Sunday, August 07, 2005

In over my head?

Alrighty, I am really, REALLY done now with my Tail of the Wyvern book. Book one in the Adventures of Aetherea is about as good as I can make it. I've looked at it hard and meanly, rearranged a sentence here, fixed an incorrect word there.


That little water nymph is me, basically, according to the Meems in any case. But unlike this little water girl, I may be in over my head.

This word is a bad words, please be advised of this beforehand. Its called a synopsis (cymbals crash and the Jaws music begins) How in the crap do I distill my 350+ page story into two or three pages? What do I tell, who the hell do I send it to? EEEK

So, here begins the journey of Jenn .. I am sure it will be full of pitfalls, about which I shall fuss and carp. Maybe some highs, some lows, some really sniffly days which I am sure will be made better with the judicious application of chocolate.

The therapeutic qualities of this substance were first discovered by the Incas, smart peeps you know, cept that cutting off of the heads. Although, if these peeps were caught stealing chocy, I can understand the need to lop off their heads. *coughs* Anyhoo, chococide aside, what about this flippin synopsis. *munches on the chocy*

Perhaps I need some serious help. Yes, you guessed it

Stat! It's an emergency. While I wait for them to arrive, I shall try and muddle through this silly inane bit of homework I, a woman out of school for over 20 years (ew, that is sucky to think on blah) am being FORCED to endure. This is Un-American. *sniffs and opens another Dove Caramel chocy*


Charissa said... po po Jenn. I will be sure to send you many doses of the chocy for quick intraoral administration. We must keep you going. We have the technology, or at least Hershey's does.

I have all the faith in the world with you, hon. My intuition paid off and I know you will be the first paid off. Didn't even need to see that in the cards to know it's going to happen eventually.

Take your time, listen to what your characters are telling you to say in a nutshell (Hi, my name is and I hate talking about myself, but here goes...LOL) and put it down on paper. It shall be done. I will it to be so! Moohahahahaha!

Breathe deep, stay calm and put on some mood music. Might I suggest Dr. Demento's They're Coming to Take Me Away? *EG*

Lubs ya Jenn!! *MUAH*

Karen said...

Girl, please. A synopsis ain't but a thing for someone like you. You gots da mad skills, yo, and that story of yours needs to be out there so peeps can read it (and also PAY for it!!) Really, though, my best advice would be to treat it almost like a piece of work you are reviewing. Pretend like you are talking to a friend and give the main deets that would make her want to read the book. *shrug* That's the best I can do except to say again...I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. (((hugs))) Reine

Mechele Armstrong said...

*pulls out the pom poms* You can do it Jenn!! You wrote the book. Now you just have to summarize it. And *whispers* everyone hates synopsises. LOL I've heard a lot complain about doing them.

Keep plugging forward. You will get there and I, for one, can't wait!

Melissa Lopez said...

Ditto to Mechele's words. Everyone hates writing them! Esp. ME! You'll do a great job!

:-) Mels