!!

Who did that grout work is what I want to know!! Is his plumber's crack even now being revoked? Does RedGreen know its been ripped off, and if not, who's gone tell em, and if they tell em, will the show be able to snicker and snort and use that duct tape .. the choice of astronauts joke in their show for payment?

I have digressed. *sighs* But really people! What the hell is this? I haven't seen not one damned Vulcan, no Klingons, nothing! There is nothing out there, its just us! Do yall know why? All the other peeps found out about our goofy butts and MOVED to the other side of the universe. We are the trailer trash of the galaxy.. the redneck relatives nobody wants to claim. Again, I tell you this Mr. Bush... Houston Yall got a problem. *steps off her soap box and kicks it into orbit*


Karen said...

"the trailer trash of the galaxy" Oh, I am lmao at that! You are too funny. There is a journal in our county where they publish teacher salaries and write articles that of are the opinion that we are paid too much. Speaking as a teacher, I would like to respectfully say that they can KMA. We wouldn't do the job unless we loved it, but damn, give us a little respect, huh? Loved the entry! K

Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL the trailer trash of the galaxy.

And Karen? That journal sucketh. Teachers deserve their pay and a whole lot more. *shakes head*

Melissa Lopez said...

LOL...no one wants to see me on my soap box when it comes to how teachers are under paid and.... Oh, I'll stop before i get started.

:-) Mels