Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gifts from over there

A friend of my sent me a gift, and if you knew her, you would know why I winced as I opened it. She has sent me something before, and made me scream and run through the house. Yes, I a speaking of Kitta or Sharelle as some know her. Not me, she will forever be the Kitta to me, she has that personna, that cat like sarcastic wit (if like cats talked, I mean, I KNOW they don't really talk at least Bean *my cat* says I must say this or be shot for telling) her evil dry smartarsed way of doin things.

So, my gift is a little book, not big, but it was so funny, even the cover, that I howled with laughter. It is called You Say I'm a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing.. The pictures are those from the 50's and 60's ad's with the women in those A-line skirts and hats and gloves. However, the captions are all well, they are all Kitta actually LOL.

My fav today is: I had sex with my husband and all I got was this silly child.

Yeah, it's mean, but all in all, funny as hell. *grins*

TY to the Kitta for my getting through with my book gift (hugs) Hope to send you something for the very same thing soon!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Write it when the fingers are hot! er?

Well, sort of, I mean, you know, if a scene blows through your mind, you have to have a windcatcher at the ready in the form of a tablet and pen. I did that today, and wrote six pages on a book that is the six in the series of my Adventures of Aetherea books. *grins* I got names woohoo..
She tossed the water straight at the screen, then let out a blood curdling yell as the face registered in her brain. "Holy shit on toast!" She squeaked.

The water hit its target dead on, rivulets of ice cold liquid flowed down into it’s nasal cavities. Smoke was the inevitable reaction, and where there is smoke there is, no, not fire, a sneeze. The large triangular head reared back, she saw its eyes squeeze shut. It took a breath, then another and another.

At least forty feet long, including the tail, it stood there, holding back a sneeze. Dark hunter green scales covered its upper body, fading to a lighter moss green on the belly and throat. Its eyes were light green orbs that glowed like traffic lights, when they were open that is, right now they were squinted in effort.

Gen stood frozen to the spot watching the slits in its nose pinching closed then coming wide open. It was a bloody dragon, staring her in the face, looking in her window. A peeping dragon, perverted bastard. The synapsis in her brain refired, helped along by red hot rage flowing through her veins. "Oy! Lizardlips! What the hell do you mean looking in my window? Go away and find you a lady lizard to love on, go on, shoo!" She made motions with her hands.

There was a low growl emanating from the dragon’s mouth, at least she thought so, then it took a deeper breath. "Achoo!" A gale wind force hit Gen broadside knocking her back onto the bed. She just rolled, flipping over to land in a heap against the far wall. Ew, dragon snot.

**Note: the pic aint got crap all to do w/the story, I like it though.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finito! erm.. maybe!

So, what does your hero look like? In a way, Faelen looks like this guy. Not too bulky, not to thin. Long hair, deep set eyes, shivery expression, all hot and botherish. *sighs*

I have pretty much finished the entire book now. Yes, except for spell, tense, voice and grammar check, it's done. I am happy with the flow and continuity of the story, the way I ended it with a vague lead in to the next one starring Charise and Dougal, a pair of star crossed lovers trying to solve the mysteries of magical travel and at the same time keep from jumping one another's bones.

What do you do when you want to ask a goddess on a date? This would be Dougal the geek's dilemma. He, is a world weary alchemist that discovered the secret of immortality, damn his genius hide.

Stuck in Aetherea with the other odd birds, he has fallen hard for a certain fertility goddess (yeah Charise) but she doesn't see him as anything but a friend that she may or may not have spent a deliciously hot evening with under the influence of one too many margaritas. Or does she see him? Poor Dougal, it's a good thing he has friends like Faelen and Hugh to help out.

Speaking of which, Faelen says please do not forget about him, he is still lustworthy, he's still hot. He's a FILF you know, not that you'll get any, as Lilly holds the key to his heart, not to mention his button flies. Have a good night all, and let me just rest a few minutes before I get to work on the next installment of the Adventures of Aetherea.

