Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Let me tell ya a story bout a girl named Jenn

A poor authoress barely kept her family fed... Ok, fine, that's exaggerating it but only slightly. Today, I go to take the mail down and when I get back I have a message on my desk. The name looks slightly familiar in that, you know this girl but she has a different last name now type of way.

The song lyric stating sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, well, depending on where I go, is what I get called, same for B as I'm calling her as I don't want to name her in my blog w/out her permission, how rude!

I get back from the on the sly ciggie break and see the message and go.. mm, and call it goes this way.

B: Jenn! Did you write a book?
I immediately know this is the B who I thought.. *grins*
Jenn: Yeah, girl!
*pauses* She and I and a few other girls all played summer softball under the aegis of a coach who while HE didn't drink like Walter Matthau's character in Bad News Bears, our winning streak was just as sucky. On further thought, if he did drink, we drove him to it. Crap, that's fine, but we aren't paying for any of his expenses.. I mean it. I shall blame T. and maybe P. Back to the convo..

B: OMG! You did NOT!
Jenn: OMG I did TOO!
B: Did NOT
Jenn: Did TOO! *snorts*
variations on I cannot believe THIS!! and then the story of L. ,who got her autographed copy and apparently smugged about it at her cuz J., who is also B's cuz, and came to tell HER. (do I need to draw a diagram? Or would a family tree help?)
B: Are you having a signing, where can I buy it?
Jenn: Well urm, online is all I know of right now as ze Book Nazi has stonewalled me for now. I'm working on a signing, but I was in the town paper here.
B: Oh yeah? We'll see about that, you must come to our parish!! I'll call you back in a minute k? It is ok if I call the paper, right?
Jenn: Well yes OMG you know I don't care..

Shut up, we do talk this way, it's just er.. oh shut UP!

Minutes pass during which time co-worker is giving me the 'share the drugs you stingy heifer' look. I ignore her, I don't share my drugs *sips drug of choice, which is Diet Pepsi* She can't have any, as she is now the Diabetic Diva and it will make her cankles swell, and we'll have to cut off her foot (her words, swear)

B calls back: I called the gazette, I called so and so and oh yeah, the Monroe paper and well, I called this bookstore and asked them to order my book. They say, no prob and when I mentioned you are a local author, they said they'd be happy to do a signing..

*blinks* Exsqueeze me? B? you are the promo queen! All my work done for me in one short phone call? Can I marry you.. ok, no wait.. I know! I shall blog you and immortalize you in print forevermore! Well, at least your first initial, but if you see this, honey, you know who you are, thanks soo soo much!

From one Southern Belle to another.. Thanks again and Yeeehaw!

I do some of my own promoing though, honest!! The tentative date for the booksigning here in Strop City is June 15 from 5pm to 7pm. But, I'm not the surest on that.

Who thanks God she's a country girl!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Five Cup Review from Coffee Time Romance!!

Good to the last drop.
Ahh, nothing like a cup of coffee is there?
Well, only if it is FIVE CUPS! Yes, that's five out of five cups of coffee for Braless!! Whoohoo! I'm so happy. Thanks so much to the lovely reviewer, Wateena for having the wacky sense of humor to 'get' my own form of insanity. I've attached the link to CTR to her name and signature line. I hope you all have as wonderful day as I am right now.

ISBN:1-897261-50-0/ 1-897261-60-8
April 2006Champagne Books
122 PageRomantic Comedy
Rating: 5 cups

Allie Stephenson is a divorced mother with one son, MJ, and lives in a cul-de-sac near all of her busy-body friends. Allie has a passion for chocolate and sexy fantasies that include a man name Nikko, except the fantasy changed when Allie meets her sexy new neighbor Jake Donally. Uh, her fantasies, that is, not her chocolate. Now Jake is the star of her fantasies. Allie wonders if she can get him to make those real.

Jake Donally is an FBI agent looking into the financial background of Allie Stephenson’s ex husband. He has to find out if Allie is involved. So he goes undercover and moveds into her neighborhood right behind her house. But Jake finds Allie has absolutely nothing to hide. What you see with Allie is what you get, literally. Jack finds Allie very attractive and wants to get to know her better, and not just for the case.

