Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday is a big old wunnerful day. 80's cont.

If one face could sum up the 80's who's would it be?

Madonna? When she was freshfaced, hairy pitted and had that funky do that we all copied like insane twits or when she got a bit more hip and went all retro glam weird in that nekkie book she made.

She married Sean Penn, who it seemed was not destined to ride the Madonnametro forever, sad, sad, sad.

Red Hat This woman has reinvented herself too many times for me to even think about doing pictoral homage to the many faces of Madonna. However, she did make me sing that song with her. Like a Virgin... ooh yeah.. I love the 80's dammit!

I have arrested development. My daughter snickers at the Bowling for Soup song.. 1985? or whatever damned year it says. I don't find that shit funny myself. It was called MTV for a dang reason yall. MUSIC is what the M stands for not media bs, mediocre programming, Ms. Dumbass USA (Jessica Simpson need I say more? Well, yeah, but she's on down the list) I want my damned MTV and I want it NOW. They took it away from me in my teens as our town elders were all Baptist and Methodists and said it was Satanic.

Leading to this pic.. *grins as she hears the echoes of her mother's shrieks from 1983 *sighs* dem were the days*

DevilSome idiot told my mother that the letters KISS stood for Knights In Satan's Service *rolls eyes* This is when the fact that she is married to a man only five years my senior becomes an advantage. He told her to get over it, they were a rock band, not satanic devil peeps. But he didn't agree with the taking off of the makeup.

I did *grins* I love them, I wanna rock n roll all night and party every day.

They became something else in the 80's less an edgy thing and more commercial, but heck, they still rocked like nobody's business, unless you count Gene's business acumen of which he had quite a lot (yeah that tongue didn't hurt a bit either)

Love them, still love them. I have all their albums. Well, hubby does, and I steal em whenever I wish. *sniffs*

FamousCowgirl At the beginning of my life I was only exposed to country and light rock music via my mother's somewhat subdued tastes. That and the fact I liv e in the sticks. NO, not Styx, the sticks.. Timbuckfour as opposed to Timbucktwo.

Head BangerHowever, when I started 8th grade I met some friends that were from Dallas. They loved all the heavy metal stuff. I did too. I loved Motley Crue (can't make that symbol pah!) Def Leppard, Quiot Riot, Twisted Sister, as well as the Stones, Beatles, CCR, Heart and of course this lady who was the living freakin end of all rocker chicks!!

Moony Joan Jett rocks! She still rocks! I love her to death. She was always growly. Always mean and kickass looking. I had the hair I had the eyeliner. And I still have her tunes on my player here on the computer.

The 80's were a wonderful time for me, I was free of the dread oppressor (daddy) we lived in town away from the sticks. Well,not a town, more a village. We didn't have much money, but we could walk uptown and look bad ass in our metal gear.

Hi-fiI can still bang my head. But now , it makes me dizzy. Metal Health won't drive me mad these days they can give you migraines though. Love it. 80's still rock. Fraggle's aside, I love the 80's.

Yeah, George Michael, Peewee Herman, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Saftey Dance, C'mon Eileen, Blue Oyster Cult, Great White Underbelly, Falco, Golden Earring. All of them still sit in my brain like a disease, they are there waiting for a small snatch of the tune to come back full blown into my head. I can sing them, I am NOT feeling Japanese, but Hall and Oates are still the best. My first concert was Air Supply, but I made it up by going to see 38 special next.

Lava LampAll in all I suppose its because that is when I grew up. The 1980's were when I became a person in my own right. Not my mama's lil helper, my daddy's lil girl, but me, Jennifer the bad ass chick with the Joan Jett hair and some really perky bosoms I wouldn't mind havin back if you must know.

It's Friday... to paraphrase a song... Relax.. It's All Good


Karen said...

My first concert was the Purple Rain tour by the one and only PRINCE. Yes, his Purple Highness reigned supreme that night and we even got to see Sheila E. open for him. Ahh, '80's memories. I saw Madonna's Vogue tour and also George Michael's I Want Your Sex. Oh, and I saw David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour too - I was quite the concert-goer in those days. Don't get me started on when I saw Guns N Roses in the early '90's. Anyway, the '80's were a weird time, but in my opinion, they rocked. Yes, the fashions of that decade pretty much blew and God, what were we all doing with that big hair, I do not know. But the music, the TV, the movies, and the memories - they all ROCKED. Woo hoo! Long live the '80's baby!!!

Mechele Armstrong said...

A trip down memory lane. Love Def Leppard!! They so rock.

A good RL friend started his Madonna obssession which is still going strong.

*humming 1985*

Jenn said...

We are old, Mechele LOL. Damn it, I am too young to feel this damned old. *sighs* Def Leppard still rocks!