Saturday, July 30, 2005

I think I may enjoy the empty nest.

Said pretty daughter is off at my brother's house for two whole weeks. And although, I miss her, I am just going to take this a prelude to the time when she is no longer living with me. Being that I know she's coming home in another week or so, I can do so without guilt (well, much)

I love this child, she's pretty much me with longer legs, a better figure and much more hutzpah than I ever had at her age. I'd like to take some of the credit for that too. She don't play as they say. This means that she doesn't take sh*t off nobody (specially boys) and I like that.

But back to the empty nest thing: hubby and I are enjoying. It's quiet, calm, peaceful and the phone doesn't ring, ever. I feel a little unloved on one level but on the other I just LOVE IT!!!!

I realize the pro's of being a teen mother now. If you raise them right, they will NOT get preggers and will leave you to go off to college and make something of themselves while you are still relatively young. Looking at this pic, I am thinking modeling, but she's smart enough to do that just to help with college. Love her, wanna strangle her, need her as my Walmart shopping partner (we uh, we talk smack at the Wallie to each other about peeps) she's fun, witty, smart, and just mean enough for me to sniff and go. "Oh, I'm so proud!!"

On a scale of bitchitude, there is a benchmark known as the Jeanette, the Jenn and the Momo. Soon, she shall surpass the master (that would be Jeanette) and then Mother will retire her throne. *sighs* They grow up so fast. To the daughter, the BIT (biatch in training) I miss you baby, but I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am ready for you to spread your wings and fly free.


NOTE: This is an editoral by the blog owner. It does NOT in anyway represent the opinions of all within the household. The father unit is most put out at the prospect of said daughter leaving the nest. Also, he says he has a heart condition and that shirt is one of the main factors which causes it. (snicker) Hubby is a softy, he will miss the Amazon Biatch Princess the most.

Have a good Saturday all.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Awwww enjoy the time practicing for empty nest. I love that pict of her. Hope she has a good time too.

And LOL the father unit will deal.

Melissa Lopez said...

Awww...she's a beauty Jenn! I hope she has a great time visiting.

*Blush* a emtpy home is wonderful even for an hour!

(HUG) for the big softy, it is rough for men to see their daughters grow up.

:-) Mels