Oh, and Lilly does want it mentioned that she can make Faelen's eyes cross by doing something or other with a cherry stem. She's a bit of a bad girl now that she's a mommy and a wife. Night!!
btw Jakie says high too. Who's Jakie? well, you'll just have to read and find out huh?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

So? What sort of man inspires you? Bulky, lean, tan, light? Is it the eyes (not in this pic it aint!) But otherwise, what is it? Here? its a pair of dang abs that won't quit. I like a good belly (grins) buns are nice too. Women are weird in their likes and dislikes, we are becoming way more vocal too. That is both scary and good.
So... yippy kai yay babe!! Save a horse, ride a cowboy? Urm... dang.

Progress is a state of mind.

EDITING SUCKS! LOL, and I have come to a conclusion, you never get finished with the darned thing! Gah! I mean, really. You just keep tweaking the manuscript (blinks) I called it a manuscript OMG, I am going to pass out! No, not really. But it is the truth, I keep looking at it, and fixing things and doing this and that. It's an obsessive thing, I suppose.
The story goes like this..

Faelen is a wyvern, not a dragon as they are fat (his words not mine, I mean, I like dragons and do NOT taste good w/ketchup, whip cream for the human form of them yes, ketchup no) the wyvern has protected the Tremaine family for over a thousand years, starting with the one he loved so long ago, Maire.

Over the years he's grown along with the family, learning to live in each consecutive age. Until the last, one he's never seen before pops up. Lilly Tremaine doesn't just need his protection, she needs him, but neither will admit that at least at first.

As you know they have to go through a whole bunch of crap first. And the crap is funny, hot, sexy, sweet, chaotic and oh yeah, INSANE! I am not a stable type of person, I am not a prissy girl, so, I cannot write them either. Don't expect big heman to save fair damsel, don't expect a sweet little thang, expect a fight or two, some love, some sex, some women that talk smack into the late hours of the night.

Well? Have a good day, I have a party to go to, then its back to the wyvern ... Faelen is talking to me in his lucky charms voice telling me to get busy he wants that purple cover over his story in the worse way.. LOL.

Hopefully coming soon to a shelf near you (if I ever get the darn thing sent out that is) Have a good weekend.

Monday, June 20, 2005

So, yesterday was Father's Day

Big woop. I see all these people so happy father daying it. You are all very lucky people and I envy you. I haven't spoken to my father in over 2 years for reasons I shall not go into . Needless to say they are good ones.

However, I do have some good memories, he watched the toons with me, Pooh, Bugs and The Grinch. He sang that song to me alot too *grins* He is who gave me that weird wacked out and yeah wicked sense of humor and gave me the ability to tell a good joke (and remember the punchline, sorry mother you soo cannot! LOL)

So, *raises Diet Pepsi* for a little bit of the good I make myself remember each year, here's to all the daddies out there that do a bang up job, my lovely hubby included.

Onto my real reason for this post.
To the dads that are just that, daddies, not fathers, daddies. My own husband is not the biological father to my daughter (yeah the one posted in the pic below) however, he has stepped up to the plate and filled those shabby shoes way better than her own dad ever could. In fact, strike the filling the shoes, he's bought a brand new pair of Air Jordan's and jump shot himself into the annals of Hall of Fame Daddies. I love my hubby, and I know my daughter does too. We love you honey with all your paranoia, your freaked out daddy hair pulling when she gets a look in Walmart, your OMG I know what boys are thinking, get your butt in this house right now young lady days, your sniffie days when she calls you daddy not Bill, your growly days when she drives you totally batty. And I thank you because hey, you did step up and you've earned your place on the daddy dias (hugs and kisses)

Saturday, June 18, 2005



Well, I have to edit and all but otherwise, I have it done. I am finished with the Tale of the Wyvern. I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

Sweet 15? You betcha she's not that sweet, she's mine after all.  Posted by Hello

So, you are almost finished eh?

