Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mother's day is coming up

Yep a plug, shameless one at that. If you wanna get your mother a wonderful present, how bout a story about how one mom who has given up on having a life, marriage, and half the human race, in other words men, but then finds love after all.

In other words, give mom a great story that will make her grumble, gasp and most of all grin. Braless in the Buick will do just that from beginning to end and everything in between.

Pick it up at these fine cyber stores.

Champagne Books
Coffe Time Romance's New Bookstore!! It's a bestseller there! Yaaay!

Yall have a good one!

Jenna Leigh


Mechele Armstrong said...

Yipppeeee on the bestseller status. By the way, keep a resume of stuff like that. If you can say, I was a bestseller at Coffeetime from blank to blank, it's a good thing to mention in query letters and such.

Angela said...

I finally finished it! Between my soon to be monster in law and wedding planning, I managed to fit it in and I loved it! Conragts again!! Of course now this means I want some more *G*