Wednesday, August 10, 2005

All good things must come to an end.. Summer aint one of them.

At least not down here. This is the deep south, as in deep freakin fried! Augh! It's hot, it's humid, it's nasty and icky and will sap your energy in the time it takes for you to get from your ac'd house to your hot as hell car.

I do not believe that Ford, Chevy, Dodge or any of the others actually meant to make ovens, but they did a bang up job of it anways. You get into the car and make the eww wee it's hot face. This is not an attractive face, but you cannot seem to help it.

You feel as if you have been baked, like a cookie, only not as tasty and sweet smelling. Deodorant is your friend, people, don't forget the stuff. *sniffs pits* I'm good, I use Secret, strong enough for a man, made for a woman and all that there.

Now then, how bout a little snow? *looks up at the sky* No? Crap! Rain then? Oooh!! Thanks! its raining buckets here, and I am about to have to go outside with my newly washed and yes, Karen, newly straightened hair. I am not amused at all. Either I am going to be drenched and look like a wet cat or its going to stop raining and the whole outside shall turn into a sauna, with fauna (tee hee) and bugs too dammit! So, my hair will be wild as Diana Ross' after a run in w/a light socket

Bugs suck, heat sucks, but the all powerful freon powered AC is king, no make that Queen! Happy Hump Day (that is Wednesday to you non-Friday loving commies) hope the downhill portion of your week is good to you! (hugs all) Ew, not a long hug, it's too darned hot for that *turns on her personal fan* How many speed does this thing have? Where in the heck is the turbo function?? Why don't I have a personal lacky that will carry me around on a block of ice. *blinks* Fine, six of them, hush!


Karen said...

Yeah, Jenn, do that Humpty-Hump dance LOL! Oh ye of the straightened hair and personal fan, you will prevail over the heat and icky work week. Strong in the force you are, young Paduwan. Kick ass, you will.

Mechele Armstrong said...

All hail the Queen AC and her divinity. LOL you will prevail Jenn. Of that I have no doubt.

Melissa Lopez said...'s been HOT here too! So HOT it keeps my glasses fogged. *Sigh* Got to love an AC until it goes out. :-0

:-) Mels