Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Liv and Co are ok! But very awed by the destruction.

My friend from down south's hubby called late last night with the wonderful news that they were all fine. He said that he had one kid in the living room and she had the other two in the room with her. Trees went through the house, but being the eternal optimist he is, Warren said, it could have been so much worse. He also said it looked like a war zone in his area. Trees down, powerlines twisting in the wind, houses devastated, mass destruction in other words. But even he said that others have it much worse and they were fortunate.

Despite the looting, which confuses me as to what those idiots think they are going to do with a bloody Rolex watch down there. A damn boat would be more in my line of thinking. People are pulling together, it makes me proud.

So here they all are, even in my small community, camping out at the National Park, filling the hotels. Southerners are sweet for the most part. The people leaving NOLA and the surrounding area were quoted a price of 100 dollars for a room, however, once they arrived, the hotel man bumped it down to 25 a night. People need diapers, tp, toiletries, food, water, diabetic supplies. It boggles the mind but they are asking people to donate tracks of land for a temporary tent community to get set up for the refugees.

Also, a lot of our smaller stations and minimarts ran out of gas, scaring the crap out of the people here. It was simply that they couldn't handle the influx of travelers that descended on us. I myself am going through all our clothes, shoes, etc to find servicable things for these people to wear. (I wear scrubs eveyday, wtf do I need all that bs for?) At the time I bitched because I had to buy my daughter four pairs of sneakers in a 2 month time, now, I am thankful I have something to give. Tennis shoes aint much, but if you don't have any, they are important! And books, something to help them escape their funky existance right now.

The radio stations say to make up a care package in this manner:
In a large ziploc place the following items:
Bar of soap
A comb, brush
Hair scrunchies (Somebody can use them!)
Disposable Razors
Bug Spray
And hey, if nothing else, a Walmart Gift card!

It may seem like a trivial thing, these little tidbits, but you think of how much better they will feel if they can at least clean their bodies, if not their minds of the horror they've all been through. I haven't seen any of the survivors yet, I know we have a few in our hospitals. I also know that so many have pulled together to help their fellow countrymen and that makes me feel that hey, maybe we aint so sucky after all.

Mother Nature can be a bitch, she reminds us of this fact daily, however, I believe she's more than taken her pound of flesh for us not calling on Sunday or whatever the hell we did to piss her off. A gentle rain, a nice breeze, clouds, whatever, will be a welcome change for a while, ma'am thanks all the same.

Here is a link
Also, you may want to think about donating blood. If I could I would (health reasons and meds I take prevent it) but they are going to need it. Stores are being depleted at an alarming rate. Worry less about the gas and more about the blood. And pray.

Scared, upset, but with a tiny warm feeling when I see how the human race does when the going gets tuff,
Beating Heart


Meme said...

((Jenn)) ths is such a thoughtful and touching post *sniffs*


Karen said...

I agree, Meme. All of the news stations out my way are just full of stories, each more horrifying than the rest. It warms my heart to hear how Americans are pulling together and helping each other. Maryland and Virginia sent dozens of volunteers and rescue workers in buses yesterday, and the hospital ship Comfort is due to make its way down south sometime on Friday, I think. I donated all I could afford in the name of my murdered student, Cordero David Miller. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Great post Jenn.

The bags you talked about making up...who were you talking about sending them to? I'd love to do stuff like that. I'm betting my local grocery store is going to be collecting stuff, they did for the tsunami and I plan to do a bit there too.