Friday, January 26, 2007

Maybe it's not nice to tease your critique partners

But man, sometimes it sure is fun..

When you have critique partners, the relationship is symbiotic at best and parasitic at worst. I am guilty of peering inside the dark and dusty confines my empty mail box and clearing my cyber throat and yelling the words WHERE AND THE HELL IS ITTTTTT? with the best of 'em, but hey, that's my basic personality. I'm not getting any younger, and seriously, I'm flattering the other person, and what's more, they know it. I will say that I'm usually nice about it and I've only written one evil ditty concerning strangulation if I didn't get my smut fix. It was an empty threat seeing how I don't fly and she lives in New Zealand, I don't think calling the cyber cops aka Glamazon and Gnome Nee on me was necessary. If not for Meme, I'd have been toast.

But, I digress as I usually do. Critiquing is a hard job. You have to be or they'll cut you off, never letting you see the end product of what you've been getting in starts and stops the whole time in your inbox. I'm not usually the guilty one, but here lately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been unable to sit and write anything at all. So, when I could finally, I did and I sent it out to all and sundry, with a snarky missive at the top as is my wont to do. So, when I wrote a key scene where the heroine figures out what she's been doing in her life concerning guys and why she's been doing it... I sent it to my critique partners and at the end I put, sorry I had to stop, I was getting really tired.

Hey! I have a doctor's excuse, I've been ill. *cough cough cough*

The reply I got was very short, but that's just Kitta.

You. Are. Evil.

Nothing else but her signature line.

She's a bit scary. *shivers*

I'm not, I'm just mean, because my reply had one of those emoticons with the semi-smarmy smiles on it and I said back.

Why.. yes, I am. BWAHAHAHAH.

Perhaps tonight I shall satisfy her cravings for more. However I will point out that she does this to me all the time. I figure it's my turn to shine in the leave 'em hanging department. I've been waiting on one of her stories to be resolved for over a year. I won't say it's not worth the wait because ooh nelly, it so is. She's one of the best writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading. But once in a while, I like to make her give me her succient, angry replies. This means...

I've got her, right where I want her. I wonder if I can get chocolate out of this deal?

Who knows she's safe in her redneck of the woods.
Or.. so I hope *gulps*


Kitta said...

I am going to take the moral high ground, and refuse to give in to such blatant blackmail tactics. In other words: NO, no chocolate is coming your way. Just remember, you may be afraid to fly, but I am not...

Jenna Leigh said...