Monday, June 27, 2005

Write it when the fingers are hot! er?

Well, sort of, I mean, you know, if a scene blows through your mind, you have to have a windcatcher at the ready in the form of a tablet and pen. I did that today, and wrote six pages on a book that is the six in the series of my Adventures of Aetherea books. *grins* I got names woohoo..
She tossed the water straight at the screen, then let out a blood curdling yell as the face registered in her brain. "Holy shit on toast!" She squeaked.

The water hit its target dead on, rivulets of ice cold liquid flowed down into it’s nasal cavities. Smoke was the inevitable reaction, and where there is smoke there is, no, not fire, a sneeze. The large triangular head reared back, she saw its eyes squeeze shut. It took a breath, then another and another.

At least forty feet long, including the tail, it stood there, holding back a sneeze. Dark hunter green scales covered its upper body, fading to a lighter moss green on the belly and throat. Its eyes were light green orbs that glowed like traffic lights, when they were open that is, right now they were squinted in effort.

Gen stood frozen to the spot watching the slits in its nose pinching closed then coming wide open. It was a bloody dragon, staring her in the face, looking in her window. A peeping dragon, perverted bastard. The synapsis in her brain refired, helped along by red hot rage flowing through her veins. "Oy! Lizardlips! What the hell do you mean looking in my window? Go away and find you a lady lizard to love on, go on, shoo!" She made motions with her hands.

There was a low growl emanating from the dragon’s mouth, at least she thought so, then it took a deeper breath. "Achoo!" A gale wind force hit Gen broadside knocking her back onto the bed. She just rolled, flipping over to land in a heap against the far wall. Ew, dragon snot.

**Note: the pic aint got crap all to do w/the story, I like it though.


Mechele Armstrong said...

I likes. You are on a roll. And I like the picture too.

Mary Stella said...

Jenn, that's hysterical. Very vivid and evocative descriptions.