Saturday, February 24, 2007

Watching a Movie With One Eye Closed

While I'm not the biggest fan in the world of comic book movie adaptations, my husband is and he's been dying to see Ghost Rider since he saw the trailer for it last year. So to prove my love to him I put on a bra and shoes and leave the house, on a Saturday no less. (yes, clothes too, jeez!)

Ok fine, really I do this for one reason and one reason alone. Nick Cage. *drools* He's one of my fave actors, I think he's just smokin hot. I dunno why, but he's just got this... something.

How was the movie? Hell, I don't know, but hubby kept doing his Thumper imitation in certain parts, so I guess it was good. The movie was dark, so was the theater, so I sort of snoozed and only really woke up when Nick was standing in front of the bathroom mirror soaking wet in a towel. Did I mention drool?

The premise is: Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil to save his father. As always when you make these sorts of deals, something goes horribly wrong and you end up paying for it for the rest of your life. He leaves behind everything he loved, including sweet Roxie (later played by Eva Mendes) So, Johnny lives this sort of halflife as a *snicker* daredevil jumping all sorts of things on his bike, doing stunts that would have killed other guys to prove that he is his own man, but he can't die because the devil has plans for him as dun dun dun!! THE GHOST RIDER!!

Enter the demons who were course are hot as hell (pun intended) but one of them apparently had some sort of communicable disease passed by touch (not really, they're demons, so that's how one of them killed bleck) so their hotness is of course, wasted. Isn't that always the way? Crap! They are after this contract that the Ghost Rider shown at the first of the movie took from Ol' Scratch. If they get it, you guessed it, THE END. Finally Johnny turned into the Ghost Rider and really burned up the screen, literally, he was on fire.

Some of my favorite parts of the movie are the motorcycle's morphing into it's comicbook version. I guess that's what it was suppose to look like because again, it wasn't MY comic, unlike say, Xmen or even Spidermen. Now my husband almost melted into a puddle of geeky goo when that bike morphed, so I'm guessin they got pretty darned close. I just liked the fact that Sam Elliot was in the movie and that they used the Ghost Riders In The Sky song by Johnny Cash et al.

All in all, the movie was ok. Plus, Nick decided NOT to make his Texas accent as horrible as what the hell ever that southern accent he was trying to pull off in ConAir. If he didn't stop that, I swear I was going to put that bunny he was so worried about somewhere the sun didn't shine. We so don't talk like that yall, for real. But I digress, did Ghost Rider follow the premise of the comic? Hubby says...yes. Was it good to me a non fan? Yeah, and I'd pay my money just to see Nick Cage without his shirt again, man was he ripped! Though hubby insists that sixpack was as fake as the CGI burning skull that he sported in over half the movie. I so don't care, it's Hollywood, I expect some airbrushing. He has so much room to talk having all those Playboy mags next to those Ghost Rider comics. Maybe I'll go read a few. The comics, not the Playboys mind you.

Funny aside, my daughter gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back looking all huffy. I asked her if she was ok, or did I need to go and kill people. She informs me very quickly that she does not look like Eva Mendes. I said um, ok and tried to edge toward my nominally less insane hubby. After a few minutes of silence she turns to me and almost spits out what happened. "Then why did a little kid point at me and yell OMG mommy, she looks like the lady off Ghost Rider!" Such are the life and times of my long tall sally teen livin in rednekkid land. *sighs* She does have long blondish brown hair and those big dark brown eyes with eyelashes that I'd kill for LOL. I told her that it's because she was so high up and he couldn't see that far. Man, she pinches hard.

Live Life Without Fear


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boys have cooties and other things I knew in kindergarten

I sit here infected what is suspected to be a mutated form of boy cooties caught from my teenaged daughter aka Typhoid Mozilla. Hubby thinks she's been kissing on boys and has therefore spread the horrid boy cooties to our household as we are all sick.

Wait a minute.. I KISS HUBBY! And HE is a boy! *spits*

The point is someone shall pay for my illness, daughter or hubby. Hubby is crouping, daughter is puking and I have have been doing a combo of the above two the past few days all on top of a toothache mind you. But ill though I shall be, neither mucus, pain, nor fever shall keep me from my appointed blog of insanity. I will say that I do feel a bit better because Louisiana has decided to finally show her true colors, it was almost 80 degrees today. Yippee!

Oh yes, all of you northerners shiver and give me a glare, I so don't mind a bit. I bask in the warm glow of your jealousy. Oh wait, that's the sun. Hahhaaa! My mistake. *evil smile*

What was I going to say today before I got off track because of my illness and happy hippy shake about the weather which I have no control over, but will still brag about just because? Oh yes, words.

Words are something that will elude you when you need them the most. Slippery little devils that flit away until the middle of the night when you lay in the bed trying to sleep. Then they creep up and hover on the side of the bed and grin at you in an attempt to tempt you back to your keyboard to write. I've gotten more writing done at 2 a.m. than any time during the day. Why is that? Is there some sort of Muse Union that states You shall not write until after midnight, silly heifer, before then I'm busy being the Tooth Fairy. or what? I am quite sure there has to be a rule somewhere.

I want to petition to get that rule changed. I'm no spring chicken. I'm more a summer hen or if you must know, I'd rather not be poultry at all. I'd rather be a svelte animal, like a fox. Yes, a summer fox, clicking away at the keyboard, popping out her fab fiction without a qualm as to what time it is. But no! Here I am pecking away in the middle of the night with nobody for company but this evil gray cat who looks at me as if to say, "Get in the bed, you silly goose!" Look, at that, more poultry.. sighs.

