Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, in the park? Nope, not going outside.

It is still hotter than heck here. We have a thunderstorm warning but although it's threatened, I have yet to see any blinkin rain! We need it, to cool off the parched pavement and my own little dying herb garden too. Sweaty
However, on the bright side, hubby is cooking me supper. Hungry Yummy yum yum, crap I ain't got ta cook! LOL. NO!
The Menu at the Casa de Bill
Margarita Chicken
Marinated in imported tequila (gift from Mother on her one and only cruise) lime, lemon, garlic and house seasonings, the chicken breasts are saute'd to the peak of juicy perfection before being served to the queen of ze house (Yeah me! ha!)

Couscous: It is in a bloody box, but is good! We add stuff to it. Hubby is sweet. Blings He loves me *sighs*

Asparagus w/cheese

Cheese, asparagus.. who needs anything more..

Ze Piece de Resistance


Tongue Out 2 Roll Tongue Out 1

So, yall have a good day. We are inside, the AC is working overtime to put up with the heat generated by the romance in the house. I LOVE the chocy mousse. Mm.. oh yeah.

Bill too.. Yowza

Ze Queen of the Scarboroughs,


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Karen said...

YUM! You is a lucky girl, good luck with the heat wave (not the one in your house, I know you know how to ride that one out *eg*) We are slowly cooling down here on the East Coast (where all the cool peeps dwell)so I will send some breezes out your way....