Wednesday, June 01, 2005

*sniffs the air* Ahhh Wednesday

It's the middle of the week, hump day, if you make it this far, it's all downhill from here, right? RIGHT! I haven't shot stabbed or maimed anyone at work this week, yet. It's been a near thing though, from co-workers that think perhaps they've been slighted somehow and must make it up by slacking while I have to work twice as hard to make up for their lack. And when they screw up, who gets bitched at? Why, me, who else? I am so lucky, so very lucky.
If nothing else, that stupid place gives me a lot of fodder for my wordmill. Crap that happens there, can get twisted and stuck into the pages of my WIP. Maybe... or maybe just the freakin fact that if I make a little money (Hon, I know writers dont make jackcrap, so please, don't give me those OMG you're so deluded sorta comments) I am here to say, it wouldn't take much to surpass the salary I know take in, and if I do, I will be outta that hellhole like a shot.
So, there you go, my motivation to finish the WIP in a nutshell. Get the hell outta my job before I kill someone, although, thinking about it from another POV, if I did kill someone, prison would be a very peaceful place. I could get pissy w/the warden and get stuck in solitary and finish the damned thing in record time. There is that strange thing that happens to prison ladies though, and I smoke, so I mean, I aint trading my siggies just so's I won't be someone's bihotch. *blinks* Perhaps my siggiesmoke will keep them off me.
Things to ponder as I sit here, listening to Back in Black from AC/DC up as loud as it can go. I will not listen to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. That gives me evil ideas, of those I have plenty on my own.
So, back to Faelen and Lilly.. who will be followed by Gen and Hugh, then Melody and Inky, Charise and Dougal, Katia and Galahad, and last but certainly not least, Daynae and Merlin, yes, that Merlin. Did I mentioin my story is a fantasy. And no, not just the run of the mill one that has this unbelievably sexy man that does housework and rubs your feet. If I wanted to write that sort of thing, I'd just lift it from my Real Life. *pauses* HAA!! Dang, that was funny. .. Friday.. Please hurry up...
If I talk dirty to her, you think Friday will come faster?


Mechele Armstrong said...

Wow you've got a series. I cannot wait to read. And I like the layout. You post pictures *gasps* that's neat. You will get there *nods nods nods*

Mary Stella said...

Yes, thou shalt finish thy book, Jenninator!