I suppose it could be worse.. it could be not a creature was stirring.. not even a mouse. With him around that could be really dangerous.

So, I guess I'll keep yes, pecking away, whittling my WIP's down to the wire, getting to those words that are no less wonderful for their lack of length. Two tiny little words.

The End

Who said bigger is better?

Jenna Leigh

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ya know, he does this to get back at me

For not cleanin the cat box often enough.. I know it's true. I'm Cleopatra Queen of Denial about a lot of things, but not this.

I'm talking about that vile and wicked feline of various aliases, The Felonious Feline , Meowirus Redneckerus, Badasserus Rex, Wicked Whiskers, Bean So Mean, Evil Feline Overlord, EFO for short, or if he had his way, simply, Master. That ain't gonna happen, especially after tonight.

I made chili, and by golly, come hell or high water, I was gonna eat it, because, I make good chili if you must know. Nothing, not that silly child and her new bf sitting on the couch, not my hubby and his bad choice of movies,(European Bigalow or whatever), or EFO's tendency to jump up in my lap would run me off my couch until I'd eaten my little bowl full of yummy delight. Never say never, dearie!!

I sat through that dreck of a movie, with its grody sight gags, and I mean that literally, I did gag at certain parts. So, I had my head down, scooping up the goodness with my spoon, ignoring the igmos on the other side of the room when suddenly, my child says in her kewl teen voice. "Ew mah Gawd, he's got a mouse."

Sure enough, I look up and he's making a beeline right for my feet with a tiny field mouse in his evil maw. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I knew it! My husband's legs pop up in the air and land on each of the arms of his lazyboy faster than I've ever seen him move and much more limber as well. I note that for later use and at the same time, rise from my beloved couch and shuffle as fast as I can into my sanctuary and slam the door all the while screaming for someone to get it and throw it out!

How horrible! How pitiful and how in the crap am I supposed to finish my chili when it's sitting in the other room and there is a potential mouse zombie in there? I've heard of some strange diets in my time but this is ridiculous. Hubby finally took the mouse from EFO and threw it out. My chili was cold by then and I never got to see the end of DB2/The Euro Pimped Version! My life will never be complete.

I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday.. and I hope he doesn't think I'm going to be feeding him food anytime soon. He can give my hubby the feed me face. I am now immune. I mean it, I am! *looks down* Ok, I am immune to the face, however, threats with evil switchblade claws still work very well. My blog is now at an end.

Have a good weekend


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Braless in the Baptist Church and Other News

Being an author is a wonderful thing. You get to do something that you love, create worlds from your own imagination and make people laugh, cry, gasp and sigh. Then, there are days you get to do what I did. Speak in front of a group of wonderful ladies in a literary group. They were great!

It was in the First Baptist church in my hometown, so I was pretty comfortable about it in a way, in another way, this is a romance novel and I was raised in a baptist church... so I could so hear my meemaw fussing at me in the back of my mind. She said things like. "Jenn, I cannot believe you're bringing that sinful trashy novel into the house of the Lawrd!" That's how she said it, you know LOL. But, in another part of my mind, my mawmaw, who read those same sorts of novels was hooting with glee and doing a little twostep, something else a good baptist wouldn't approve of, though she was one.

So, what's a good southern girl to do with not one but Two Little Angels on her shoulders telling her two different things? Well, she just has to keep on talking and hope that neither of these angels gets in her head to give her a butt whuppin for being too bad. I think I succeeded since I didn't feel any celestial stings and arrows from above, and no the roof didn't cave in on me, if you're wondering. I read an excerpt, managed to tie it in with my own experience in getting a contract AND had a wonderful Q an A session with the very interesting ladies of the group.

Southern women are a breed apart you know, on one hand, sweet and genteel, on another devilishly funny. That very duality is one of the things that appeal to the men in their lives and drives them crazy at the same time you know. Add in a dash of PMS induced insanity and you've got...well, me but that's beside the point and probably belongs on my hubby's blog if he had the guts to write one. *winks*

I've always been proud of my southern roots and will never stray far above the Mason/Dixon line if I can help it. While many of my relatives and high school friends have, I've never really felt the urge to roam, I wonder if it's because I have this need to hear the sugar coated accents of my kith and kin every day. I've found that no matter what you're sayin, if you say it with a sweet southern accent, it just sounds nice, you know? LOL.

Onto other news, and I do have some, I've been little under the weather, so I'm posting all this in one blog.

Fallen Angel Reviews gave Spellfire Moons Five Angels!

High Chairs and High Stakes By Jenna Leigh

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All the tales in this book were absolutely charming and mouth-watering delights. With exceptional characters and outstanding dialogue that transport the reader into a breathtaking fantasy world of true enjoyment, Spellfire Moons is one satisfying read. Open this page-turner and escape into a world filled with unbelievable magic and allow the fairies to breathe a sweet, tantalizing spell your way.

To read the rest of the review from FAR click the banner. And thanks so much to LINDA!!

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Oh, and Mistress Meme has revamped her page, go and take a look, please pay special attention to the page called, the Bitch Mafia. What she wrote about me makes me hoot, especially as most of its true, but man, what a way to describe your critique group. Only the Memenator.

Meme's Page of Wonders

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