Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Braless in the Baptist Church and Other News

Being an author is a wonderful thing. You get to do something that you love, create worlds from your own imagination and make people laugh, cry, gasp and sigh. Then, there are days you get to do what I did. Speak in front of a group of wonderful ladies in a literary group. They were great!

It was in the First Baptist church in my hometown, so I was pretty comfortable about it in a way, in another way, this is a romance novel and I was raised in a baptist church... so I could so hear my meemaw fussing at me in the back of my mind. She said things like. "Jenn, I cannot believe you're bringing that sinful trashy novel into the house of the Lawrd!" That's how she said it, you know LOL. But, in another part of my mind, my mawmaw, who read those same sorts of novels was hooting with glee and doing a little twostep, something else a good baptist wouldn't approve of, though she was one.

So, what's a good southern girl to do with not one but Two Little Angels on her shoulders telling her two different things? Well, she just has to keep on talking and hope that neither of these angels gets in her head to give her a butt whuppin for being too bad. I think I succeeded since I didn't feel any celestial stings and arrows from above, and no the roof didn't cave in on me, if you're wondering. I read an excerpt, managed to tie it in with my own experience in getting a contract AND had a wonderful Q an A session with the very interesting ladies of the group.

Southern women are a breed apart you know, on one hand, sweet and genteel, on another devilishly funny. That very duality is one of the things that appeal to the men in their lives and drives them crazy at the same time you know. Add in a dash of PMS induced insanity and you've got...well, me but that's beside the point and probably belongs on my hubby's blog if he had the guts to write one. *winks*

I've always been proud of my southern roots and will never stray far above the Mason/Dixon line if I can help it. While many of my relatives and high school friends have, I've never really felt the urge to roam, I wonder if it's because I have this need to hear the sugar coated accents of my kith and kin every day. I've found that no matter what you're sayin, if you say it with a sweet southern accent, it just sounds nice, you know? LOL.

Onto other news, and I do have some, I've been little under the weather, so I'm posting all this in one blog.

Fallen Angel Reviews gave Spellfire Moons Five Angels!

High Chairs and High Stakes By Jenna Leigh

Matthias Gregory, single dad, has placed an ad for a nanny to help with his child, Aurora, but he didn’t expect a witch. Erin MacKenzie had no idea it was a handsome vampire’s young daughter when she went in for the job. It seems they both are in a pickle when they meet. This wonderful story by Jenna Leigh seasons two characters in a stimulating read while mixing in a wee bit of suspense and a crafty plot.

All the tales in this book were absolutely charming and mouth-watering delights. With exceptional characters and outstanding dialogue that transport the reader into a breathtaking fantasy world of true enjoyment, Spellfire Moons is one satisfying read. Open this page-turner and escape into a world filled with unbelievable magic and allow the fairies to breathe a sweet, tantalizing spell your way.

To read the rest of the review from FAR click the banner. And thanks so much to LINDA!!

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Oh, and Mistress Meme has revamped her page, go and take a look, please pay special attention to the page called, the Bitch Mafia. What she wrote about me makes me hoot, especially as most of its true, but man, what a way to describe your critique group. Only the Memenator.

Meme's Page of Wonders

Happy Humpday Yall,

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Karen said...

Congrats on the braless Baptist chat ~ how exciting!! I love Meme's new page too, she did a great job. Do I spy the hand of the JennTech in there as well? And why the hell don't I get the cool banners like you do? Actually, it doesn't really matter b/c I don't know how to do the html thingy to make it link back to the review. Oh well. It looks cute on your post.

Jenna Leigh said...

Nah, Memes did it all on her own, she just had me look over it each time. The Bitch Mafia made me hoot though LOL!!