As Jake and Allie become closer, Jake realizes one thing: Allie is not involved, but as this case gets deeper, Allie’s ex husband suddenly wants the laptop he gave his son for his birthday present last year. After a few run ins with her ex, Allie is concerned that her husband is up to something, but what? Jake is close to closing the case. Then he would be able to tell Allie how he feels. But would Allie want him after he tells her he has also lied to her?

A rip roaring, tickling good time is what you get when you read this book. From tender moments to moms gone wild, you will be so entertained by this tale, you will have tears streaming down your face. Exceptionally written characters with history, and some very interesting secondary characters with no history, keep this story alive with their meddling, caring, and snippy dialogue. Some happenings are so realistic, every woman who has been there will surely love it. For a good laugh and an extraordinary good time, this is a must read.

Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books

Jenna Leigh the insanely happy author.

PS: Hubby got his book cover today, coming soon to a blog near you. The Michelangelo Blues

Sunday, May 28, 2006

X3 or Half Nekkie Hugh

So, hubby, daughter, niece and I went to see X3. While, I will confess that a certain hunka manly fineness did get me up, dressed and going, I also enjoy the movie franchise very much indeed. The X-men was THE comic I always bought as a kid. I loved the fact that the women were strong, and the men (er.. Wolverine sigh) were not too shabby either.

Despite growing up and out of this phase, I will still watch just about any comic book based movie, for the simple reason that.. those men look GOOD in them tights. And Hugh Jackman looks good in anything, but would look better in my house, doing the floors or somethin. *pauses for a mo* Ok, moving on, *coughs* I may need a cold shower.

Ok, now I'm back and I have my hair wrapped up in a towel, so I won't drip on the keyboard. I can't promise not to drool, but hey, it's all good right?

First: The trailors before the movie.. one is OMG, it's GHOSTRIDER! I LOVED this frickin character, always have. Hubby is in the toilet, doin a last minute tinkle prior to his long sitting spell in front of the big screen. I go crap, he's missing it! Then I feel it, the large hand pressing on my shoulder as he practically falls into his seat and takes my hand. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning. I'm just damn happy its Nicholas Cage as the lead role. I like me some Nick oh yeah. But, this rocks!

Now onto the Movie! I tried to do no spoilers.. but eh, read at your own risk:

The story is this. Jean's dead.. (WOLVIE IS MINE MOOUAHAHA *blinks*) Scot neglects to shave or ew, wash his hair. I know this because he is on a motorcycle and his hair don't move. That is seriously grody. Anyhoo, the thing is, the bitch is back, and she has some sort of psychic PMS or something cause she's horney one minute and evil the next. This doesn't bother me, I can relate to that sort of mood swing. Unfortunately, so can hubby, all too well.

There is a flashback scene when Jean was a lil brat, Xavier and Magneto look really young and out of focus. It also shows that these two were really good friends and still are in some ways. However, my fav moments are when the blue dude comes onto the screen. Yep, Frasier Krane kicks ASS as The Beast aka Hank. He opens his mouth and does that "I am geek, hear me roar!!" thing that just makes you go HELL YEAH, I WANT TO BE A MUTANT! Then the reality of waxing blue fur off all your body sets in and you go eh.

Speaking of hair. If the Phoenix is such a badass bitch she should be able to nab some hairdresser to do a color correction on that shit. I swear it looked really bad, and she never catches fire. I was not amused, I wanted the witch to burn, but she doesn't. She is good though, in that tormented dual personality sort of way.

Mystique rocks, as always. I'm very impressed with VS Model girl. She looks good in blue latex (why blue? All the mutants are blue. Is green paint toxic? If so, put some on that damn Jean Grey!) and kicks serious bootay. She's the ho of Magneto though, so pah to her.

