Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, why does she tag me so? LOL

Mary Stella is the debil. Oh, and yall’ve been tagged!
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5 Things I Miss From My Childhood
1. My Meemaw’s coffee, the way she made it for me with mostly milk and sugar. But I had my own cup it was china with tiny pink roses on it. It always made me feel special. She was special too.
2. Riding my horse, Barney. He was so tame, he refused to move when I finagled my way up on his back. I used to sneak out there and do it, but he always just stood there until my daddy walked up and told him to come on, then I got a ride.
3. Cold mornings when you thought it was so neat when your breath made fog. The bus ride after when you got to draw on the windows. Jennifer Loves ?? (How should I remember? I was hyperventilating from all that blowing fog!)
4. Homemade vanilla ice cream in the summer. The hand cranked kind was the best because you were the one that had to crank it for an eternity. The 'I made this' syndrome.
5. In the summer when it rained I got to put on my bathing suit and go outside if it wasn’t lightening. Afterwards I got to play in the mud puddles. Mama would just hose me off, wrap me up in a towel and haul me inside for real bath. That’s the best kind of mama, the one that lets you get dirty.

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Mary Stella said...

I'm glad I was evil! Those are beautiful memories, Jenn, and you described them so that we could see them, too!