Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good news, for the most part.

TRS gave me a pretty icon! Aren't they the sweetest? Like any magpie, I looove a good shiny! While I've always been up front about being a total shallow gal.. this brings it all out lemme tell ya! *stares at it* What was I talking about again? Does it really matter?
Look at the pretty shiny with me. Isn't it beautiful? What's it for again? Oh yeah!! Braless in the Buick, my debut novel about Allie Stephenson and Jake Donally. I love those two which is a good thing since I'm also talking about them this month in the Coffee Time Forums.
Spellfire Moons got a 5 Cup review from Missy Coffee Time
High Chairs and High Stakes
British-born Matthias Gregory is a single vampire who needs help taking care of his child. When he placed an ad for a nanny, he never expected to get a witch. In fact, a witch was the last thing he wanted help from. When Erin MacKenzie meets Matthias Gregory, a vampire raising his daughter alone, the witch-nanny finds that she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

This was an incredibly hot and sexy story and yet it was filled with mystery and tension. Who knew that Mathias would use his incredible sexy voice to record audio romance books? It was so fun and I really enjoyed reading it, and every other surprise and plot twist Mrs. Leigh threw at me.
Braless and Spellfire Are Available in Ebook
Braless has climbed back up to number 5 on Champagne's Fictionwise chart!! And for this month Champagne has Braless in the Buick on Sale in Print.
That's all my book news so far this month.. hey, it's been great so far!
As for me, well, my meemaw and my mamaw both said if you don't have anything good to say, it's best not to say anything at all. Therefore, I'll leave yall with a simple little non-rhyming bit of poetry that sums me up right now. It's called Ignorance, but not ugly kind. Think of it more like back when you were a kid and thought nothing bad could ever happen. I wish I could bottle that time and bring it with me tomorrow. I need it.. but I'll settle for a Starbuck Iced Mocha Venti for after. *winks*
By Jenna Leigh
Before it grew up
And knew about
Or even,
Before it was
Something you should
Be ashamed of..
Ignorance was
Be seein ya in the funny papers,

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Cograts again Jenna! And glad the New Year writingwise has been treating you right.