The movie intro'd some new characters. The big dude, Jugernaut. (he is Xavier's bro yall know.. yall didn't? Mm, comic book geekdom is contagioius) I have to give him props. FINALLY someone bitch bout a lack of toiliets. He asks, "Are ye gonna let me out? I have ta take a piss!" Yeah!! Whoohoo, Mutants pee!

The Iceman finally cometh (GO BOBBY!) Shadowcat rocks as a teenager, really good. And Rogue? Hell, she needs color correction too. Collosses is hawt.. big boy, steel wank, possiblities there. Magneto et all are always deep, complicated villains that you can't be totally for or against. He's a former Holocaust victim, who is terrified of going back to a camp. Xavier is a goodie two shoes and well.. bad things happen to good peeps is all I'm saying bout that.

But, the movie features Storm (Halle Berry who is on MY freebie list, yes, that one, sheesh!) and of course, Wolverine. Which brings me back to Hugh.. Just wow. We watched the credits, hubby bitched bout how many there were, but I want to one day see my name up there. Hugh's Package Handler, Pec Inspecter, Bun Squeezer, all of the above. Just damn!

A serious Mutie Lover and she don't want THE CURE!

PS: If you haven't seen the movie yet, here's a piece of advice. Stay for the entire movie, after all those credits, all them damn wings specials, fur pickers, RonJoho's lucky body painters(who probably have to take the anti-Viagra or something) After allll that, there is a sooprise at the very very end. Boom!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Meems

Yes, it was yesterday, however, that doesn't mean I can't take a day to decide just how to put here, how much this woman means to me. The picture above represents air. This is one of the elemental things that I don't really understand. I've been told I'm a king, I'm water and all that, which basically means, I'm a bossy bitch that cries alot.

However, Meems, is something else altogether. To me at least, she's airy, full of light and strong of purpose. She's different than me in so many ways, yet, from experience, I know she meshes with me almost seamlessly in writing, chatting and most every day life type things.

Her ponderous thoughts on Pooh, Pancakes, Pagans and other things are always fun, witty and full of the best of her humor and kindness. She doesn't take offense easily, however, she can 'git ill' as the old sayin goes, when called for, especially in defense of a friend. She calls her writing drivel, but in the best possible way. (it's good, hot and steamy shut UP MEEMS!!) Mine's dreck, her's drivel, another's is crap, it's all good and it works for us, so eh.

So, she's another year older, more than like wiser, unlike myself. I love that she sees her life as a path, a journey and seems to look forward to whatever is around the next bend. From the Watergirl to the AirQueen.. today, yesterday and tomorrow shall are all Meme days, for all time, the best friend, the sweetest, the kindest, and the biggest of hearts. Love you Meems, and you're big old Pooh too.

Still the King

Friday, May 26, 2006

Brush with Celebrity? Naw

Go to this link and see my interview
Bastrop Daily Enterprise

And, yes, it's Friday!!! Wohooo!! I am so glad! *throwing the Weekend Gods Chocy Wrappers!* Make it last a loonnnggg time.

Jenna Leigh
Friday Goddess

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can feel it comin in the air tonight.. so, hold on.

Phil Collins may not have been speaking of what I am, but like a bloodhound, I can pick up the scent, the vibe, the very aura of the coming weekend. My ears perk, my eyes sparkle, other parts...

.. I'm not tellin yall that, you dirty monkeys. And yes, I do see you. I have a webcam that goes in reverse.. MOOOHAHAHAH!

Anyways, I of course, speak of the weekend. The beauty of a Friday after you've gotten off work cannot be overexposed in my opinion.

I love them, I live for them. Fridays are the things that a writer's dreams are made of. Screw wantin a Sunday kinda love. I want that Friday Night Fandango to last and last and last. The Big Red of Weekends is my fantasy.

McHottyHeyheyhey! is another. He's the loose inspiration of my the hero in my WIP. I love Mack. He's a little bit of a redneck (mmm, surprised? naw) rough around the edges, not too pretty, but, hell, he's hot! I like that pic of Matthew because his hair looks darker. *mutters something about the lack of shirt having a bit to do with it..cough cough cough* Dang, sorry there was a hunk a something in my throat. Probably the site of the beefcake, but I'm not admittin to a thing.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Humpday.. but, just remember, tomorrow is Friday Eve.. get your weekend stuff all lined up early so you too can enjoy it!

