Sunday, June 05, 2005

Oh where oh where has my weekend gone?

Ok, call me anal, I don't care. I do a few characters on this RP loop that is based on Sherri Kenyon's books. I love my characters, they are my friends, therefore, when they whine, I must listen. So, instead of using my weekend to write on the Wyvern, I did those instead. *hangs head in shame* But! I love them soooo! And there was some catharis when I wrote the funny posts. It picks me up when I can be zany and weird. One of my characters is a Mary Sue, I admit it freely. But she's my damned MarySue and I love her! Jenn the Looper is a superfreakishly nutty, madcap, zany person. She is the channel for all my insane little scattershot ideas, some of which I hone into my book work.

However, let it be said that writing on that loop is addictive. It's like the Soaps. But it gives you experience, and cookies from the crowd are always nice.

Is it wrong that you want instant gratification? By posting on the loop you have instant readership. YES! And well, not to brag, but I know that peeps read it as they write me about them. And all want recognition of some sort. It's a natural thing. Writers want recognition of their works, and you get that there. So, I am done defending my depravity. And now I am off line to go and do at least a page or so of my RL WIP.

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Mechele Armstrong said...

It is addictive! Love the instant gratification of it. I find myself doing that too, writing a post when I should be doing more on the real life stuff.

And you are a great writer, remaining one who has made me laugh outloud and cry on the same day within an hour of the other. Not many can do that. So write much much more *g*.