Sunday, August 28, 2005

For a good time, call Katrina, she blows (grins)

I hear that the hurricane is up to a category five, what does this mean to me? It means its big and we will probably see some water from it.

If you look very close, you will see a red x in the top right corner of Louisiana, that's me.. well, roughly, geography aint my strong point.

The big old yellow x is where my friend Dayna and her hubby the Cajun Avenger, their kids as well as my baby brother and his three children are all located, more or less (I said geography sucked, I mean it!) .

And yes, while my dear cyber bud's lil message of "After tomorrow I'll have oceanfront property, if interested.. make offer." is most amusing, we are all much more worried than we let on.

At least, Charissa is LOL. So, for all of yall that are worried bout lil old redneck (not cajun) me, I appreciate it! I will attempt to blog the day by day of what happens, if anything, which I doubt. We need the rain, in the worse way, so if Katrina needs a shoulder to cry on, Northeast La would welcome her tears. The peas, and maters won't care (they are long gone), but the punkins and such will thank ya.

And if it really gets bad.. well then..

I got some, oceanfront property in Northeast Louisiana,
from my front porch yall can see the sea,
I got some oceanfront property in N.E. Louisiana,
If yall buy it then I'll go live with Meme or Nee.

Good luck to all,
Scared 2
The slightly worried redneck from above the Cajun Line (that would be Alex yall)


Karen said...

My friend is addicted to the Weather Channel and just alerted me to the Katrina news. Stay safe and dry...both you and Livvy. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my tv on - TAKE CARE. And hey, you can always come check out the East Coast and stay with me. ((hugs)) and good thoughts, Karen

Jenn said...

I would Karen, but it don't rhyme LOL. I aint goin nowheres pfth,the sun is out. Liv is cool too, she says that they are not leaving out. Everything is closed tho, down there. *crosses fingers*