The Self Elected President of the I love Friday Club. I'll be a good prez, and can only be bribed with the finest of chocy. It goes in my presidential cabinet dontcha know?

P.S. Yall shut up, I can say I'm the prez if I want, you shoulda thought of it first. What? Fine, then I shall be Jennzilla, the Friday Goddess.. wohoooooo!!!
Do the Friday Fandango!! *shakin butt*

Monday, May 22, 2006

Nobody expects the Southern Inquisition

Good thing, cause that's not what I got. She was very sweet and knows my hubby. The poor lady. She did threaten him with news of their 20 yr high school reunion though. And don't think I didn't run back to crow it at him and my coworker who were both in the same graduating class. The Mouahahhaa's did fly and the pointing and buttshaking and singing "olllder than meeeee." did happen, I'll admit it.

I met with this sweet lady today for an interview. *gasps* Yes, me. I am newsworthy, and unlike some lovely relations I could name (but won't, the list would be waaay too long, you know who ya are!) I didn't have to get arrested. (nobody saw the buttshaking but hubby and coworker, so therefore, it didn't count)

The interview will appear in the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, which is our town's daily paper. I am a little shocked about it, if you want to know the truth. Me, in the paper.

I used to write for our monthly gazette in highschool. I got mine and my interviewee's picture in the paper, standing next to a pine tree too. The subject of the indepth, hard edged article was, the pine beetle and it's effect on region's main industry, which is logging. Yes, I turned down that prime slot on 20/20 to live in high redneck style yall.

Funny thing was, people thought it was one of those engagement pictures. LOL! Yes, we both laughed, his wife hooted as he was about 20 years older than me. My mother thought it was cute. I thought, ew, old dude, ew.

Anyway, I'm no stranger to the interview process. However, I've always been on the Q side of the Q and A. I'm not sure I'm too comfy with being an A lister right now. Then again, at least they didn't ask me about the time I... *pauses* Well, yall don't need to know about that. Trust me, ya don't. This is for the best, that way, you won't be called in as material witnesses.

More info to come!!

Jenna Leigh

I'm not a kook
What is the statute of limitations on insanity?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hunks, Chupacabras and demons. Oh my? Erm..

And, actually, my WIP isn't a paranormal. It's a comedy. Which, brings me to the main topic of my blog. If you can make people laugh about a bloodsucking goat, you may be in the write (pun intended) line of work.

So what happens when two former sweethearts get stranded together on a small island off the coast of Mexico after they've been separated for over two decades? Life hasn't been smooth sailing but both have done ok. Gillian moved up north and is enjoying minor celebrity as a tv chef and Mack owns a construction company and still lives in their old home town. Both got married and have a kid each, but both are now single again. However, the real question is, are either ready to meet up and try to reignite the fires that never really burned out? Or will this be a case of the survival of the meanest. If so, Mack may be in trouble, cause nobody ever accused Gillian of bein the sweetest peach on the tree.

The title is a work in progress as well, I'll be keepin it under my hat until my editor and publisher actually say yes. So far, I love it, it's funny, sweet, sexy and of course, there is the underlying hint of the evil I'm so damn good at for some odd reason. I have no idea why that is. I'm the nicest person, honestly, really, seriously! Stop laughing!

Oh, shut up, I hear you still laughing! Yes you! Over there in the corner. I can see you you know. I spy with my evil eye.. MOUAHAHAHAHAHAH


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,700 / 30,000

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog


Anyhoo, I'm bloggin so I don't have to actually write something. Sneaky huh? I am Write-no-chaptah Queen of Denial. Yes, I'm being productive, I'm typin away in here, putting things down on the 'paper' as it were. Uh huh, wohoo, yes, oh yes!

Actually, I am about to write, finally at the 'fun' part of my WIP. I am loving this story. Perhaps because the heroine I have this time is so close to home for many women out there. She's over *gasps* 35 years old. She has a grown child and she's wondering what she should do with the rest of her life. And she's hoping Menopause will be visiting her house soon.

