Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Muse is still stomping on my fingers!!

However, she does what she wants. So, I wrote about ten pages on the second book then she said, it's time to tell the other story too, do it now or you will lose the thread.

It is about of all things, a muse, a musical one, not literary. But I think she wants her sister's story to be told too.

So, I have Melody and the rest of the crazy crew in a club in downtown London. The Crimson Kings are playing and some of the music is a little bit different. It has an added kick to it you could say.

But what is the mysterious hidden agenda behind the lead singer's smouldering facade? Ha! stay tuned, when I know you will too! Eek! Scary to be a pantser, but I can't do it any other way.

I am the most unorganized freak on the planet, I mean, sure, I could do an outline of what I want them to do and all but really that is too much like work and Demonic Inspiration is way too fun so far to be work. He's hot, and he plays the guitar... DAMN!

So, when I know more, you will too.. this dude in the pic is sort of what I have in mind for him. I notice that I have a lot of dark haired men in my stuff, and I am trying to move away from it, this guy's is dishwater blonde, sorta, but hey, blondes have more fun they say.

I wouldn't know, as my own hair is almost black where the touch of gray aint shining through my last dye job. **Note to self, get more hair dye asap.. then write you silly cow while the typing's hot!

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