Today is my daughter's bday party w/the fam .. the inlaws, I love them to pieces because even though she isn't their blood grandchild, niece etc, she's been taken in like she was. They love her, shower her w/the pressies, fuss at her if she's being a dilweed and doing something she ought'nt. They watch out for her, they take her places when they really don't gotta. Like I said, damn good people. (They can cook too woohoo!)
Now, onto the proggie report on Tale of the Wyvern

Can yall say stage fright? I have it, what if it sux, what if all my friends have been tellin me right long fishie stories this whole time just cause they love me and some junk. Or *looks paranoid* they lied and said this so it would keep me occupied and out of their hair (this is the more likely option, I am an annoyance at the best of times, I'm sure.)

So, I think its lovely, I have a lot of laughs, some steam, some action, gurrl power, enchanted beasties, a bad guy, some henchmen, a cast of loveable peeps that will appear in a 2nd story already in the works. (think Cheers but with dragons and gods etc) But what if it just blows chunks? AAAAAACK!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, why does she tag me so? LOL

Mary Stella is the debil. Oh, and yall’ve been tagged!
First, take #1 off this list, then add yourself as #5.
You need to add the links to the other people's blogs, too.

1. Jax
3 L.K. Campbell
4. Mary Stella
5. Just Jenn's Stuff
...and then you choose 4 unsuspecting victims..

1. Charissa
2. Mechele
3. Pools
4. Meme
5 Things I Miss From My Childhood
1. My Meemaw’s coffee, the way she made it for me with mostly milk and sugar. But I had my own cup it was china with tiny pink roses on it. It always made me feel special. She was special too.
2. Riding my horse, Barney. He was so tame, he refused to move when I finagled my way up on his back. I used to sneak out there and do it, but he always just stood there until my daddy walked up and told him to come on, then I got a ride.
3. Cold mornings when you thought it was so neat when your breath made fog. The bus ride after when you got to draw on the windows. Jennifer Loves ?? (How should I remember? I was hyperventilating from all that blowing fog!)
4. Homemade vanilla ice cream in the summer. The hand cranked kind was the best because you were the one that had to crank it for an eternity. The 'I made this' syndrome.
5. In the summer when it rained I got to put on my bathing suit and go outside if it wasn’t lightening. Afterwards I got to play in the mud puddles. Mama would just hose me off, wrap me up in a towel and haul me inside for real bath. That’s the best kind of mama, the one that lets you get dirty.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Editing is hard to do.

Have you ever had to cut your child's hair? Especially a little girl's hair, when it's long and beautiful and she's got gum in it. EEEK! Well, that's what I am doing right now, oh, not cutting gum out of hair, my daughter is 14, she knows better. I mean Editing! It's a dirty word to a writer, we hate to do it, will try and trick others into doin it for us if we can. However, nobody edits a work better than the creator sometimes. Think of it as evolution, survival of the fittest (verb, noun, descriptive phrase etc.) You have to make your story active, not passive, make the characters punch! And leap off the page. A lot of mine are smart mouths. I mean, they get it honest.

Take Lilly, my heroine. She's a sweet lil gal from Tennessee. She came into an inheritance by way of her aunt Adina. Seems the Tremaine's have a bit of history, much more than she ever thought. Lilly starts her adventure with a key, opening the door to her new home that holds many surprises for her, not the least of which is a roguish reptile named Faelen, an enchanted beastie charged with watching over the Tremaine Ladies throughout the many centuries. He is vain, silly, arrogant, and pretty much everything you WOULDN'T want in a man. However, he's cute, so a lot can be forgiven.

I am editing them right now. They are giving me faces too. The OMG! I can't believe you did that! Put that back right now you silly woman, what are you thinking of? Gawd! Silly gel, who does she think she is? We are the bomb, leave us alone, give us a few more sex scenes while you're at it though! *coughs* That's probably Faelen, at least when he's in human form. In his other form, he's simply in a word, nuts.