Life is messy, fun, and so full of surpises though. When the Goddess of Insanity (that's me in this case) puts in her two cents or 30k's worth of words, you just never know what can happen. It could be that she will find the love of her life, however, she will have to get through a lot of bs to see the light.

As to the hero? He's just wonderin' what the hell happened. How did he get left with a short, mean little woman that left him hanging over 20 years ago? Can he manage to get past the anger to see that maybe, just maybe there's something left to the feelings from the past.

Mm, if I get off my ass and get busy, we'll both find out huh?

So, as I watch Will and Grace's last episode out of the corner of my eye, and sit in a cyber room with a friend that's watching CSI out of the corner of hers. Both of us writing and both of us wondering what the hell are we doing? Are we actually authors editing our MS's for publication? Or is this all a dream? And if it's a dream, are we the dreamers or the dream itself.

Hell, I've gone all loopy and weird. I'm pretty sure that some chocy will cure me of my philosophical bent. If not, well, hell, who cares? It's chocy!!!!

Love ya,

PS.. yall thought I forgot huh? TOMORROW'S FRIDAY!!!!WHOOHOO *doing the Friday Fandango baby!*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Insanity and the Restaurant Rant

So, Friday was not a good day for me. I came home early from work and went to sleep on the couch until it was time to get the kidlet from school and head to the big city (snort) to get hubby's comix and some things from the grocery store. His cheese, to be specific. Hubby has this strange addiction to cheese that cannot be explained by normal piggishness.

Anyway, I didn't wake up well at all. I was disoriented, angry and plain mean with it. Like a bear right out of hibernation, if you must know. I wanted to bite and rend and tear people to shreds, starting with my poor innocent hubby. He just looked bewildered, hell, I felt bewildered.

I'm going to be optimistic and blame it on the change that is surely looming on the horizon. Dammit, it's been more than 20 years, I want a gold watch! I want to retire from bein a 'girl' as my coworker puts it. Hell with that, I want it to all just go away. Like the bills to music and book clubs you regret joining and can't get out of, like a freakin cult. Hotel California, in the form of literary and musical entrapment. 1cent for five hundred CD's.. you can check out any time you like, but you can nevah leaaave!!

*blinks* Where was I? Oh, yes. Anyways, I open my eyes and yell that he must see his family visiting from out of state. I am most insistent about it, to the point where he begins to back away. I fix my coffee and get in the back seat.. so daughter can drive. *gack* I rant the whole entire way to town.. during town.. in town.. in Hellmouth (that is nothing new, but a diff rant entirely) and out.

He goes to that terribly nasty chicken finger place that just opened, and I rant about that too. Them chicken strips taste like crap. No seasoning (in comparison to the Popeye's *drool*) and the sides are limited to greazy crinkle cut french fries *ew* cole slaw *double ew* and some rank nasty sauce. These last two things are mayo based. I despise mayo unless I am the one applying it to some sort of salad aka tater, chicken, tuna etc. Then and ONLY then will I deal with it. Otherwise, it's the devil's own tool to give you salmonella. Anyways, so, he goes there, which pisses me off. I go to places that we both like, and he LOVES this place, so he goes, it's fine. It's also new and it will wear off eventually, I know this as well. I'm ok with it.

He's getting me a hair cut for Mother's Day.. sweeet.. then he gets all huffy cause he has to wait.. pfth. I get the cut (love it!!) and want to go to a sandwich place to get somethin to eat. He has said, he's buying me this then, balks at it.. one more pissed off nail in the nookie coffin for you bud.

I go into this place, hubby is right behind me, amazon daughter looms over my shoulder. She won't miss an opportunity to get some out of the house food, no matter than she's already eaten. Well, hubby goes to the car, still angry that I've got NO hair.. *snickers*

Which brings me to my problem... yes FINALLY!! Hush..

