Saturday, February 24, 2007

Watching a Movie With One Eye Closed

While I'm not the biggest fan in the world of comic book movie adaptations, my husband is and he's been dying to see Ghost Rider since he saw the trailer for it last year. So to prove my love to him I put on a bra and shoes and leave the house, on a Saturday no less. (yes, clothes too, jeez!)

Ok fine, really I do this for one reason and one reason alone. Nick Cage. *drools* He's one of my fave actors, I think he's just smokin hot. I dunno why, but he's just got this... something.

How was the movie? Hell, I don't know, but hubby kept doing his Thumper imitation in certain parts, so I guess it was good. The movie was dark, so was the theater, so I sort of snoozed and only really woke up when Nick was standing in front of the bathroom mirror soaking wet in a towel. Did I mention drool?

The premise is: Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil to save his father. As always when you make these sorts of deals, something goes horribly wrong and you end up paying for it for the rest of your life. He leaves behind everything he loved, including sweet Roxie (later played by Eva Mendes) So, Johnny lives this sort of halflife as a *snicker* daredevil jumping all sorts of things on his bike, doing stunts that would have killed other guys to prove that he is his own man, but he can't die because the devil has plans for him as dun dun dun!! THE GHOST RIDER!!

Enter the demons who were course are hot as hell (pun intended) but one of them apparently had some sort of communicable disease passed by touch (not really, they're demons, so that's how one of them killed bleck) so their hotness is of course, wasted. Isn't that always the way? Crap! They are after this contract that the Ghost Rider shown at the first of the movie took from Ol' Scratch. If they get it, you guessed it, THE END. Finally Johnny turned into the Ghost Rider and really burned up the screen, literally, he was on fire.

Some of my favorite parts of the movie are the motorcycle's morphing into it's comicbook version. I guess that's what it was suppose to look like because again, it wasn't MY comic, unlike say, Xmen or even Spidermen. Now my husband almost melted into a puddle of geeky goo when that bike morphed, so I'm guessin they got pretty darned close. I just liked the fact that Sam Elliot was in the movie and that they used the Ghost Riders In The Sky song by Johnny Cash et al.

All in all, the movie was ok. Plus, Nick decided NOT to make his Texas accent as horrible as what the hell ever that southern accent he was trying to pull off in ConAir. If he didn't stop that, I swear I was going to put that bunny he was so worried about somewhere the sun didn't shine. We so don't talk like that yall, for real. But I digress, did Ghost Rider follow the premise of the comic? Hubby says...yes. Was it good to me a non fan? Yeah, and I'd pay my money just to see Nick Cage without his shirt again, man was he ripped! Though hubby insists that sixpack was as fake as the CGI burning skull that he sported in over half the movie. I so don't care, it's Hollywood, I expect some airbrushing. He has so much room to talk having all those Playboy mags next to those Ghost Rider comics. Maybe I'll go read a few. The comics, not the Playboys mind you.

Funny aside, my daughter gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back looking all huffy. I asked her if she was ok, or did I need to go and kill people. She informs me very quickly that she does not look like Eva Mendes. I said um, ok and tried to edge toward my nominally less insane hubby. After a few minutes of silence she turns to me and almost spits out what happened. "Then why did a little kid point at me and yell OMG mommy, she looks like the lady off Ghost Rider!" Such are the life and times of my long tall sally teen livin in rednekkid land. *sighs* She does have long blondish brown hair and those big dark brown eyes with eyelashes that I'd kill for LOL. I told her that it's because she was so high up and he couldn't see that far. Man, she pinches hard.

Live Life Without Fear



FeyRhi said...

Air brushed!! Good Lord say it aint so!! Those washboard abs were real...they have to be because...well just because otherwise many a late night fantasy will be ruined.

Jenna Leigh said...

I believe this would be envy speaking in my hubby's case. Man was he ripped! I said OOHOOOO NELLY LOOKIT THAT BELLY! Daughter is sixteen she said.. uhh huhh. LOL!! Hubby just grunted and waited for another shot of Eva's bubbies, which we all know are a bit erm enhanced. *grins*

Missy Sue said...

LOL....your blog is hilarious! I'll be back often ;) I saw ghost rider and absolutely loved it! Nicholas is a hottie, gotta give it to him!