Monday, June 20, 2005

So, yesterday was Father's Day

Big woop. I see all these people so happy father daying it. You are all very lucky people and I envy you. I haven't spoken to my father in over 2 years for reasons I shall not go into . Needless to say they are good ones.

However, I do have some good memories, he watched the toons with me, Pooh, Bugs and The Grinch. He sang that song to me alot too *grins* He is who gave me that weird wacked out and yeah wicked sense of humor and gave me the ability to tell a good joke (and remember the punchline, sorry mother you soo cannot! LOL)

So, *raises Diet Pepsi* for a little bit of the good I make myself remember each year, here's to all the daddies out there that do a bang up job, my lovely hubby included.

Onto my real reason for this post.
To the dads that are just that, daddies, not fathers, daddies. My own husband is not the biological father to my daughter (yeah the one posted in the pic below) however, he has stepped up to the plate and filled those shabby shoes way better than her own dad ever could. In fact, strike the filling the shoes, he's bought a brand new pair of Air Jordan's and jump shot himself into the annals of Hall of Fame Daddies. I love my hubby, and I know my daughter does too. We love you honey with all your paranoia, your freaked out daddy hair pulling when she gets a look in Walmart, your OMG I know what boys are thinking, get your butt in this house right now young lady days, your sniffie days when she calls you daddy not Bill, your growly days when she drives you totally batty. And I thank you because hey, you did step up and you've earned your place on the daddy dias (hugs and kisses)


Mechele Armstrong said...

I think I heard the comment somewhere that anyone can be a father. It takes work to be a Dad. And sounds like your dh is quite a Dad.

Sorry about you and your father. I know it must be hard.


Mary Stella said...

That's a great tribute, Jenn!