Saturday, June 18, 2005

So, you are almost finished eh?

Today is my daughter's bday party w/the fam .. the inlaws, I love them to pieces because even though she isn't their blood grandchild, niece etc, she's been taken in like she was. They love her, shower her w/the pressies, fuss at her if she's being a dilweed and doing something she ought'nt. They watch out for her, they take her places when they really don't gotta. Like I said, damn good people. (They can cook too woohoo!)
Now, onto the proggie report on Tale of the Wyvern

Can yall say stage fright? I have it, what if it sux, what if all my friends have been tellin me right long fishie stories this whole time just cause they love me and some junk. Or *looks paranoid* they lied and said this so it would keep me occupied and out of their hair (this is the more likely option, I am an annoyance at the best of times, I'm sure.)

So, I think its lovely, I have a lot of laughs, some steam, some action, gurrl power, enchanted beasties, a bad guy, some henchmen, a cast of loveable peeps that will appear in a 2nd story already in the works. (think Cheers but with dragons and gods etc) But what if it just blows chunks? AAAAAACK!

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Mechele Armstrong said...

*snorts* I haven't read it but I know you...LOL it's going to be great. Can't wait to read.