Friday, June 10, 2005

Editing is hard to do.

Have you ever had to cut your child's hair? Especially a little girl's hair, when it's long and beautiful and she's got gum in it. EEEK! Well, that's what I am doing right now, oh, not cutting gum out of hair, my daughter is 14, she knows better. I mean Editing! It's a dirty word to a writer, we hate to do it, will try and trick others into doin it for us if we can. However, nobody edits a work better than the creator sometimes. Think of it as evolution, survival of the fittest (verb, noun, descriptive phrase etc.) You have to make your story active, not passive, make the characters punch! And leap off the page. A lot of mine are smart mouths. I mean, they get it honest.

Take Lilly, my heroine. She's a sweet lil gal from Tennessee. She came into an inheritance by way of her aunt Adina. Seems the Tremaine's have a bit of history, much more than she ever thought. Lilly starts her adventure with a key, opening the door to her new home that holds many surprises for her, not the least of which is a roguish reptile named Faelen, an enchanted beastie charged with watching over the Tremaine Ladies throughout the many centuries. He is vain, silly, arrogant, and pretty much everything you WOULDN'T want in a man. However, he's cute, so a lot can be forgiven.

I am editing them right now. They are giving me faces too. The OMG! I can't believe you did that! Put that back right now you silly woman, what are you thinking of? Gawd! Silly gel, who does she think she is? We are the bomb, leave us alone, give us a few more sex scenes while you're at it though! *coughs* That's probably Faelen, at least when he's in human form. In his other form, he's simply in a word, nuts.

And I won't get started on the magic cat, the sidhe pubowner, the former queen of Camelot, a muse, a goddess, and the female equivalent of the sphinx. Who knows what SHE is, all that's known of Katia is that she's ubercool. Each of the ladies in my story will have their own book. I hope that I get them all done by the end of the year. They way they chatter, all I have to do is type it. I am like a transcriptionist.

Now, back to the slash and burn. Editing sucks, but it's a necessary evil.


Mechele Armstrong said...

Ah yes editing. It's a painful process. And the characters do sometimes howl. I wish you luck with it.

And good luck on finishing the stories. Have I mentioned I can't wait? *g*

Mary Stella said...

Oh, Jenn, your story sounds absolutely enchanting! If the characters speak with the same vibrance as you speak about them, it's sure to be a hit!