I get to the counter. "Hi, can I get you something?" First off, I'm in here, I'm looking at the menu, duh, dumbass.. yes, I'm just here to soak up the atmosphere and sniff the food. *rolls eyes* However, he keeps talking, and I mean, he never shuts up. I don't understand one word in three what he says.. He asks if it's to go. I let my daughter order first and just watch him. He's scaring the crap out of me. He's strange, I mean smokin crack on the break strange.

He asks, is this together? Yes.. Is yours (daughter's) to go? yes.. Is yours (me) to go? Well no shit Sherlock! They're together, and if one is to go, both are! *takes a realllly deep breath* He still keeps talkin.. I wonder if he has Tourette's which makes me feel bad for getting pissed off. Then I realize, he don't have it, he's just et up w/the dumbass as my mama would say.

I tell him my order, (steak sannie w/the addition of avacado) he blinks at me. We don't have avacado... I point and inform him he does.. he laughs at me and informs me that guacamole is NOT avacado. I say, then what is it? I realize that there are recipes that make guacamole from English peas (ew) and/or asparagus, so I ask, as thats some good shit and if so, I'm having it from those things. He informs me its made of guacamole.

Dear God in heaven, he's out his damned mind. I tell him that yes, guacamole is made from avacados. He doesn't believe me. And then, he gets all freaked that I want it on my sandwich. I mean totally freaked. I say, hey, if it's extra, I'm happy to pay, no prob. He goes no no it's just weird. You're weird. I let that slide.. and say, this, Is the soup.. he interrupts me NO! rudely.. LOL.

Exsqueeze me? Look, asshole, you put that freakin sannie through this glorified pizza oven and when it gets to the other side, you slather it up w/the avacado stuff and then you put it in the bag, got it? And, give me a cup of broc/cheese soup, pronto! He still talks not quite under his breath the WHOLE TIME! Momo has backed away, sensing the imminent eruption of Mamalava that is bout to happen.

He's still talkin, putting the sannies together, but still just continuously talking. Hubby's in the car, too far for me to call in for the purposes of intimidation. I am aware that I don't look scary. I'm short, plump and for some reason, people think me cute and sweet til they get to know me *weg*

Finally, they get my stuff in the bag. He laughs and slides the cup of soup in there too. The cashier gives him a strange look and I pity her for having to deal with him all freakin day. HA! We are going down the road.. I leave my soup in the bag, as that's shit's hot... usually.. when I've eaten half my sannie and felt I've given it long enough to cool, I take it out.. it is ICE COLD!

We are too far away to go back. Rest assured, WE would have. I would have stormed the gates of that place, pulled that crack addict out from behind that counter and beat the dog sh*t out of him for daring to mess with me and more importanly, my food. However, do not think, I won't stop back in there this coming Friday and lodge a complaint. He was rude, stoned, and just plain aggravating. Screwing with a redneck girl's food is one of the seven deadly sins... deadly to HIM that is.

Killer of Crackheads

P.S. I won't name the damn restaurant, but those dead gerbils would have been less of an aggravation than this twinkie.

That river in S. America? NOPE the other Amazon

Whoho! Yeah baby yeah. I'm on Amazon! To me, a person that shops there so often, this is sort of a sign that I'm for real now. I realize that this doesn't mean that people will buy it. Although, I must say, it has one lovely review already. Penned by a lovely, sweet, caring individual who I will not name, except to say that she is a closet mushy girl. I have discussed this with others and we feel she will remain in this closet so she can admire her shoe collection. Or, if nothing else, catelog them into their different shades according to the color chart she printed out, which correlated with her birth sign. *snorts* The Glamazon and her amazing powers of organization are all but a smoke screen to hide what is by and large and soft and caring heart. I love you Glamazon, and your lil shoes too.

who goes barefoot so she won't have to compete for shoes with the Pedi-predator

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mother's day is coming up

Yep a plug, shameless one at that. If you wanna get your mother a wonderful present, how bout a story about how one mom who has given up on having a life, marriage, and half the human race, in other words men, but then finds love after all.

In other words, give mom a great story that will make her grumble, gasp and most of all grin. Braless in the Buick will do just that from beginning to end and everything in between.

