Monday, August 29, 2005

Storm Watch.. Ooh Katrina's showing her butt huh?

Here is my home, that weird yellow dot is me.. well, sorta, I mean, I am more a reddishbronze, an autumn or something but yall get my meaning! LOL.

Scared 2

Anyhoo, we are getting some rain, and a little wind, but like a friend of mine said, hell, it's cool, we are going to enjoy it! Selfish? NO! Yall aint been frying for the past six months in the summer breeze.. pfht hot as hell!

Here is the big picture. Looks bad, huh? It is, and I am praying for the poor people that are down in the southern part of the state. All that water, all that horrible weather.

I am scared of bad weather, therefore I shall never be living down in any part of the country that gets these things on a regular basis

Good wishes to all yall and hugs to those that are evac'd out. I hope what you go back to is not as bad as you are thinking right now.


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