Monday, May 22, 2006

Nobody expects the Southern Inquisition

Good thing, cause that's not what I got. She was very sweet and knows my hubby. The poor lady. She did threaten him with news of their 20 yr high school reunion though. And don't think I didn't run back to crow it at him and my coworker who were both in the same graduating class. The Mouahahhaa's did fly and the pointing and buttshaking and singing "olllder than meeeee." did happen, I'll admit it.

I met with this sweet lady today for an interview. *gasps* Yes, me. I am newsworthy, and unlike some lovely relations I could name (but won't, the list would be waaay too long, you know who ya are!) I didn't have to get arrested. (nobody saw the buttshaking but hubby and coworker, so therefore, it didn't count)

The interview will appear in the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, which is our town's daily paper. I am a little shocked about it, if you want to know the truth. Me, in the paper.

I used to write for our monthly gazette in highschool. I got mine and my interviewee's picture in the paper, standing next to a pine tree too. The subject of the indepth, hard edged article was, the pine beetle and it's effect on region's main industry, which is logging. Yes, I turned down that prime slot on 20/20 to live in high redneck style yall.

Funny thing was, people thought it was one of those engagement pictures. LOL! Yes, we both laughed, his wife hooted as he was about 20 years older than me. My mother thought it was cute. I thought, ew, old dude, ew.

Anyway, I'm no stranger to the interview process. However, I've always been on the Q side of the Q and A. I'm not sure I'm too comfy with being an A lister right now. Then again, at least they didn't ask me about the time I... *pauses* Well, yall don't need to know about that. Trust me, ya don't. This is for the best, that way, you won't be called in as material witnesses.

More info to come!!

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Karen said...

LOL, there's nothing wrong with being on the Q side - it's where I live, after all. Can't wait to see your interview live and in print!!

FeyRhi said...

I'm hoping you post a copy of the interview here when it is printed. Congratulations on hitting the "A" list. *G*