Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tomorrow is the dread Monday blah

Yes, men are nice. I like em, they help Monday be not so bad. Ok, so they really don't, but you know how you have to describe your man in your book? That's hard for me to do sometimes, so I cheat and find the one that is the closest and use him for inspriation. This dude is rather hot, I dont know his name either.

But, to me, he is the character in Demonic Inspiration. The incubus of my third book. He is in pursuit of a muse named Melody. He will stop at nothing to get her.

For what? Well.. that is for me to know and you to find out!! *grins* I like this now.. its fun knowing things others don't!! I can tell you this, any and all poetic lyrics within this book are provided by my very own hot man, Bill!!! Cooooll! He shall be the Stan to my Anne Rice dontcha know? LOL

Onto other things.. I did 12 more pages in my 2nd book. Next week I am going to edit the first one, do a query letter and a synopsis and send it in to somewhere. I don't know where eek!! Gah! and OMG what am I gone do? LOL. *crosses fingers* Happy Monday (eww that tastes bad eww) But I still got the pretty man pic.


Melissa Lopez said...

I use muse pictures too. And the guy is HOT. Reminds me of Sawyer on LOST.

Congrats on the 12 pages!

(HUGS) for Monday.

:-) Mel

Jenn said...

Ooh HE DOES!! *squeal!* We are so freaking juvenile. I don't care, this dude is something else! He has pretty eyes, and his hair is nice too. I may have to keep him. Even if he isn't the dude off lost, I wouldn't mind finding him *weg*

Mechele Armstrong said...

Yes he is hot.

Jenn, you are rocking and rolling....wowsa!

and you submit! Remember to do the research but you can do this.

Mary Stella said...

Stick to the plan, Jenn. Now that you've finished, you MUST submit your work!

Melissa Lopez said...

Yep! You must submit your work! And the researching the pub houses can be fun.

:-) Mel

Jenn said...

If it's fit, you MUST submit *snicker* *coughs* Yes!! I am gonna! One more pass w/the editing eyeball and I am!

Charissa said...

Ha! You can post the pics but I found him! Inky is my fault and I take full credit for him. Hugh is still hotter! v. hot. yay Hugh.

Now plow through so I can get his story already! *grumbles* Making me wait til book five...pah!