Saturday, June 25, 2005

Progress is a state of mind.

EDITING SUCKS! LOL, and I have come to a conclusion, you never get finished with the darned thing! Gah! I mean, really. You just keep tweaking the manuscript (blinks) I called it a manuscript OMG, I am going to pass out! No, not really. But it is the truth, I keep looking at it, and fixing things and doing this and that. It's an obsessive thing, I suppose.
The story goes like this..

Faelen is a wyvern, not a dragon as they are fat (his words not mine, I mean, I like dragons and do NOT taste good w/ketchup, whip cream for the human form of them yes, ketchup no) the wyvern has protected the Tremaine family for over a thousand years, starting with the one he loved so long ago, Maire.

Over the years he's grown along with the family, learning to live in each consecutive age. Until the last, one he's never seen before pops up. Lilly Tremaine doesn't just need his protection, she needs him, but neither will admit that at least at first.

As you know they have to go through a whole bunch of crap first. And the crap is funny, hot, sexy, sweet, chaotic and oh yeah, INSANE! I am not a stable type of person, I am not a prissy girl, so, I cannot write them either. Don't expect big heman to save fair damsel, don't expect a sweet little thang, expect a fight or two, some love, some sex, some women that talk smack into the late hours of the night.

Well? Have a good day, I have a party to go to, then its back to the wyvern ... Faelen is talking to me in his lucky charms voice telling me to get busy he wants that purple cover over his story in the worse way.. LOL.

Hopefully coming soon to a shelf near you (if I ever get the darn thing sent out that is) Have a good weekend.

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Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL eventually you have to let it go. Trust me, I tweaked like a banshee. Good luck with the editing.