Pick it up at these fine cyber stores.

Champagne Books
Coffe Time Romance's New Bookstore!! It's a bestseller there! Yaaay!

Yall have a good one!

Jenna Leigh

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Me Techno Wizard, unga munga

Capt'n Cavewoman? yeah, whatever.. I have triumphed, I knew I would.. Sighs.. all in the name of getting this pic up, grrr

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Long and Winding Ramble on .. comics?

Anita Blake in the funny pages!! How very cool is THAT? Ok, not the funny papers, I mean come on, this is the queen of the night we're talkin here. She raises the dead, dates vamps (hot ones ..*drool*) and works for the cops on murder cases which are usually messy. But, she is getting her own comic, which makes me go weeee!!

Also making me go weee is that hubby got it for me without even telling me about it. What I mean is, that he put it on his order list at Clint's Comics where he visits weekly. He just 'knew' I'd love it. Which, is why I love him you know. I want this comic! It looks great, the cover and pages I've seen. I can't wait! LKH seems pleased with it as well, which is really good. If the author likes it, then, hey, I am probably gonna like it too. However, I will let you in on a secret. I don't care as much about the stories in comics, it's the art that always draws my little magpie eye.

Yes, a list and a rant, the two things always seem to go together for me. At least, I organize my rants in list form as opposed to free form flowing rant rivers that wind through the banks of bitchitude with no real destination in mind. Unlike those, I do have a destination, it would be avoiding writing on my WIP called Gillian's Island. You don't want to hear about that tho, right? Right.. on w/the rant.

Comics/characters I like or in some cases, dislike.

Certain books have caught my fancy over the years of living w/my hubby the King of comic geekhood, some of which are:


For the art, you see, those comic guys can draw some BEAUTIFUL girls. (see the pic) they're all athletic, but they got curves. Big gravity defying boobs too, but hell, if I could, I'd make MINE look like that, so I aint gonna complain.. much. *glares at the artist known as hubby* HE draws the boobs that way too. This is fine, if I want him to, he'll draw a pick of ME w/the boobies like that. Gravity, ha! I laugh in the face of your dastardly wicked evilness! Who needs reality right? *thumbing nose at them both*

Now, let's hear it for the boys...

Darkness : Hot boy that works well in the dark. *weg* Jackie's droolworthy, and I'm sure the sex would be hotter than hell, I mean, come on, he has demon servant type thingits. I'd never have to do the laundry again. However, I bet those lil bastards aint litter trained.. hellishly stinky doodie all over the house.. er.. no, no, Jackie, sorry.

Deadpool:Love that guy, at least I did when he was a smartass. I'm not sure, but I think Deadpool is now serious and angsty like all protagonist heroes. Before, he just didn't give a flip about anything except a sitting in his lay z boy in his boxers with a beer and the TV.. he thought they called it a boob tube for a reason, to give you a hint as to what he watched. Blessed be the powers of cable, amen and all that. He's all up in the saving the world business now, unlike his mercenary, halfassed tude of the old days, which, sorry, makes him my fave anti-hero of all time.

Unlike, Wolverine who always tries to do good, to go against his animalistic urges when hell, he's hotter than a whore in church on Sunday. The comic dudes need to plumb this man's untapped sex appeal, but they're too scared, it seems. Unlike say, Angela Knight and other writers of romantic prose (smurt.. hee hee love it I do) about the Alpha Male, these guys keep him on the downlow. Plus, Hugh Freakin Hotty Jackman plays him in the movies, and just DAYAM!!

They push his sort to the back so duds (not a typo!) can come to the forefront in all their All-American, Star Quarterback, I was hall monitor for 4 yrs running, Boyscout glory and steal the show. Let's see, how about...

Cyclops--Nothing more American than apple pie (boring as hell too) Even Capt. America is more hip that this twinkie who is just so processed that he is like the spam of beefcake or something.. fah. He can HAVE Jean oh so boring Grey I like her better as Phoenix anyways!

