Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mammories? NO! Memories (cough)

This is a bit perplexing. Never in all my days did I expect for these words to belong in the same sentence.

Tommy Lee (aka Tripod aka freako drummer boy who is trying to become Animal from the muppets) and this word....

College.. does this word not still mean higher learning, a place to go and receive an education, earn a degree etc? *blinks* Oh wait.. mayhap its like the high school and colleges of cinematic yor

******* Please be advised, slight chance of 80's movie flashbacks to come

******* Well, more than a chance actually..

Animal House: Louie Louie and Belushi drinkin and splishing mashed taters out his face are my favorite scenes, well that and the stuffed bra, the horse, the well, its a classic piece of silly cinema, I LOVE that movie. The soundtrack is the best too. Motto? The bad kids from high school are still the bad kids in college and they are sneaky and they will like piss in your post toasties if you make them mad.

Nerds: (All of the Nerds movies) Yes, they were nerds, but they knew the chemical compounds of both marijane and crystal clear yall do the math. Plus, nerds read, a lot. They like to apply their knowledge in ways that women can appreciate *weg* Booger was kewl Motto: It taught tolerance (between the smokin of pot and drunken nudity, you have to look hard or you will miss it)

Porky's (wait, that was high school.. but that dude named Meat, HE had possibilities) A cumming (grins) of age flick about a small town in Fla and sex and basically more sex and the fact that the gym teacher is evil cause she don't want you having the sex. Beulah you was the SEX NAZI!! Motto: They were nasty as hell in the 50's and 60's they just hid it better.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High: (see above Pic for hubby's and many other boys' fav scene) It was also highschool.. but DUDDEEE Spicoli was wicked kewl.. wonder where that dude is now? *blinks* ROFLMFAO I think he like married Madonna and some junk. I am sure he hasn't made any movies since, I'd remember Spicoli being in a movie since then, right? Riiiggghtt. I also had a pair of those checkered deck shoes, and parachute pants (shut up I hear you people laughing!!) Motto: Dude!! Pot!! Sex!!! And Carrots are a part of your balanced diet. *snicker*

Valley Girl (Nick Cage .. damn) Er, on second glance the only thing I can remember about that movie was Nick Cage.. well, that and like um.. darn, something else, well like it's totally tubular, I don't like think it's all that like important and some junk what I've forgotten, I mean get real! Gag me with a coffee pot or something Gah! Motto: Nick Cage is hot.. and Like is like way over used now.

Heathers: Winona stole the entire movie, showing an aptitude for her new career in shoplifting. *winces* I know, that was mean, but the woman needs a tan so she will blend in, maybe this way she won't get caught so often. Motto: Christian Slater is a bad influence and blondes are evil. And drano is not to be substituted for Ovaltine as your breakfast bevvie.

16 Candles: Don't look now, I won't waste another tear!! I LOVED MOLLY SHE WAS MY HERO! Matt was hot too, and sheesh! Have yall looked at Anthony Michael Hall lately? During the 80's he was a lil geeky weaky boy.. shown below Aww.. gawky but slightly cute. Motto: Redhair is sweet, granma's are insane, Long Duck Dong is not somethin you wanna name your kid.

Pretty in Pink: Molly rocked, Ducky was winsome, and wasshisname Spader was a prick but still hot as hell. Blaine (wtf? ew, that was the name of the bad train in Dark Tower) Annie Potts was a kewl chick. Motto:when in doubt make the dress really ugly.. blah. But go for the rich guy.. specially if he's cute. I personally liked James Spader, I could have trained him to act like a human.

The Breakfast Club aww.. Brian was sweet.. but they all got high in that didn't they? OMG! Kids getting high? It was pre PC I guess .. Motto: Duudeeeee pot lowers you inhibitions so you can make friends with the nerds and schizos even if you are the hotty, the badboy, the jock, etc. And um.. Judd's hot.. damn.

Others too numerous to mention had these kids too cool for the school, they wore the shortest skirts, kissed on the lips and lots of other things I'd have been whipped and sent home for..

But back to Anthony Michael Hall *grins*

However, imagine my surprise when I turn on the tv and see this HOT GUY starring in Dead Zone. I saw the ads and went whoohoo is that? *blink* Hubby smirked and said nothing as he is the one and only true Movie Geek of all time. Here I am, watching the first night, I loved the book (Stephen is the KANG BABY), I watched the movie but I will admit that I watched the tv series cause of this dude.. I saw at the opening credits the name Anthony Michael Hall. I said, kewl, aint seen him in a while and I start looking for that dude,to the left. Ahem. .. well.

WHOOOAA!! DUDE!! What happened? Does milk do a body good or what? He like grew.. and in a lot of nice places too. I confess to loving him to death in 16 candles, the Breakfast Club (ur.. well Judd was the man in that movie, bad boy.. sheesh) and Weird Science. But it was the way you'd love a bro, or your friend.. he was kewl, funny and sweet.

Now? *looks at the pic on the left* I'd make that man walk bowlegged.. LOL.. meowr.. or else, he'd make ME walk that way LOL.

I think perhaps I've gone off the subject here, cause I don't really remember what the crap I was talking about in the first place. OH! now I remember..

Tommy Lee in college.. I have this to say about that..

ROFLMFAO! Tommy!! Please, be a beauty school drop out, a shop dude, whatever.. but don't be making me look at your dumbass in college! Ok, so, maybe you will learn something, but I don't think that those sorority girls are quite ready for the bad bad boy of rock. Motley Crue was an institution in my growing years.. in my teens they rocked. (I liked Nikki, where the hell is HE?) But I didn't think I'd ever see one of them at a college. And another thing? Why the hell Nebraska? Dude, LSU ROCKS GIEUX TIGERS!!! Plus, they are way closer to New Orleans, girls show their tits all the time there. You'd feel right at home .

In remembrance of all forms of 80's crap.. Peace out.. wurd to ya mutha.


Karen said...

Like, OH MY GOD!! Fer shure, those are like, my favorite movies! You would never, never want to watch the following with me, as I know ALL the words and recite every freaking thing as I watch:
1. Animal House - don't get me started cause it ain't pretty
2. Caddyshack
3. Fletch
4. Weird Science

And of course TBC and 16C, duh! Now, here's one for you...Zapped, starring Scott Baio (Charles in charge of our days and our and Willie Ames, his Eight is Enough buddy (who is now a contender on Celeb Fit Club 2) Zapped was the bomb movie.

Thanks for the 80's flashbacks - now if only I could find my turquoise miniskirt and matching tube top....

Mechele Armstrong said...

That's Anthony Michael Hall *jaw drops*. Something did that body good.

Jenn said...

I'd say milk, but I am pretty damn sure it was steriods LOL. Who cares? He is hawt! I don't care what the Miami Vice Nonsockernator Loving Nee says.. pfth pfth, Don Johnson indeed. Although, I have to admit, I wouldn't throw him outta bed for eating crackers.. well.. yes, I would.. but that is only me.