Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How did this happen?

When did I become ..nice? Someone tell me because, I'd really like to know.
For the longest time, the littlest member of our family.. my tiny sister-in-law of 2 years.. didn't really have much to do with me. She said hi, bye, and muah to me if prompted by my husband and daughter whom she loved best in all the world. My daughter is her a goddess to her because she's a) 14 years older b) 4 and a 1/2 foot taller and c) in possession of a varoom varoom that she will take her for rides in if the mood suits her. When you add up you get goddess.. oh yeah, you can see it shining out of her eyes when she whacks her with something, otherwise it's slavebearer to carry her across the large, muddy yard. If she's not available, my husband aka Bubby the slavebearer II will do just as well.

However around Christmas time, I was ill and went in her room to lay on her bed. My daughter warned me 'the bebbie' wouldn't allow it. I said um.. sheah she will. And flopped down.. surprisingly, I was given a stuffed animal and shoved against the wall and told to be still in de bebbie's bed, and otherwise ignored instead of yelled at and told in no uncertain terms to vacate 'de bebbie's' bed like she did everyone else. I'd open one eye and catch her staring at me before she'd turn back to the tv to watch The Mummy for the five thousandth time. *grunts*

In this she takes after her brother, my husband. He will watch a movie until I am so heartily sick of it I want to scream and throw it out the door, or stomp on it until it cracks. Better the DVD than his head, right? At least the child picks a movie where the scenery is nice. I can watch anything with a bevy of manly studmuffins parading across the screen.. so, I settle in for a bit of Brenden and Ohded watching, little knowing that I'd started something. Something verra bad. *sighs* See, she likes the Mummy, but it sort of scares her in certain parts, and the Mummy Returns (with the Rock ooh) even more so. However, as the ijits in the next room are usually either watching westerns (blech) or football (double blech) I will go in there when she points and lay on the bed to watch these two movies with her.

This has earned me a place in her little evil diapered heart. She is the queen bee of the yard already. As the baby sister of 4 grown brothers, and a baby girl of a man who never thought he'd have another at the age of 60yrs, she's rather spoiled and refers to herself as 'de bebbie' and her things as 'de bebbie's' as in 'de bebbie's' chair, room etc. So, when she asks you to come to de bebbie's room and watch de Mummy wit her it's funny and cute. She's two, I'm only human, deal! Plus.. *sighs* she has a nickname for me now. At first I thought she was calling me mommy, but she calls my daughter Morgan, Momo, and therefore, me being Morgan's mommy, I am the Mo Mee. *hangs head* Crap.. I gotta go.. I'm wanted in de bebbie's room for royal viewing of de Mummy. By golly it's better than Sponge Bob.

Yeah, you say one word, and I'm siccin her on ya,
Mo Mee


Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL too cute.

Jenna Leigh said...

That's IT.. I'm sending her on to you missy! And hubby too, I'm quite sure he and your own hubby will get up to a Star Wars Marathon.. unless. Hmm, I'll send the Mummy DVD's just so's you can hear them screaming.