Professor X-- Yeah, yeah, he's smart but COME ON PEOPLE! he has a hover-round. I mean, seriously, the dude's rich and all, but Anna Nicole got jackshit for that sort of rellie, and HER boobs do stand up like the comic vixens. Even more importantly, do they make Viagra for Mutants? I think.. no. Yet they keep him in the spotlight and put my Wolvie in the shadows. *sniffles* How bout Professor's nemesis, Magneto? Maybe.. he's er.. I bet he's kinky as hell.

Superman-- *blink blink blink* In my opinion, they have downplayed that whole Man Of Steel thing waaayyy too much. Unless he looks like Tom Welling,(Steelcake? Buns of Steel?) then, I will only say this: "Bow down before Jenn, son of Jor-El!" and leave the rest in my imagination where it belongs and can't get me arrested.

Batman-- Sux! Gadgets, nice lips, all that, and just they waste it. gah! And that Robin seriously cramps his style.. fffth. Not mentioning Batgirl, not not not!!

Spidey-- He's been 22 for like EVER.. ew. GROW UP!! and keep your freaky spider webs to yourself. Ick, spiders, ick.

Jethro, puleeze! Girls like the bad boy, the loner, the dude in black. Make him the hero of your comic and the estrogen carriers will flood the comic stores, making them all smell much better in the least and at worst, comic boys get to scope out the chicks. Real ones, that you know, won't give you papercuts during sex. *weg* So.. artboys, give us a hot piece of beefcake we girls can sink our teeth into !!!

Erm... that's it, I guess. Except to say, if I've offended any other comic lovers, I'm not sorry. This is my opinion, and as this is America, I can express it. However, don't be sending any deathrays and crap down here at me, as I have my own rather large and intimidating comic dude in residence. He' s mean, evil, wickedly intelligent and will protect the maker of the best pot roast in the world with his last breath. *grins* If that isn't bad enough, I do have a teenager. Yeah, reality is scarier than fiction in some cases..

Not bad, just drawn that way...

Jenna Leigh
Who is insane, bored and angry at Yahoo for killing off the groups for the past few days. Ya'll best fix it, else we will rise up and be all mean to you and some junk. I believe I've illustrated my abilities in this and previous blogs.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


In paperback! OMG! My name on a cover of a book, in paperback. Wow! and it's BEEEEEYOOOTEEFULL! (spelling on this blog does not represent that found in the works of Jenna Leigh *snorts*)

Anyways, if you'd like to buy it, either in PDF to download or as a paperback, you can go to a very new and oh so wonderful place and do so..

Yep, Coffee Time Romance now has a book store on their site. I love it! I hope this is only the beginning of a wonderful relationship with my publisher, Champagne. To all my friends and family that supported me, my co-workers especially, a great big fat chocy covered ....


Jenna Leigh

Monday, May 01, 2006

Brought to you by the Not Ready for Prime Time Writer

Alrighty, I got some news today that makes me a little nervous. I may be on *gulps* television. It is to plug my book, I'm happy to do that, however, I'm not the sort of person that does well in a setting where I get nervous. What if it's live and I fall off the chair, or you know, go off on a Springer-worthy rant that makes the censors flip out and have heart attacks? Can I live with that on my conscience? Ok, yes, censors, maybe, but my mother having a hissy fit? NO! Even more scary is the thought that as of today, my book goes on sale. *blinks*

Another horrific thought just occurred to me. Next month is my family reunion. They're going to be nice to me, I just know it. OMG! What am I gonna do? I won't know how to act!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

*takes a deep breath*

Ok, I'm calm. Despite the fact that I've mined that particular genetic pool for many of my sly and witty bon mots, angst, and insane sort of scenarios, I do love my family. In the way you love that scary tiger in the cage at the zoo. Yeah, you guessed it, from a distance of at least 12 feet and behind bars. Them, not me. I don't do iron bars, never have, unlike some of my relatives on both sides of the family. Why you ask? Why sugah, I'm way too sneaky to get caught. *winks*

I shot the Monday.. but the weekend is safe from me

Jenna Leigh
Insane in the Membrane