Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday! Woohoo!

Another week is over and I couldn't be happier about this. Summer is a long and tormented ordeal for a person from the deep south. The days are long, the nights are hot, my hair is way bad frizzy! (mutters). The picture on the left shows me when I liked it big and puffy and wildly curly. I used to have this straight as a board hair and had to have it permed. (yes, it was the 80's I had the big hair, move on!)

Now, when straight hair is in, what happens? I have frizzy hair! Woe is me! *sniffles* Anyhoo, they have those straightening irons, I have one, I despise it with a passion reserved for hot rollers and curling irons of my past. I've sustained many a bad burn by one of those puppies, up to and including my eyeball (no, I was NOT trying to curl my eyelashes with it gah!) I hate the time consuming process of straightening out my hair.

Oh, and when I go out, it frizzes back up again anyway, I refuse REFUSE! So, I got bumpy hair, not curly, not wavy, bumpy... pffth.. Maybe it is copying my thighs. Who knows, who cares? I have the 90's and 2000's version of a bananna clip; called *shudders* a spider clip. Its huge, it keeps my hair back and well, I don't even have to comb it if I don't want.

Have a good Friday all.. I am off for the wilds of the hellmouth, to battle the demon overlords of retail and bring home a few perishables for supper. I may reward myself by stopping at my mecca (BOOKS A MILLION) and getting a coffee from Joe Muggs. No books, I have a selfimposed ban on them until I deplete my TBR pile a bit more. Plus, hubby and I have begun to converge on our tastes in books. I can so outwait him on the book buying. *grins* He is not as strong willed (read broke here) as me. LOL tata!!

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Karen said...

Oh Lord, not the spider clip!! LOL, the horror! Meet the flat iron halfway, she is a lovely tool and so wants to be your bosom buddy. I too had the dread 80's big hair and have in my possession many pics that bear a freaky resemblance to yours. (Unlike the one who shall go nameless, she of the Flock of Seagulls do.) I am off to have drinks and quesadillas in DC with some friends and the BF. Enjoy your journey to the Hellmouth - my fingers are crossed that you will emerge unscathed.