Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finito! erm.. maybe!

So, what does your hero look like? In a way, Faelen looks like this guy. Not too bulky, not to thin. Long hair, deep set eyes, shivery expression, all hot and botherish. *sighs*

I have pretty much finished the entire book now. Yes, except for spell, tense, voice and grammar check, it's done. I am happy with the flow and continuity of the story, the way I ended it with a vague lead in to the next one starring Charise and Dougal, a pair of star crossed lovers trying to solve the mysteries of magical travel and at the same time keep from jumping one another's bones.

What do you do when you want to ask a goddess on a date? This would be Dougal the geek's dilemma. He, is a world weary alchemist that discovered the secret of immortality, damn his genius hide.

Stuck in Aetherea with the other odd birds, he has fallen hard for a certain fertility goddess (yeah Charise) but she doesn't see him as anything but a friend that she may or may not have spent a deliciously hot evening with under the influence of one too many margaritas. Or does she see him? Poor Dougal, it's a good thing he has friends like Faelen and Hugh to help out.

Speaking of which, Faelen says please do not forget about him, he is still lustworthy, he's still hot. He's a FILF you know, not that you'll get any, as Lilly holds the key to his heart, not to mention his button flies. Have a good night all, and let me just rest a few minutes before I get to work on the next installment of the Adventures of Aetherea.

Oh, and Lilly does want it mentioned that she can make Faelen's eyes cross by doing something or other with a cherry stem. She's a bit of a bad girl now that she's a mommy and a wife. Night!!
btw Jakie says high too. Who's Jakie? well, you'll just have to read and find out huh?


Mary Stella said...

Both the stories sound terrific, Jenn! Keep up the excellent work.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Yep the stories sound wonderful. Can't wait to read.

I like ummm the pictures you are sharing. *points up* who might that be? Cause wowsa.

Jenn said...

He is some hottie, named Rayan, I think. He's a model, some of his pics w/out the face showing I use as Chao, he's the same skin tone and body type. Long and lithe? so, who cares? he's hooooottt! LOL muah