And I won't get started on the magic cat, the sidhe pubowner, the former queen of Camelot, a muse, a goddess, and the female equivalent of the sphinx. Who knows what SHE is, all that's known of Katia is that she's ubercool. Each of the ladies in my story will have their own book. I hope that I get them all done by the end of the year. They way they chatter, all I have to do is type it. I am like a transcriptionist.

Now, back to the slash and burn. Editing sucks, but it's a necessary evil.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Now, then, it is almost Friday once more. I've survived another week at the hellhole of my life aka work. Yeah, it's a paycheck, barely. It keeps food on the table, and cable to my puter, again, barely. Therefore, I have even greater motivation to write, to sell. I am the Weekend Warrior, the keyboard I type on is my weapon of choice.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mr. Bean says he may love me, he hasn't decided yet and changing the litter might would help him in this decision Posted by Hello

Zoe is the best doggie in the world. He loves me no matter what Posted by Hello

Oh where oh where has my weekend gone?

Ok, call me anal, I don't care. I do a few characters on this RP loop that is based on Sherri Kenyon's books. I love my characters, they are my friends, therefore, when they whine, I must listen. So, instead of using my weekend to write on the Wyvern, I did those instead. *hangs head in shame* But! I love them soooo! And there was some catharis when I wrote the funny posts. It picks me up when I can be zany and weird. One of my characters is a Mary Sue, I admit it freely. But she's my damned MarySue and I love her! Jenn the Looper is a superfreakishly nutty, madcap, zany person. She is the channel for all my insane little scattershot ideas, some of which I hone into my book work.

However, let it be said that writing on that loop is addictive. It's like the Soaps. But it gives you experience, and cookies from the crowd are always nice.

Is it wrong that you want instant gratification? By posting on the loop you have instant readership. YES! And well, not to brag, but I know that peeps read it as they write me about them. And all want recognition of some sort. It's a natural thing. Writers want recognition of their works, and you get that there. So, I am done defending my depravity. And now I am off line to go and do at least a page or so of my RL WIP.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jenn on a good day, after being dead for four years, so her butt is actually that small.  Posted by Hello

*sniffs the air* Ahhh Wednesday

It's the middle of the week, hump day, if you make it this far, it's all downhill from here, right? RIGHT! I haven't shot stabbed or maimed anyone at work this week, yet. It's been a near thing though, from co-workers that think perhaps they've been slighted somehow and must make it up by slacking while I have to work twice as hard to make up for their lack. And when they screw up, who gets bitched at? Why, me, who else? I am so lucky, so very lucky.
If nothing else, that stupid place gives me a lot of fodder for my wordmill. Crap that happens there, can get twisted and stuck into the pages of my WIP. Maybe... or maybe just the freakin fact that if I make a little money (Hon, I know writers dont make jackcrap, so please, don't give me those OMG you're so deluded sorta comments) I am here to say, it wouldn't take much to surpass the salary I know take in, and if I do, I will be outta that hellhole like a shot.
So, there you go, my motivation to finish the WIP in a nutshell. Get the hell outta my job before I kill someone, although, thinking about it from another POV, if I did kill someone, prison would be a very peaceful place. I could get pissy w/the warden and get stuck in solitary and finish the damned thing in record time. There is that strange thing that happens to prison ladies though, and I smoke, so I mean, I aint trading my siggies just so's I won't be someone's bihotch. *blinks* Perhaps my siggiesmoke will keep them off me.
Things to ponder as I sit here, listening to Back in Black from AC/DC up as loud as it can go. I will not listen to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. That gives me evil ideas, of those I have plenty on my own.
So, back to Faelen and Lilly.. who will be followed by Gen and Hugh, then Melody and Inky, Charise and Dougal, Katia and Galahad, and last but certainly not least, Daynae and Merlin, yes, that Merlin. Did I mentioin my story is a fantasy. And no, not just the run of the mill one that has this unbelievably sexy man that does housework and rubs your feet. If I wanted to write that sort of thing, I'd just lift it from my Real Life. *pauses* HAA!! Dang, that was funny. .. Friday.. Please hurry up...
If I talk dirty to her, you think Friday will come faster?