Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina Katrina Katrina

This is New Orleans, after the hurricane, but you don't see the smaller towns, the damage, the horror of it all. The fact that you are in your house and the water is rising and you cannot get out.

That has to be the most horrific thing imaginable, to have survived the storm itself only to perish in the after flood. But, what about those with trailers. A lot of people in La and Miss live in mobile homes, this is a fact of redneck life. Those homes were not built to withstand the things that the French Quarter and other brick buildings went through.

So, I ask, on this blog, if you can, donate funds to the Red Cross. This organization is one of the best at finding the people that need it the most. And send money, heck, it is fast, and you know they will buy what they need with it.

If you feel you just can't send money, remember the staples. Diapers, canned soups, bottled water, toilet paper, salt (think, they will need it, as they are going to be sweating) Mosquito repellent, lysol or other cleaning and/or disinfectant supplies.


A friend and I were discussing the more icky aspects of the aftermath and clean up. Think of this, in the rural areas (I speak from experience.) sewer treatment is sometimes the most primative. With no zoning ordinance to comply with, many simply just pipe waste away from their house to float out through the woods (ew)

However, in the cities as well, and this comes from someone that worked for a town water dept., there are large bodies of water called oxidation ponds, this is a nice term for a doodie pond, or where the sewerage flows off to be oxidized and/or treated by the town/city etc.

Mosquitos like water but this is treated when that water is in one spot with chemicals. However, this flood has spread God knows what all over NOLA and the outlying areas as well as in Mississippi. Human waste=Disease; Mosquitos spread disease. Be careful down there!!!

So, donate to the Red Cross, if you have to, supplies, but much needed money as well to buy the medicines that will surely be needed once the skeeters regroup (and them lil suckers are quick) to attack the populace once more. It's said that the skeeter is Louisiana's state bird... I don't think its true, I think the skeeters ATE the Louisiana state bird and have stuck one of their own in it's place.

Donate!! Blood, money, etc.. but mostly, your prayers to all that are now cleaning up the aftermath of Katrina. My stepdad is going down there, he works for the Electric Co, if you are there, give him a friendly wave, he's there to help.


Karen said...

God, Jenn, that is just devastating. The pictures - I can't stop looking at them. My heart goes out to all the people, both city folk and the small town peeps. I will be donating money and whatever else I can. Mother Nature is a scary bitch, that's for sure.

Mechele Armstrong said...

I can't stop watching either. My heart is breaking for the Gulf. Yep, I did the same thing during the tsunami. I will be donating money and stuff as I can.